How snow and freezing conditions have hit Wales, Scotland and England | ITV News

after days of watching the weather wreak

havoc across much of the country today

it was the turn of the Southwest two

weather systems combining as one making

even the simplest things difficult

the a38 outside exeter has form in these

conditions and today was no exception

once gridlock sets in there is little

way out except to sit and wait the

center of Exeter suffered two slipping

and sliding through the streets or

worried for even the most confident

spicy roads and pavements turned on

those who use them had to walk Atlanta

my grandmother's this afternoon to see

her and with that most of the evening

pass the river which is remember in

Bristol travel became a puzzle as plans

were thrown into disarray we do expect

the situation to get quite dangerous we

would advise people not to travel not

just travel if essential but not to

travel and we think it is going to

deteriorate as a day progresses and

certainly after dark in South Wales the

speed of travel has slowed as the need

to stay safe has gathered pace in the

valleys they promised disruption to

trains this afternoon shortly after we

filled this the service shut down


while some managed to make their

journeys many here in Newbridge are

planning the next 24 hours the basis

that they won't be going anywhere by

lunchtime the essential supplies were

already running low looking at the

fridges now we've hardly got anything


we had a delivery from our bread company

this morning plus I made a trip to their

warehouse this morning to get two

different types of bread and that's

pretty much sold out performed as well

in this the red zone where the weather

is a threat to life the streets are all


see the warnings which came early are

still in place and the snow just keeps

on falling

who could even ITV News Newbridge South

Wales this is why the warning was raised

to red alert thick snow and biting winds

caused lorries to jackknife on the m80

leaving hundreds of drivers stranded in

sub-zero temperatures we have seven

month-old child in here we've been stuck

in this car with no one knows anything

no updates on the website we have no

idea what's going on and it's absolutely

pathetic this was the most severe

weather warning for snow Scotland has

ever had these drivers either got out

and walked or spent it sheltering in the

car decide never to turf but the

Scotland when it's snowing trust me it's

literally people say oh you're daft

traveling but literally it just came in

vehicles were still stuck on the m80

this afternoon after almost 24 hours the

red warning meant it was a threat to

life but local volunteers came to the

rescue with boots and blankets we've

been stuck for 19 hours we are just

about a mile outside of Danny so as you

can see around our car we've got a

little bit of food and water and these

were all given to us by locals of the

area we've been walking up and down them

to be nice these two emptied their own

fridges at home then walked three miles

to deliver parcels of pizza and iron Bru

there's a football Santa Claus came

macguff the people's eyes just making

sure that they were talki as well and if

they needed to use the phone it wasn't

just in the m80 that driving conditions

were perilous a near-miss in edinburgh

the red alert might have left Scotland

but as you can see the weather's not

letting up we're now in an amber weather

warning that's been extended into


meaning villages like canned or it could

be facing a third day cut off from food

deliveries these are the shelves in the

Condor at news agents we need to

delivery we absolutely need the delivery

and nobody can get in to help us Glasgow


airports are both closed trains

cancelled it'll take several days to get

Scotland moving again the worst of the

weather may have left but now the

recovery begins Peter Smith ITV News

lonex sure snow and sub-zero

temperatures this freezing storm still

has Britain in its grip and for many now

the sudden realisation that this country

is locked in a struggle the highway

officers vehicle burns on the motorway

across the Pennines in heavy snow the

traffic around it locks up and there's

no way to put out the fire on the m-66

nearby a crash involving 16 vehicles in

the snow and a lengthy recovery

operation in these conditions the

ability of emergency services to respond

to even a routine call can easily be

compromised if you need urgent medical

attention and you live in a town or city

in conditions like this it's difficult

enough but if you live in an isolated

rural community and the only road that

links you to the nearest doctor is one

like this than getting the care you need

can be almost impossible here in

Lincolnshire the RAF have been deployed

as the fourth emergency service the

Armed Forces stepping in in the hope

that they can answer calls for help that

other crews simply can't reach with the

terrain that we've got here in

Lincolnshire and the particular snow

we've got the moments coupled with the

winds the snow is drifting across the

carriageways making driving very very

difficult the blocked roads that stop

everyone from reaching work have

threatened the ability of NHS workers to

do their jobs

nursing staff in Sunderland are only

here after a social media appeal for 4x4

drivers to bring them to work and that

we sleeping at the hospital overnight to

make sure they're here to care for the

people who need them it's the patient's

you can close schools you can close

officers foot you can close a hospital

so the patients are here and the

patients need nurses and that's just as

simple as it is this is this is what we

do so you do what you have to do to get

here some of those who need treatment

might live many miles from the nearest

hospital on this hillside in

Northumberland the sheep have been fed

but the woman who cares for them is

snowed in to her cottage Linda says she

stocked up on food and medicines because

of medical emergency in these conditions

has only one solution

you would have to get the tractor out

either take them to hospital or get them

some medication yeah

and how important is that for neighbors

here to help each other well it's always

been part of rural life when you're out

here people do help each other there's

never ever been a question you might

fall out over a wall or a boundary but

if something like this happens it

doesn't matter about any years or silly

things you pulled together so many

people are working around the clock to

keep Britain safe the question is

whether this cold weather will outlast

their ability to cope

Damon Green ITV News in Northumberland