Snow in San Antonio on KENS 5 Eyewitness News at 10


did you see it tonight it was extremely

hard to miss an extremely rare sight in

San Antonio snow that's right the Alamo

City and surrounding areas got an

amazing winter blanket of two to three

inches of snow tonight and the snow

continues moving through our area

tonight but many of you have already

made enough winter memories to last

until next snowfall good evening I'm

Andre Martinez and I'm Jeff rady we have

team coverage of the snow from all

around our area as well as the photos

and videos that you've been sending in

using that hashtag Ken's 5 Eyewitness so

let's begin with Bill Taylor and First

Alert radar built Jeff I'll show you the

heaviest snow bands are now south of the

city while we're tapering things off in

the city and Metro Floresville in a good

portion of Wilson County with this

darker blue is now getting the best snow

bursts out of this snowfall event notice

how things are beginning to taper off

slowly but surely from north to south

this snow began with flurries at about

4:00 p.m. up in Burnie and then by 6:30

across the north side heavy snow was

falling big wet flakes and that's what

you're seeing in that darker blue that's

now from Cotulla stretching into

Pleasanton maybe just south around

Jordan t'en and then heading up towards

Gonzales and even Cuero now wider view

and I can show you that some of this

snow is beginning to move into Southeast

Texas notice that we're noticing Houston

is starting to get some of these

flurries and all of this moisture is

slowly pulling out to the east so notice

that back to the west are still

available moisture but as I look at

water vapor a valuable tool in this

situation we look at how much moisture

this atmosphere has to work with and

we're beginning to tap things off from

west to east I'm noticing that we're

getting those dry slots working in

nicely so that's punching holes in that

precipitation so I think it's about

another hour maybe hour and a half tops

and we should have all of this pushing

off to the south it then becomes a very

important temperature forecast because

with all this moisture on the ground the

numbers are crucial team weather

coverage with meteorologist Jeremy Baker

and Jeremy what are we looking at

overnight well overnight our temperature

is pretty much going to hold steady for

the next couple hours but once all this

moves out and this guys try to clear out

we're going to

see most of us dropped below freezing

now current temperatures across the

Metro 34 for San Antonio

hello dis burt evo that 32 New Braunfels

33 and we're seeing a 33 also for


across most of South Texas we're all in

the 30s and those temperatures are

important because overnight tonight

we're going to cool off even more so by

daybreak and we're talking about the

possibility for black ice so you'll have

to think about that as you head out the

door tomorrow morning we have a freeze

warning in effect that's until 9 o'clock

tomorrow morning

when temperatures finally rise above

freezing in addition to that we have the

winter weather advisory for the snow and

that goes until midnight tonight so once

we get to tomorrow morning the black ice

is the main concern so bill that's

something people should be thinking

about now to make sure they have enough

time tomorrow morning to get out the

door and get to work make sure a very

good point make sure you've got your

phone charged make sure you've got the

Ken's 5 app downloaded we've got more

than 50,000 customers without power in

the city right now so it's very crucial

that you keep a finger on the pulse of

this situation so coming up we're gonna

talk more about how long these freezing

temperatures will be sticking around

Andre all right thanks Phil we'll first

stop in our team coverage Bernie it

really is beginning to look like a

winter wonderland and that's where our

eyewitness news reporter nico kasoori is

live niku hey Andre and Jeff it is

starting to look like a winter

wonderland here in the Lone Star State

now it started raining earlier this

evening that rain quickly turned to snow

and people have just been having a blast

taking care are taking advantage of this

rare event now with these slippery and

cold roads and conditions accidents are

prone to happen I caught up with the

fire chief earlier and meats only

they've been responding to calls since

early this evening just stay inside and

wait till the morning

and if this I know a lot of people might

be with out of power because of we saw a

lot of transformers that were blown

especially in our area and there's a lot

of places where the lights are out we

noticed in this area so just be careful

if you don't have to drive stay at home

that's the best thing until tomorrow

until daylight

and I also spoke to someone else who

said he's taking this opportunity to go

outside and take advantage of these

slippery slippery roads with his truck

so he's been out here doing donuts and

some pretty crazy tricks something else

that the fire chief is strictly against

and he was a warning everyone out there

to stay away from these roads and don't

really go out there and put yourself in

any danger as of right now the snow has

stopped falling it's just getting a

little bit cooler out here but the

traffic as you guys see it's not too bad

and the roads are not a problem

as of right now reporting live in Fair

Oaks Nico gazzarri Ken's 5 Eyewitness

News all right Thank You niku with snow

buildup still growing tonight some

schools have decided to cancel or even

postpone classes on Friday

that's right como ISC will have a

two-hour delay before the school before

the start of school on all campuses

tomorrow Bandera is si will also have a

two-hour delay Piersall

is si will start at 10 a.m. Blanco is si

will postpone the start of classes until

10 a.m. San Antonio Christian school

will have a 10:00 a.m. start and first

Baptist Academy in Universal City has

canceled all classes on Friday comfort

is D we'll have a two-hour delay also UT

health San Antonio campuses will open at

10:00 a.m. tomorrow and there's more

Stockdale ISC will also have a two-hour

delay Burnie ISD will have a two-hour

delay as well and all locations of UIW

including Incarnate world high school in

Saint Anthony High School will have a

10:00 a.m. start New Braunfels ISD will

have a two-hour delay but teachers are

asked to arrive as soon as they can

safely safety first

we've also seen some rumors circulating

on Twitter that Northside ISD may close

but don't trust those social media

accounts because as of right now that

district is expected to start on time

all right well heading over now to check

out that snowfall that was caught on

trans guide earlier tonight this is i-10

at La Cantera the slick roads made for a

slow rush-hour commute and joining us

tonight on the phone is Laura Lopez with

tech start so Laura thank you for

joining us tonight with an update have

there been any snow related crashes so

far that you know of we

I've been here at transguys to 7 p.m.

