Cold today, snow on the way tomorrow morning

yeah you know what good for precaution

this morning indeed in terms of active

weather causing some icy conditions

that's not happening

but temperature is dropping and so we

could actually see a little bit of that

ice that could form as a form of frost

also known as black ice but thankfully

the city's been proactive this morning

here in the City of Toronto what's

happening is we're waking up to some

clear skies so wind direction is in the

west and with a westerly flow been

seeing some aa flurry activity through

our friends of Muskoka through the

overnight period here in Toronto the

greatest concern we're gonna have for

road conditions will be tonight late

tonight and into the early morning hours

of tomorrow first off let's talk a

little bit about temperature it's minus

2 minus 3 in the Hamilton we have minus

1 Niagara Falls a plus 1 in Ottawa this

morning over towards Windsor sitting at

about minus 4 with the winds right now

southerly flow here in Toronto a little

bit of a westerly 15 kilometres per hour

that creates a current windchill of

minus 7 so definitely bundle up this

morning as I mentioned tonight through

the overnight we start to see a little

bit of rain/snow mix closer arts of the

lakeshore stays is rain and then

tomorrow morning what will happen is

we're gonna go over to some snow so

tomorrow morning we could wait wake up

to a fairly wintry look outdoors even

here in Toronto 5 today 3 as we get into

the afternoon on Thursday through the

afternoon Thursday though mainly

overcast skies back to sunshine on

Friday but temperatures well below

seasonal we should be closer to 8

degrees we'll see a high +1 with those

winds out of the Northwest 20 to about

30 ish km/h we could see wind chills of

about minus 4 - -5 on your Friday that

is a look at your forecast no doubts

just you ROG