Mumbai Schools Shut Today As Heavy Rain Forecast, Train Delays Reported

news from Mumbai now in schools that

there are close after heavy overnight

rain caused water locking in several

parts of the city triggering traffic

disruptions and train delays this

morning and all the orange alert was

founded by the weather office for the

next two days are for Mumbai so heavy

rainfall predicted in some parts of the

city already you can see there is water

logging also are taking claim well let's

go cross to sort up now for more and

sort of heavy rainfall in some parts of

Mumbai yeah it is showing a water

logging I can see you two are there in a


tell us about the situation

well it's been raining since the

midnight and it hasn't stopped very

brief intervals are reporting water

logging now when it comes to Mumbai

everyone of course knows that if this

water logging coincides with high tide

the heavy names coincide with a high

tide then that spells disaster for the

city given the drainage design of the

city where lock gates are sharp as a

result of that what we're seeing now is

that there have been several places

where there is water logging especially

low-lying areas some bus routes have

been diverted the airport is also

reporting slight delays and trains are

also running with a delay and the trains

or the pipeline of the city now what's

more important to note is that Mumbai

has been having this kind of freak

weather this entire monsoon where it's

rained very heavily in a short span of

time but you know not actually spread

out over the monsoons and that has

created havoc for the city given the

fact that the city can only take that

much rainfall at a time and with this

kind of heavy charge which and erratic

rainfall this is something that the

Mumbai civic authorities will now have

to grapple with all right sort of also

the BMC tweeting that we request Mumbai

kurz to avoid venturing and near the sea

or walking in waterlogged areas and for

any assistance also they've shared a

number there do take care so that really

is the warning and it's good that

schools have been closed because of

course we don't want any children are

out there venturing out err in these

water log streets and with the fears of

you know potholes and drains over there

the BMC also asking boom bikers are to

avoid their venturing outdoors

Palestra announcement for closest close

has been made but that was made mostly

after the children have gotten to school

so of the VLTs said is to ask the

schools to make arrangements to ensure

that the kids get home safely and that's

something that perhaps the civic body is

looking at doing throughout the day

because the rains actually show no sign

of letting up in Mumbai

apart from that yes mentioning out near

the sea during high tide can be

disastrous can be fatal which is why I

did warning that it should because

usually during monsoon is me doing this

kind of mean you will see people

venturing out into the sea but to

prevent any untoward incident to prevent

any loss of lives due to these high tide

waves the BMC as we shoot that warning

to people to not venture out into the

sea and stay away from the scene