and we've not seen any or heard of any

and I'm looking at the cameras right now

and traffic has definitely died down

there are a few cars out there still

traveling and they're travelling a

little on the fact life there so

hopefully they are getting the word that

they need to be safe and slow down so

these conditions could be very dangerous

mmm that's right take it easy out there

so what is text out done to prepare for

this snowy weather tell us a little bit

about that surprise but we already had a

plan in place to start pre treating with

Ryan on our overpasses and bridges so we

started earlier this afternoon it's

getting the overpasses and bridges ready

for that and we still have some crews

out there still performing those

activities right now and so we've not

heard or seen any crashes with our

cameras or any of that sort so things

people are getting the message out there

so be safe that's everyone's priority

safety first

that's exactly right Laura Lopez with

textile Thank You Laura for that

reminder and we we do want to go now and

take a look at the roadways tonight so

we're gonna go to Audrey Costa Renault

in studio Audrey any problems that you

can see out there no not right now like

Laura said a lot of people are getting

off those roadways as it gets later into

the evening and that's a good thing but

right now we're seeing all green around

your map but the big talker is as those

temperatures drop tonight that means all

of that wet stuff on the roadways is

could ice over you could be talking some

black ice tomorrow morning something to

keep in mind want to go to our live

liquid trance guide okay 281 at Luke 410

these are those overpasses that we're

talking about that can really get slick

out there another look of another

overpass I 10 and this is I 10

interchange with I 35 and these types of

areas are going to be those danger zones

tomorrow morning so definitely keep that

in mind

slow down you know take your time into

work and of course you may have some ice

on the roadways also on your car so

you're gonna want to warm that up

tomorrow morning so definitely be

careful headed into work in school

tomorrow guys back to you

okay Audrey thank you for that another


issue tonight this snowfall leaving

thousands without power in the dark

tonight just take a look at this CPS

outage map coming up we're talking with

the CPS officials about how soon power

could be restored and we caught these

kids in New Braunfels making the most of

the snowfall did this happen in your

neighborhood they're having the best

time with a snowball fight I nearly got

hit with one tonight right out in front

of kin spine Eyewitness News reporter

James Keats and in this video thanks

James and we'll be right back



take a look at this power outage map

from CPS the snow knocked out power to

more than 81 thousand customers around

San Antonio and we're now joined by

Albert Cantu on the phone he's from CPS

Energy so Albert thank you for joining

us tonight with an update we know you've

been busy

how many crews do you have out fixing

power outages right now

well we've called in multiple crew

members at this time and they're working

as quickly and as possible as quickly

and safely as possible power restore for

all of you customers you know near 90

thousand I think this snow came in quick

and a lot of the outages that we're

seeing that are happening around Robert

city are tree related what unions know

it's built up heavy enough on the Glens

to bring up down to two knocked out

power for a lot of these customers

bringing down some of our wires so our

crews are working as quickly as they

possibly can and we're gonna continue to

work that can be dangerous too so look

out for that now are your crews having a

difficult time getting to the power

lines because of the weather

oh yeah there's no doubt about that you

know these are conditions that you know

we don't typically see here about that

system so with the with the rain the

cold and the ice that's building up on

the roads it is making it a little bit

more difficult for our guys to get to

the areas where the power outages are

happening but rest assured we are going

to have everyone back on as quickly as

we possibly can but again we asked their

customers to just bear with us as our

guys make their way through the city and

they're going to do it in a safe manner

okay Albert Kane - with CPS thank you

for that update we know they're going to

be busy on through the night working to

repair all of the power outages in town

well when mom says it's rasta but it's

really a ball of snow this is little

Charlotte taking a bite out of a

snowball maybe she needs some flavoring

