Nina Nesbitt - Colder (Lyric Video)

you still be vulnerable

you stupid dumb I used to give it all


like a Firestone 100 tip please open now

I'm so cool when they kiss merely touch

many fries they say but you never trust

what you never love you never let him in

our to occur with somebody in your bed

again please I am so late and so with

the fake friends getting in a state when

the girl guys come much you run away

well I'll tell you when you go and get

your heart broken and they leave space

guys open you can't believe


when your hearts

can and he lives its cars open drunk

crying on the shoulder

they have to break me go

Oh Billy lay these crabs all they do is

they [ __ ] my head up

they say action Everett Ruess watching

rebel of Arjuna polygamy

why'd you wake up with some body in your

bed again things you wanna see don't you

wanna try putting up a fight deep down

you know unique and make your height

just give em oh no when you game and get

your heart broken

and they leave space scars open when you


when your hearts

kids and it leaves its gossiping drunk

crying on the shoulder



and get you heartbroken and he lifts if

skies open when you can't believe it's







let you go when you let your heart fall

when it starts to hurt oh that's gonna

get a little colder