Full Moon: (5 Things You Should Know About The BLUE MOON) On January 31st, 2018

namaste my friends and welcome to my

youtube channel my name is Victor and I

help people navigate through their

spiritual awakening process and today

I'm gonna share with you five things you

should know about this upcoming full

moon on January 31st 2018 it'll be the

second full moon of the month making it

extra powerful and I decided to do this

video about a week out because a lot of

times sensitive people like yourselves

can start to feel the effects of the

full moon well before the actual event

itself so today I want to wanted to do

things a bit differently and share with

you maybe a bit of foresight for this

full moon briefly I do want to mention

that I believe this full moon as well as

this time period in general it's very

reminiscent of last believe those August

that really powerful Eclipse we had last

summer I feel a similar type of like

pivotal type of energy right now the

full moon yes but also just as time in

general it's just a very energetically

powerful transformative time where you

can make great strides in progress and a

lot of acceleration and a very short

span of time your life can change

dramatically in a very short window of

time and what can happen as a result of

that is there can be a lot of side

effects to this energetic acceleration

and I'm actually gonna make a second

video that will come out after this one

in a day or so that kind of goes over

some ways to keep your body in tune and

healthy while going through transitions

like this but for now I will get into my

standard video 5 things you should know

number one it's a time of closer contact

this is gonna mean different things to

different people but if you guys are

probably noticing there have been waves

of increasing contact with the

non-physical whether that be your spirit

guides deceased loved ones you might

start noticing like the energies with

places whether it's dark or light

there's there

there can be kind of an awareness of a

residual energy from perhaps someone who

has died in that area or that room so a

lot of people are getting in contact

with their ET lineage their family

through dreams through just sensing

presences in that room and I know I've

talked about this before but it doesn't

seem to come in waves and it seems to be

kind of ramping up again to another

level so if you're having those

experiences it's it's okay it is a

product of your expanding consciousness

becoming aware of things that were once

invisible and it can just be a bit of an

adjustment period a lot of people can be

a little freaked out or a little

unsettled feeling kind of vulnerable to

the unseen forces that they're now aware

of in a more tangible real way but it's

just what's going down and there's

really no point in fighting it rather

like in almost any situation when in

doubt stop breathe and surrender number

two you might notice an increase in your

rate in frequency amount of

synchronicity whether that's through

numbers or symbols or your own patterns

and cycles anything that you allow to

help you become aware of certain

messages you now can communicate with

yourself with your physical reality

essentially that's what synchronicity is

and you might be experiencing a greater

degree of that this is very common when

there are again periods of acceleration

it's just it's it's sort of letting you

know that things are happening things

are speeding up to let go

trust you're in the flow things are

going good and it just is kind of a

natural byproduct but it's also for me

one of my signs that things are kind of

ramping up when I see more synchronicity

than normal number three sometimes it

can seem that the right information that

that is perfect for helping us progress

on our path forward just starts to

suddenly fall into our lap there are

times of struggle and confusion and

waiting and delays and blocks and there

are times of accelerating forward so if

you find that you're just now randomly

coming into like the perfect message the

perfect book core

whatever that you just might be coming

into a lot of information that is going

to be perfect and helpful to you you're

on your path towards your dreams towards

your desired ideal reality experience it

can happen like that but I want to just

point this out part of it was to kind of

let you know that that very well could

be happening but secondly and more

importantly that's not random it's not a

gift it's not luck that's already you it

means you've already done the work

you've done the inner work you've made

the necessary shifts and remove the

necessary blocks taking the necessary

steps and now you get that reflection

it's almost like you knew this

information all along and then when you

know it the reflection is there that

kind of validates that so anytime

something good happens it or falls into

your life take credit for it number four

I when it came to me in my head I said

Healing inner child which can sound sort

of uh I don't know I mean you might have

your opinions about that but what I mean

by that is that it's a it's a great time

where you can truly release a lot of old

energy emotions patterns and

self-limiting beliefs in a in a

noticeable and physical way as you

progress on this path you will be able

to feel in your body when you release

old stale dense energy and you get to

feel the peace and lightness in its


that's all this ascension is we're

getting lighter more free unburdened and

it feels amazing and though it can be

helpful to be proactive in this meaning

when there are when there's something

going on in your life that you sense

intuitively is correlated with something

inside some kind of spiritual lesson

which is usually the case it can be

helpful to kind of ponder it and take

time to go in and sort of facilitate in

that release but there are also times

where it just

happens naturally and that's kind of

what I suspect is happening now you

might just have like a breakthrough

random thought which is like an insight

and that can lead to a release I've been

having this a lot I had some I would say

some seeds planted early in the year

some some I would say core insight some

just yeah insights about myself that are

now starting to really cause a lot of

other related misaligned energies to

start releasing because of that core

realization that sounded confusing I

won't get into that it's not there's no

point of that but anyways my friend is

good I've gone through period to this

part three or four times during my

awakening where I've noticed again

pockets of stale energy I don't know how

to explain it any better literally like

being expelled from my body usually what

would precede that is some kind of

life-changing an epiphany or an insight

oftentimes realizing a connection

between a belief or an emotion and and

in different physical cyclical

manifestations in my life themes and

patterns I can see ah because of this so

it's a great time for that number five I

feel very amped up to tell you about

it's a I just wrote down liberation that

we came here to be victorious to win to

accomplish this transition in a positive

way leading to an amazing outcome and I

believe we allowed ourselves to become

so heavy and disconnected just so we can

see what it's like to become light again

and reconnect from such a an extreme

contrast it's it's a very unique feeling


is wonderful and what what came to mind

is a way of sort of painting this

picture a little bit better is when I

was a personal trainer and I would help

clients lose a significant amount of

weight you know at least 25 or more

pounds what I would do after a while I

would walk them over to the dumbbell

rack and I would hand them they had 25

pound dumbbell I don't think this is

what you use to carry around 24/7 pretty

damn heavy to a lot of people it really

it's crazy they put it down that's what

we're doing you've been so heavy turning

around all this energetic weight and now

we're putting it down

and yeah what does that mean that what

does that imply a lot of awesome stuff

it means life is gonna be super good

because our soul is not gonna be so

restricted our souls wise powerful has

foresight has insight knows the best way

of going about things knows exactly what

we want what will resonate with and it

knows about and knows how to make that a

reality for us that's badass but a side

benefit is that feeling

of putting down that wait

that's what we're doing folks

it can suck to carry the weight I know

it's tough but it's it's worth it in the

end when you put it down so that is what

I feel will be noticeable at this time

especially now and then going forward

putting down the way putting down the

way putting down more and more and more

weight becoming lighter more free life

will improve you've done the work it's

time to let go all right my friend

that's all I have to say I don't want to

get all weepy-eyed for a second time

this video I don't know I just felt very

passionate as I was gonna say that

phrase putting down the wait for some

reason but that's what I feel man that's

how I do my videos I just let the mess

just kind of come through and I hope

they're helpful they seem to be I thank

you for your your energy you guys helped

me I'm feeling kind of tired today I'm

not sure if you can tell but because I

have you guys in my life it gives me a

at least a temporary feeling of energy

to kind of give back so thank you for

your role in this ascension and in this

relationship we have it means a lot to

me and I'm happy to have you here along

for the ride I will speak to you guys

have an amazing day my friends thank you

again namaste