SEEING SNOW FOR THE FIRST TIME with the Norris Nuts in Australia


hi guys its Ava when he just went on a

holiday to the snow at the red bar our

car chips are always

really am desperate not to say like the

big mission to contact me thank you so

exciting when you arrive at your hotel

and your whole holidays just hope to

show you where you have your favorite

Ruby called box I see kids like it feels

like valiant said it's stolen

everybody wake up so excited to finally

try snowboarding


I think this is the best day of my life


- it's not heavy bad loose syrup like a

splashing that's a phase

I woke up at 2 o'clock to go

snowboarding close that side melosa

snes's acute things some of it's about

scientists snow is sitting with my mom

on the challenge it was massive surprise

me - oh boy I love the way he smelled u

smade insides feel like you've just had

a hot chocolate

Torres language love the sound catalyst

told you about her baby where she lives

and what the biggest is she's such a

character and if I couldn't marry Steph

all definitely marry Torah but she's

sucking noise with Torah is feel so


that's why I'm always going to remember

about that day

after a while the rule snow bling slip

got too easy so we thought we take it up

to the next level we weren't the big

chair lift first of all we got separated

nosey lost faith in herself and she was

so scared

biggie took off his glove and his head

bully froze he was crying as though he

got shot so he skidded our balance when

we bought down the mountain and back to

the hotel we started telling the stories

of the day and I just had a feeling that

these stories are going to be the story

that's hold in my family over and over

again bad babe out still was having to

leave and we all took it pretty badly


we kind of beat the car I really have

one day if mom and dad will take us back

to thredbo so we can make some more

memories that will always hold in our


unforgettable whole life I said they go

very good feeling because I can remember

what happened