Heaviest-DEEPEST snow in years. OMG. Thanksgiving day 2019. Big Bear Lake, CA. Snowmageddon 2019.

so this is gonna be attached to the

video I am inside my house and the snow

from the trees falls down and look it's

blizzard conditions outside look at that

how cool is that you can't see anything

that's snow guys oh my god insane so

this is going on the you know what I'll

put this at the beginning of the video I

just want to start this right here this

is like I just it's literally like I

mean look at how deep this is this is

just about it's just about two feet of

snow you'll see I know it doesn't look

like it right here but you'll see

finally I've had to like be snow my

frickin motorcycle garage a ton already

look at how deep it is right now

there's a leak so my friend Dave who's

stalled its gonna fix it

put my seatbelt and we're gonna do a

short update over by we're gonna go into

the mood Ridge area where there will be

a little even deeper snow the myths

it's gonna ready to hope it will get

stuck no chains guys I'm not bragging

I'm just saying we're doing this without

any chains

okay so when we get up here in the main

part of the driveway look at how deep

the snow is

you'll see parts that are at least two

feet it might not look like it from this

perspective but I'm telling you

look on the left here look at how deep

that is


oh my gosh

don't mind my brights people


you can't even get sideways

intentionally too bad


these tires were that good you guys oh I

forgot to get the brand dang it

a few of you asked me what type of tires

I'm using and I will let you know you

know what on the next street I'm going

to pull over and check it out how about



and my t-shirt I had shorts on all day

doing these videos earlier yeah

or shall we go down evergreen yeah it

doesn't look like there's money it's

been plowed so we're good on everything

everybody out has been plowed some of it


and I'll do it show you guys the tires

see you guys check out hang on

all right

hopefully it's not all covered of snow

oh man they're totally encased in snow

but I don't know if you guys can tell

I'll have to figure it out later you

guys I'm sorry I I can't tell

too much snow

too much snow and ice on the side of it

oh you know what I think I have a


yes I know every seat guys they're



okay maybe it's not telling me exactly

what it is they're called GBC

the part number from Gino's tires is P

xb9 6u I don't know what the heck kind

of tires these are you guys I'm sorry I

will let you know as soon as I can

as soon as I can see them

my gosh it's over do you guys


so we're gonna make a lap and then we're

gonna head down to Switzerland again and

see if we can actually make it through

Switzerland this time again last time it

was pretty bad

we barely made it but we did oh stop

sign yep there's a stop sign

look at that guys I'm not sliding how

insane is that look at that look it out

what snows on those trees my goodness


snowmobile weather guys this would be so

much fun in a snowmobile

mr. daughter on this trailer


all right

break-in no problem let's make a left

here on Crestwood

Happy Thanksgiving again everybody I'm

taking my mom to count the same

Christian an hour and a half then I'm

really excited about that

but I want to make sure I get this these

last videos in while there's some light

about saying the last ones of the night

I promise you that we're gonna do a live

feed later you guys with mom in the car

helping me out so I'm not holding the

phone doing all the driving and talking

and reading the comments I need help

okay we're at Switzerland now we're

gonna make a left

we're good

all right Wow guys look at this

whoo all right Nick you got it you got

this did it hit boom

my kid you love oh we're getting pulled

all over dude this is sick

I have loving this and there aren't any

Hills on either side of us where kids

are going to be sledding okay I promise


I'm just going a little bit fast oh

we're gonna bottom out my hair if I

don't slow down okay all right and this

is my bottom down earlier guys believe

it or not we got to go super slow I was

hauling and I bought down right here


yes guys this is so deep

and they don't plow this road right here

this is someone's own personal truck

that they were nice enough to do this

and now we're going way up hill right

here okay

all right oh gosh please don't be coming

down somebody please don't coming down


well we made it oh it's the bus gotta be

kidding me oh it's a snowplow so I

thought it was a bus

it's gonna be easier for you to turn

around bro

I have a Subaru

you have a snowplow

thanks buddy

I got it dude I got I got it brother

I got this I'm pulled that way

thank you

thank you sir even he was struggling

getting around look at me guys this is

just insane Oh

this is absolutely ridonculous guys I

haven't had this much fun in the snow up

here since I've lived here driving

I really have it this is absolutely


and this is kind of like the back road

to Bear Mountain but most people will

get stuck on this road I'm not joking

I'm not trying to say I'm I'm God's gift

to snow driving clothes what I'm just

kidding I'm just kidding

gosh I'm not like that she's guys things

but yeah my gosh guys this is absolutely



I'm gonna try to shut up for a minute I

know it's really hard for me to do that

we're gonna try


so we're going 17 miles per hour

Wow my eyes way up ahead others right


slow down to about 10

look at how much fun that looks like

look at how deep the snow is on their

car wow that is so pretty

that is so pretty

hi guys it's just

let's drive like like we got nothing to

lose up look at this tree huge tree

branch the road

luckily didn't fall on the powerlines

because that's what causes power outages

boudreaux's you guys were wondering

