It's Girl Scout cookie season!

is also that time of the year for Girl

Scout cookie sales out front of some of

your favorite grocery stores and other

local retailers perhaps you've already

ordered from a local Girl Scout because

those orders were happening earlier but

now like I said you can buy them in

person starting today throughout Oregon

and Southwest Washington Girl Scout

cookie booth sales as they're known run

today through March the 10th and look

what we have here in the studio this

morning to talk about this we have Girl

Scout cookies and Girl Scouts themselves

good morning Girl Scouts how are you

feeling today

any chance you feel great wonderful hey

is this a Girl Scout to question for you

Sarah moment but I would do an ask the

girls people are gonna be showing up

today maybe they don't realize that

you're gonna be out front of their

favorite stores I don't want to hit them

by surprise

I want them to know the products before

they even show up so let's run through

the products and girls all together tell

me what cookies were talking about this

morning some of these are $5 and some

are sixth can you point out to me which

boxes are actually $6 toffee tastic the

one down there are $6 while the rest of

the boxes are $5 I think I'd rather have

a $5 box I'm just saying is it really

worth the extra dollar for those other

two are they that much better yes yes

yes we all agree yes maybe I'll spend

the extra dollar here's another question

and now I don't know if you all know the

answer in fact I've actually forgotten

what the answer is but I know what the

question is there are five life skills

five life skills that I'm told Girl

Scouts learn by selling cookies raise

your hand if you know any of the five

keep your hand up if you know all five

all right I'm gonna take my chances here

we're just gonna start down low you had

your hand raised all you have to do is

name one of those life skills business

ethics is a great life skill anyone else

know another yes right next door

there is money management business

ethics and money management we have

others people skills people skills

that's a good one to have in all sorts

of industries I find yes goal-setting a

great life skill there's what you have

one more decision making decision making

now again I don't know if you're right

or wrong with those sounded like great

answers those are the five skills right

there real quickly anything people

should know like our viewing audience

when it comes to buying the cookies from

the Girl Scouts out front of stores

absolutely so if you want to find a

booth near you go to the cookie finder

at our website Girl Scouts osw org or

you can download an app for your iPhone

or Android you know I think I'd like to

help you with the sale right now that

guy right there in the sweater looks

like he may be interested in purchasing

a box of cookies would anyone like to

try to sell him a box of cookies yes you

want to go ahead and do that

nobody wants maybe first of all why do

you think I should buy these cookies

that's all I need to know if he has a

five-spot on him okay well how about one

of these how much does this some

Samoyeds how much are they do you take

cash do you think it'd be good business

practice to correct him when he

pronounces the cookie wrong no never

Samoas right never correct the customer

that's part of business business ethics

you guys were great Sara thanks for

bringing the girls in support your local

Girl Scouts today through the month and

into March by buying those cookies out

front of local grocery stores and other