Heavy snow blankets Kelowna


the first official week as the new year

has started with another great snowfall

covering the Okanagan Valley Kelowna and

Vernon and the roads are getting slick

castanet has received images of vehicles

sliding off the road and motors a wand

to prepare for quickly changing travel

conditions more than a dozen winter

storm warnings have been put in place by

Environment Canada including the

Coquihalla Highway Okanagan connector

and highway 3 on Monday morning the city

of Kelowna also announced parking bans

in places with significant snowfall like

Black Mountain

Dilworth Mountain and Academy way

residents will have 24 hours to find

alternative off street parking and the

parking bans will stay in effect until

the city says they are lifted

Environment Canada says to expect

accumulations of up to 30 centimeters of

snow at by Tuesday morning for the

latest conditions check drive BC and

castanet for castanet news and Kelowna

I'm Laura Brooks