Asking GCSE Students to OPEN Their GRADES on Results Day 2019

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the next show alright so I'm here with

Panisse her niece wafer no round 2

that's what country Oh

Iran oh swear what did you get in your

GCSE maths I'm like - a - no way English

language failed art - yeah literature no

I retook it this year yeah retook it did

you do good no no no that was a plot

really what do you do double or triple I

did double Oh what do you failed above

what do you the history yeah and seeing

that that's cause that's cause that's

actually good medium would you get like

a you Oh

alright cuz I'm here with Yash I mean

true Han she Keith offer Ravi

manda manda what did you get into your

mathematical and 8/8 lately I got a

seven and nine I got a seven when I was

in GCSE as well eight seven eight

Jesus what all right English language oh

[ __ ] oh I'll go a six or not that's what

I [ __ ] up one well yeah six is bad for

my son's yeah yeah I respect that you

have high goals ma g7 all online like

yeah at Duty 5 he just had known by the

way sixty six six seven seven five eight

eight this cheeky guy it's gonna stay


I said confidential I understand six all

right Beth why is everyone doing Macbeth

please answer me talk to me what about

the sword the sword like how it glows

like it feels like the teachers and

stuff like that alright cool what about

you look it did everyone hit you triple

we'll start with biology first I go an

eight seven nine


you come in but why's this my crazy the

cooler 8a lovato g7 physics I won - all

yeah I go in died in physics Hey

Wow Wow seven seven Hey geez you know

about what about chemistry

how could - knowing that cow might eat

my teachers are pizzas I kind of got

like so like let me dance I got sick

because he's a P - that's that's all

right though six six is good bro six

only nine Oh God hey at least you got

nine find you on the other hand how many

hours of revision did you do a day be

honest I did the Lost was the end every

night right how many knives did you get

in total I got nine nine nine nine any

eight oh that's not good that's crazy

bro congratulation it's out to every

woman congratulations Mary


all right goose I'm here with Tom Milly

Tom and Milly what did you guys get in

your GCSE maths if you're all right with

Sheridan I got a 4 did you actually fall

what'd you get 3 he's changed rubbish

I got a 6 that's alright I got an a she

lying English literature I've got a 9 I

got a 99 language I did French I got a

no no English language oh no I got a in

that 7 science do you guys do triple

double what you get in biology I got a

seven in biologies 6 in physics and a 9

in chemistry

what were you I got seven in physics 6

in biology and an 8 in chemistry you

guys what did you get other 9 in because

you said you got free of knowing MPA

geography and English Lit no Jesus

Center or the media is not to show off

my skills it all mean check it

a few moments later so I'm here with

Harry Ruffy okay Harry and Rafi so for

maths what did you get seven nine nine


that's a a star star isn't it is that

top five percent of top three percent

but listen all I do is above top five

percent listen congratulations

anyways what about English seven wait

which English said oh yes they have to

know in it no they always had tuna all

right literature later got six nine nine

well my language nine six me the triple

science now right there for biology

seven eight


chemistry seven eight

physics 7-9 crackit he is a crackhead

how many hours did you revise payday

like surprisingly little like really

like three or four maybe that's not

she'll tell him and I'm done with this

guy listen go home and celebrate you

should have been Kingston so I'm here

with Adam Chris Adam and Chris alright

so what did you guys get in GCSE maths

six six I'm guessing as a small I'd you

guys you double triple science would you

get biology all right I ate well

chemistry seven physics seven six oh

seven seven yeah six literature seven


have you guys got any fives one in

French alright guys thank you so much

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