I don't know maybe not her mom Danielle

him innocent this in we'll be right back

with a look at snow in the lot

your area




right here


okay odo I hope I didn't clean it out



Illinois we see a lot of snow Illinois

right outside Chicago



well some students at UTSA experienced

their first snowfall and they made it an

unforgettable experience and they should

Eyewitness News reporter Eddie guajardo

joins us live from UTSA where students

took a break from the books Eddie it's

no angel out here as you can see but

students out here at UTSA had a much

bigger idea in mind check out this

snowman more than five feet tall and I

know that because I'm about 5 watt now

this is impressive meet our friend

Turner Hawkins he was brought to life

thanks to 7 UTSA students and they made

sure he had all his body parts and all

his accessories he has a hats an ax and

a jacket to make sure he stays nice and

warm on this chilly night now if

students out here told me the hardest

part about this was stacking these huge

snowballs on top of each other they tell

me it took him about an hour to put

together one of them so excited he

decided to put this Snowbell snowman

together without any gloves on now

that's cold

this is my first time ever seeing snow

in my whole life so this was amazing

experience it just came out of nowhere

it was amazing I kinda just I ran

outside and I was like I was like oh my

god it's actually snowing I was like ran

around like collecting the snow and like

what little I couldn't like hitting my

roommates with it now some of the

students that made this possible are

dedicating this to a professor that

inspired them and I'm out here with

those students including a professor who

made this snowman come to life now guys

tell me how many of you are experiencing

snow for the first time we've got two so

we've got two tonight that I have

experience to know for the first time

here in San Antonio

Addie Guajardo ken is 5 Eyewitness News

oh no wait a minute before we let you go

can we go back to Eddie for a minute

Eddie no wait a minute we know you're

from Illinois so you're from the Chicago

area so you know all about snow

you're a pro Eddie have you been able to

give them some tips about snow you know

I should have told them you wear socks

you run out of those gloves you can't

find those gloves you put on some socks

on your hands and that does the trick

but I'll let them know for next time in

case we get more snow

now this new man will probably be here

for a few days so they'll have some time

to mess with it okay all right well we

better let addy go and get back to her

snow because she was really she was

that's right thanks addy all right well

the snow was really coming in coming

down in pipe Creek that's about 41 miles

northwest of San Antonio David

Montgomery sent this great video snow

falling at a gas station yeah and we've

got some more snow pictures from pipe

creek look at this adorable little girl

all bundled up and ready for the snow

this picture was sent in by Rene

MacDougall Rene also sent in a picture

of snow on the ground just beautiful in

the woods there and snow on her porch as

it was gathering thanks Rene all right

and a steady snowfall in New Braunfels

as well tonight Eyewitness News reporter

james keith has a look at that good

evening everybody i'm james chief in new

braunfels we're off of walnut and i-35

where the snow is coming down pretty

heavy take a look this is what we are

seeing right now an unfamiliar sight in

South Texas cars wiping snow off of

their windshields take a look at our

Ken's five unit right here I've been

here for just a few minutes and it

already has snow covering it people

pulling into this gas station many of

them just trying to catch a little break

from the snow interstate 35 was an

absolute mess driving up to New

Braunfels saw a lot of people actually

sticking out their hands while they were

driving just trying to catch some of the


a lot of people with their flashers on

and as you can see just in this gas

station parking lot ice accumulating so

pretty dangerous situation we would

anticipate coming up later into the

evening but right now people are just

excited seeing the snow and it's a

really surreal to see the snow

collecting and I'm gonna walk you over

here hopefully not fall in the process

but over here at this Popeyes restaurant

and just along the feeder road as well

so pretty fascinating stuff enjoy the

snow be safe and we'll keep you posted

with any more developments ok I know a

lot of grandmothers and mothers are

right now saying put something on your

head cover your head get a knit cap kids

