oh they're so stuck in a flake stuff

Arizona it's winter here doing some well

going to do some media work and the

video shoot got cancelled today it's a

little a little bit of snow I think we

got I'm gonna call this a blizzard I

don't know what the technical definition

is for a blizzard but I don't mean to

exaggerate too much it's it's quite

wintery though and you can see you got

almost a foot last night it's really

cold way below freezing and you know

basically it's supposed to snow more and

more all today and tomorrow Airport

shutdown actually stranded here I'm

gonna go try to find some lunch downtown

here I check out see if any places are


I think they close down school today too


I can't get a PITA today


I spice baby nice see find some food had

a really good soba noodle ramen place

downtown here I head towards the train

tracks more down this street good to see

the bus line hybrid-electric

is run in downtown's it's a good public

transportation here's the main train

track intersection


maybe they're sober so-so


so I got this SUV so you're vegan Bowl

and it's really good it's got rice

noodles and then I added some tofu do it

tofu's great nice hot broth ramen broth

on a very cold day I enjoy it walk

around more today


the real news read a weather report get

all the news I need from the weather

report so yeah I did a run this morning

on the hotel a treadmill it's uh when

you're trying to run fast I did a

workout on the trellis yesterday morning

as well


you're trying to run fast you know low

five-minute mile post low three-minute

cloner pace it's not worth the injury

risk on snow and ice plus you just can't

find anywhere that they plowed very

easily this type of weather conditions

so this afternoon up I put in another

four or five miles seven or eight K

after that 20 K to 12 miles on the

treadmill the dreadmill it's quite

monotonous but I dream out to music I've

got my playlist mix and yeah then maybe

hopefully get some dinner maybe some

vegan pizza tonight would be nice I

really like the pizza patio see what the

day holds

all right so it's nighttime now I'm

gonna go try to pick up some pizza from

Pizza patio up there open I ordered

online from takeout on our end up

running on the treadmill again 17 miles

for the day for that kilometers on the

treadmill a little monotonous this is

the music yeah hasn't stopped snowing

really all day and it's quite cold out

finds a pizza here




all right it's back at the hotel maybe

not the most healthy vegan meal but

loved vegan pizza a calzone today vegan

calzone abiding to show you

also these mozzarella sticks mozzarella

sticks again then that's rice crispy

treat man vegan marshmallows and of

course got Arizona local beer here

should be good though good meal final

blog posts stranded in Flagstaff same

weather prediction tomorrow it might

snow another foot I don't know what that

isn't centimeters I'll convert it up

here but probably gonna be running on

the treadmill again login easy miles

after the Moab red hot 55k ultra haven't

done any fast workouts but I need to

work on that flat speed and you know

what treadmills pretty flat it's pretty

flat and run a ball which is good

because Rotterdam is also pretty flat

and so trying to run a good form engage

my glutes it's gonna be more content

coming your way from coach sandy

co-owner sage running calm as well and

yeah you know with the Whole Foods

plant-based diet you obviously want to

eat more whole vegetables and fruits and

not so much refined grains like pizza

and pasta all the time but what can I

say I'm not perfect my calzone is

stuffed with vegetables I will show you

it's got arugula and like garlic in it

marinara tomato sauce is that a fruit or

vegetable something like that so also

staying hydrated with a lot of drinking

a lot of water during the day it's

pretty dry out in these types of

climates although we're getting dumped

on with snow so something you gotta

adjust to aim at altitude at 7,000 feet

here in Flagstaff so got that going for

me but yeah eager to fly back home to

Colorado Boulder where it's actually

warmer right now thanks for following

along really appreciate your support

sure subscribe on here for more videos

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coaching videos hopefully some faster

workout videos as a gear up for

Rotterdam in seven weeks and some more

travels as well so you guys can see that

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