How Much Does it Snow in London?

does it snow in London quick answer it

does we'll go over in this video when it

snows how much to expect in any given

month as well as tips on things to do

and how to dress for the snow and cold

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free tours by foot calm winters in

London are generally cold and often

rainy but don't fret there's plenty to

do in London when the weather is not

cooperating the average daily high

temperature between December and

February is about 9 degrees Celsius 48

degrees Fahrenheit and the average daily

low is 5 Celsius 41 Fahrenheit below

freezing temperatures however are not

uncommon and snow is not unheard of

fortunately the snow does not stay on

the ground for very long and most of the

time it melts away very quickly

accumulating snow and sleet can be

expected on only about 3 to 5 days

mostly during the months of December to

February we recommend that in the colder

months you are prepared to dress in

layers a warm outer layer will keep you

comfortable outside while a light inner

layer ensures that you won't be too hot

for any indoor attractions the basics to

bring our thick coat sweater warm hats

scarves gloves winter boots and multiple

layers and don't forget a good pair of

walking shoes and umbrella for any of

those wet or snowy days should you

forget any of these items London has no

shortage of shopping read our post on

where to shop in London for some

suggestions and if you're in London for

the holidays the Christmas markets are

an excellent place to pick up gloves

hats scarves and the like now don't let

snow stop you from enjoying your time in

London it certainly doesn't stop the

locals from being out and about here are

our top things to do in London in winter

visit a museum obviously going indoors

is going to be the most popular way to

still enjoy the sights of London to help

you narrow down your choices here's a

list of some

the top museums on historic attractions

the Tate Modern the British Museum st.

Paul's Cathedral

Westminster Abbey Buckingham Palace

Tower of London now keep in mind these

popular museums will be crowded in bad

weather so going to a lesser-known

museum like a Medical Museum or military

museum might be a good option if you

don't like crowds if you're in London

during a month when it seems likely that

your encounter some bad weather consider

getting a tourist attraction discount


some museums that do charge an entrance

fee are included for free when you

purchase the pass take a bus tour a bus

tour can help you see London and stay

dry as you hop from one attraction to

the other and many of these are also

covered on the tourist discount passes

take a walking tour believe it or not

our name your own price tours run rain

or shine and even snow we also offer

indoor tours of the British Museum and

the National Gallery of Art have a spot

of afternoon tea this is just about as

British as it gets

stay cozy while you sip some tea see a

show the West End and smaller theatres

have amazing productions all year round

where you can watch quality shows and

historic theatres take a ride both the

London Eye and the Emirates Airline

cable car are great options to see

London from above but still inside enjoy

the snow you can also just embrace the

winter whether you are travelling to

London and winter after all there are

some things that you can only do in the

wintery months take advantage while you

can go ice-skating shop at one of the

many holiday markets see the holiday and

Christmas lights if your winter trip

coincides with the holidays be sure to

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