this is absolutely donkey this said I

was gonna shut up tonight runs his mouth

non-stop doesn't he Big Bear weather and

more should be Big Bear runs his mouth

no more all right I'll shut up



and goodbye


you know what I need to turn this on I

remember why I had it on now to keep the

window defrosted

even though it's loud and annoying kind

of like me sometimes

but I hope you guys realize how much

some risks I am taking for it for you

guys also because I love doing this too

though so

I would probably do it anyway but I love


and I'd rather take the risk and you

guys think

if I'm not gonna make you do this

whether you're definitely not gonna I'm

not trying to say I've get it really

good at this but I really think I'm

better than most

because I do this all the time what I do

for a living is drive anyway and then I

have my youtube channel so

are you to tell

we were already here earlier today but

look at all this snow over here you guys

it's just so beautiful

so beautiful this is like mammoth now I

this is the type of snow that I yearand


and we rarely get it

so I'm really happy about it


I'm so impressed with these tires you

guys I can't wait to tell you guys what

kind of tires there

as I said unfortunately the darn

mystique didn't tell me what type of

tires they were

and the guy hooked me up big-time he was

like bro I am so busy I'll tell you what

if you come and just pick up the tires

and and put them on yourself I will hook

them up for you to cost so he did I

checked because I got them cheaper than

you can get him anywhere else


Wow look at the roofs on here guys

a lot of snow


just incredible these tires

that's pretty cold look at that's rock

that's pretty cool look he's having

trouble though in that Jeep that's I

don't mean to laugh but when you're

spending that kind of money lifting your

trunk and doing all this stuff and

you're stuck on something this mild it's

just cracks me up a bit I'm not trying

to be a jerk you guys but that really

does crack

just proves you'll need to spend that

much money guys

and look at how pretty it is just in


I mean two of the happiest things ever I

get Thanksgiving Day with snow like this

and I get to be with my mom just awesome

just freaking awesome this guy better

not be going straight


these things grip like a champ


just for giggles we're going to take

this last back part of food Ridge right

here where they probably didn't shovel

these stuff

the plow DS no no

so we met all guys are we gonna make

this you know what I don't think we can

make it over that


that is awesome

just a winter wonder


you know what we're gonna drive around

there we're gonna blast out through that

verb okay we're gonna come out through

that verb so we'll be the first tracks

and that flopped in that massive amount

of snow back there I'm just gonna go

right over here

you gotta love the 2019 Subaru oh my

gosh so we're even going to make it on

the street guys I don't think so I don't

know what

oh my gosh I can't believe it oh my gosh

I don't know if this is too smart guys

look it out deep this is I don't know if

I'm gonna make

you know we have to the gas supply

because this thing's great

oh let's see it scraping its but it's

hiking in the car they're higher than

the bottom of the cards deeper the

moment it's it's like making like a like

a wake like a boat


oh my god

my train once we're probably getting so

messed up right now that's

oh my god hello no anything

hey guys this is gonna be a problem


you know guys Bruce gonna have to blast

through the end here okay



Wow deep snow I've never driven anything

this deep without any type of like tire

protection or any throw my class guys

look glass go go go go


I'm not a really religious person but I

respect people who are so I am Jewish

technically but I respect people who are

and who go to church and all that stuff

hey guys we're turn left here and it's

there's nothing compared to what we just

went through will be so good

we're so good

that was sick


guys that was epic

how you think we're getting out there

you guys seems like two and a half feet

deep I didn't think we were getting out

of there and the snow kept on like it

was so deep that the hood of the car was

driving through the snow not the tires

the hood of the car these tires are the

best okay I'm done being so happy I

can't I can't stop like giggling right

now oh my god dude if you guys see like

the perma grin on my face you're like oh

my God look at that crackhead

this is insane

I cannot believe we just made that

thank goodness someone made that path

for us or I don't think we would have

made it

please guys don't try that at home away

from home

cars everywhere but then again it is

Thanksgiving dinner time

so this is the road we just went down

what guys we just turned down here are

you kidding me we just turned through

here and drove all the way out there

through the deepest I can't believe we

just did that we just went through a

berm like that on the left guys the snow

is that deep the whole way without

chains or anything did it even struggle

not at all watch I'm gonna try to get

some there we go we're gonna try and get

loose here but it's not really gonna do



okay now there's a bunch of cars gotta

slow down but when you're wide open

right there dude

get out some fun

okay we are home take a look at the

driveway again so you guys can see how

deep it is

look what I have to drive through just

to get into my driveway but look it off

merely to make it even to the driveway

look at that

look at the left yeah SD can't even see

my neighbor's car anymore she has a


she had a Honda now she has a sananda


that was freakin bad eh

guys that was so much fun that was so

much fun

love you guys happy Thanksgiving I'll

upload this in a moment back