at the tiniest school district in the

state got a real treat at recess they

got to play in the snow the students all

learned in a one-room schoolhouse in

divided Texas have you heard of divide

that's up in the hill country all ages

from pre-k to sixth grade got to run and

play and as you can see I mean it's just

natural you've got to have a snowball

fight so fun and I was telling you Jeff

earlier that I even saw some adults out

there oh yeah at the rim earlier who

were getting out of their cars and doing

snowballs at each other adults it was a

lot they were so excited I was like wow

oh yeah it brings it out in you we're

out there too taking selfies oh it's

5:30 after the 6 o'clock news yes we're

outside out front and it was coming down

like you just saw him to drive a heavy

heavy yeah it started about 4 o'clock

you and I both were almost hit by a

snowball almost Louis let me show you

some more pictures because I grabbed a

few of the most incredible ones this is

Crystal City yeah you know far southwest

that is yeah Christmas City Texas the

spinach capital where Popeye and Jessica

maltose got some great shots of our 2017

snowfall now look at this this is from

Matt Bari anthis this is his wife at

Northpark Lexus on i-10 look at that I

mean this just doesn't look real it does

not look like San Antonio could ever

produce photographs like this and then

two snowmen

that's right from joseline Campbell out

of timber wood park where they had about

two inches of snow out there so some

pretty good accumulation as well all

right take a look now at the radar and

where the snow is falling it's down to

the south as things begin to thin out

across bear County but we're not

completely done so it's from west side

down to the south we could be seeing a

few little flurries falling in that

lighter shade blue once you move down

into the darker blues is where you see

the snow as you saw in James Keith's

video from New Braunfels that's what

this looks like on radar and through

Wilson County and a good portion of

Atascosa County we're getting those

bands to continue that'll push farther

southeast so those of you in carne city

in Cuero Victoria this looks to hold

together and move through will it lasts

as long as it did in San Antonio which

was about a good two to two and a half

hours I don't think so because again

we're starting to see these dry slots

work in and that really evaporates out

this moisture in a hurry so we're seeing

that across areas of San Antonio in the

metro but also back out to the West

let's broaden our view put a lot of

counties on the map and the entire state

and now the snow is starting to move

into the Houston area it's also moving

into Del Rio I mean we still have some

good bands that will look more

impressive because of the mountain

ranges of Mexico but we're slowly but

surely drying this atmosphere out we're

seeing these dry slots work in on water

vapor quickly so now it truly becomes a

temperature forecast as we see the Skies

begin to clear out of this precipitation

we won't necessarily see the clouds thin

out just yet

but a freeze warnings in effect and

we've got winter weather advisories to

the south we've got team weather

coverage with meteorologist Jeremy Baker

who's got more on the temperatures were

expecting overnight plus Jeremy is this

the earliest we've seen snowfall

measurable in the city no not the

earliest we actually have one in

November many many decades ago we'll get

to that in just a little bit but our

temperatures that's what we're looking

at overnight tonight we were above

freezing for the most part today right

now we're barely above freezing in San

Antonio at 34 Bernie's at 32 and

Castroville at 33 and I did have a

couple of people people asked me how can

you get snow and it's above freezing but

as long as the air above

the ground is below freezing say a

thousand feet up that snow will make you

all the way to the ground and that's why

it didn't pile up on most of the

roadways because the soil temperature

was just too warm in the 40s and 50s for

the past few days but now that it's

colder and we're going to drop below

freezing overnight tonight there is that

possibility for that black ice and

that's why we had that freeze warning in

effect now we're talking about the

records in the earliest snowfall we were

back in November 23rd 1957 a third of a

foot or actually 0.3 inches a third of

an inch of snow that's the earliest this

one would be the second earliest and

we'll find out what the official measure

measurements are for this one and we did

have a couple but way back in 1898 and

1906 so these are pretty old records so

we'll see where this one ends up once

the Weather Service determines the

official measurements from this one bill

it's gonna be a definitely a record

breaker I would say I would say I mean

especially if we get more than a quarter

of an inch but it's got to be an airport

observation because those are all the

airport numbers San Antonio tonight

we're looking at current conditions over

the city and we're cloudy 34 Northwest

breeze moving at 5 puts a wind chill

right now at about 30 and the winds are

gonna stay out of the north-northwest

and probably between about 8 and 10

miles per hour during the day tomorrow

as this atmosphere begins to settle down

and stabilize the upper air flow is

going to come out of the north and that

means a nice quiet weather pattern aloft

and some sunshine is finally going to

return first overnight rain chances are

diminishing we've got the mix up until

midnight and then a 10% chance of light

rain till about 3:00 a.m. as we get

closer to sunrise the numbers will get

close to freezing but we stay above

freezing in the city outlying areas not

the case you will see a freeze in the

hill country for the next several

mornings so now that you're prepared for

32 and less stay prepared all right we

will get some afternoon clearing and Sun

55 tomorrow so still chilly then

Saturday and Sunday

gorgeous mid-60s after some cold starts

closer to 70 by Monday snow at the Alamo

when we get back


yeah hey Jack how are you

Tassimo we're in we're in windcrest and

obviously the tradition here is to

decorate the houses we're on the

cul-de-sac that was voted the best

decorated this year so if they want to

say it's a winter wonderland or

something like that they can and I'm

basically in the sack I'm sorry Mike go



the iconic shot of the night snow at the

Alamo it's amazing I know Eyewitness

News reporter of sook albergue race

downtown to get an up-close look at it

lots of san antonio's wanted to remember

the Alamo in a way that few people have

ever seen it a wash in snow flurries

call it a foot stomping big grinning

good time that usually doesn't snow if

it snows it shows from January but it's

very early

since kindergarten

it wasn't even this much my dad came in

my room instead that it's snowing

outside and he said do you want to know

so you came to the best place of all yes

so why did you bring all these people

here with you because it's snowing and

Alamo it's unbelievable and that never

happened you feel very privileged to be

here yeah very lucky soo cupboard comes

five Eyewitness News well that was


and no sports tonight you may have

noticed so we've deployed our sports

director Joe Ryan Eagle to go out to win

crest that's right he's out there right

now he's giving us a live look Joe

nobody had to deploy me to do anything I

wanted to come out of you kidding me

I've got the best assignment of the

night we're out in windcrest and you

know the tradition of windcrest

everybody decorates their house in fact

some of the lights have gone off but I

tell you what it is absolutely gorgeous

out here and the snow makes it that much

better we are standing guys in the

cul-de-sac that one the best decorated

cul-de-sac in the entire community I

mean look at this I want to show you the

snow take a look at this Vinny if you

can get this it just looks like pure

driven snow and it makes a little

drummer boy and all is the three kings

and they all look really really good and

this house is decorated gorgeous you

know some of the folks who come out here

tonight to kind of see what we're doing

we're talking to them but they're even

taking pictures of their own house

because it's just Oh

one of a kind thing something that

obviously you don't see all the time but

when crush is a place to see the best

Christmas lights and now for sure it is

absolutely beautiful and I tell you what

Vinny if you'll move out of the way here

I want to get a an opportunity to get a

snowball to throw at you pal okay so

just move will you nope

all right I've got to get a little

revenge guys so I'm gonna have to send

it back to you and I hope they don't

mind me messing up the camera hey you

don't mess with Joe Ryan especially if

it gets in his hair all-right

precipitation coming to an end we'll

start clearing out by tomorrow afternoon

a little bit of sunshine mid 50s who

will be cool but because of freezing

temperatures overnight I'm a little

concerned with roads in the hill country

especially oh definitely especially

watch those overpasses could see some

black ice in the morning take your time

going into work we'll have full coverage

tomorrow morning and in the meantime all

the updates online at kins 5 com be safe

out there