eBay Selling Fees for beginners NO STORE | eBay and PayPal Fees without a Store

hey guys Erica with the K here today's

video is going to be on eBay if you

don't have a story you know if you're

just selling as an individual and not

through a store on eBay so you're not

paying for a store every month I do have

my notes here of course and on top of

that you can find all this information

online you can find it on eBay website I

am not reinventing the wheel here I am

just literally telling you guys the

information that I've gathered from

online so I'm gonna be looking like

directly at my notes because it's just a

lot to remember just offhand so whether

or not your item sells you have to pay

an insertion fee so it doesn't matter if

your item is listed and doesn't sell

you're still paying that fee something

that is similar to that is Etsy does do

something similar where they if they

don't call it an insert an insertion fee

I don't think but you do have to pay to

list it so pretty much that's what eBay

is doing so just for listing if you're

doing an auction that will last one to

ten days and the item starts at under

one hundred and fifty dollars it's ten

cents if you're doing 30 days to good

till canceled so that means like

indefinitely until you decide to cancel

it and it's under $150 it's 30 cents per

listing so eBay does do this thing I

don't know if it's just for top sellers

or if it's for everyone I think it might

be for everyone they give you your first

50 listings are free of an insertion fee

so for every month the first 50 that you

list you don't have to pay these fees

but once you go over that 50 you then

have to start paying the fees that I had

just said so that is an auction or a Buy

It Now one to 10 days is 20 cents if the

item starts if the auction starts at

over 150 so the other one was under is

10 cents over 150 is 20 cents then the

30 days to good to cancel is 60 cents if

it's over 150 so again the under 150 is

30 cents so it's pretty much doubling if

it's over the amount of 150 dollars so

if your listing something and it started

you're starting an auction just say at

$150 and people are gonna bid that up

then you're gonna have to pay the twenty

cents if it's if you're listing it for

one day to 10 days so it's like 1 day 3

day 5 day 7 day 10 day I believe it is

or if you're gonna do 30 days good to


it's it's a $0.60 if it's over 150 there

are other advancements that you could

put on your listings so those are like

you can do a gallery you can do

subtitles you could do a value pack you

could do some things in bold you can

list in more than one category these are

all things that will cost you more and

more and more money so that's up to you

if you want to do it I personally don't

ever do anything like that because I

want to keep it as low as possible I

don't want to have to spend money on

something that I don't even know if it's

gonna sell that's just not the way I run

my business but some people do so that's

other fees that you can like go more in

depth with if you want to that's not

really like eBay 101 fees that's kind of

like more in depth okay so the final

value fee is a percentage of the final

price plus the shipping so this is back

in the day back in the day we were on

eBay you could literally do something

for one cent at auction and you can make

the shipping like $20 and somebody would

buy that knowing that like the item was

worth 20 you don't have saying like

people were like getting away with it

and eBay would only take a final value

on the one cent eBay got pretty hip to

this and now they take it on the entire

price so that is shipping that is and

the price of the item they take a final

value fee on the entire entire thing so

it doesn't matter you can't beat the

system you can't list something for one

cent and sell it for you know $20 for

shipping even if it's really gonna cost

you two hours for shipping just because

that's actually the price of the item

kind of confusing but if you're

following what I'm saying it's not

confusing or if you were around back in

the day when I Bey kind of first started

then you know what I was saying okay so

this is the final value for the item

cost and the shipping if you offer free

shipping then it's obviously the final

price if they're not gonna give you a

percentage of zero like you're not gonna

give you a percentage of your zero

dollars for shipping so that's obviously

included okay so there are five the

found out value fees that they take is

10% of the total up to a hundred up to

750 transactions so it's 10% of the


so that's shipping plus the what the

item sells for they're taking 10% of

that so if your item sells for um $10

just say for

that's including shipping then you're

gonna have to pay eBay $1 so it's just

10% not just 10% 10% winds up being a

lot when you start getting into higher

numbers so be mindful of that up to 750

transactions they take 10% there are

certain categories that take less and

these I do not sell in but since I had

the information at my fingertips I

thought I'd share it with you guys so if

you're selling in a guitar and bass you

can do up to 350 transactions and if

you're selling a musical instrument and

gear I think it is I think that's what I

have written down it's 3.5 percent so if

that makes sense to you guys great for

me it's not really relevant to my

business I don't sell music stuff and I

don't sell guitar stuff and so that's

kind of irrelevant but I thought I'd

share the information with you guys


so now if the account is in port

standing the final value fee will

increase by four percent so you want to

make sure that your eBay is always in

good standing because an extra four

percent on top of ten is fourteen

percent you it just it just winds up

getting crazy something like on ten

dollars may not seem like a lot I think

it would be a dollar and forty cents but

something on a hundred dollars now it's

you know it starts to add up so you want

to make sure your account is always in

good standings PayPal also takes a

percentage which is 2.9 percent plus 30

cents per transaction so you have to be

careful with that one because if your

item is selling for a low amount and

you're thinking like no big deal I'll

still make money on it make sure that

you remember 30 cents is coming right

off the top of that so all the fees

together if your account is in good

standing it's ten percent plus two point

nine percent plus 30 cents per

transaction it does add up I'm not gonna

lie but honestly Poshmark does take more

so in that way I mean it is less than

Poshmark still and this is if you don't

have a store you will get the final

value fee back

if the buyer cancels doesn't pay for the

item if you have to refund the money

these are all reasons why you would get

the final value back once the case is

closed you get your money back so you do

have to wait through the process of


the case we're funding the money

everything like that but if you know the

case is closed

and you do get your final value fees

back they'll refund that to you if you

want to put your item up as an auction

with a reserve which means that your

item will not sell for less than a

certain amount so let's just say you

start the auction at $0.99 and you're

selling this shirt just say and you're

like you know I don't want to sell a

shirt for less than ten dollars I'm

gonna start the auction at $0.99 because

I think it'll be more appealing to

people to be like Oh $0.99 a little big

deal but it's not gonna sell unless it

hits ten dollars so if somebody buys it

for less than ten dollars

it's gonna say reserve not met and it's

not gonna be sold so in that case the

fee is if it sells for if your reserve

is one cent to $74.99 it's three dollars

seventy five dollars or more if it sells

if your reserve is set for $75 or more

it's gonna be four percent up to a

hundred dollars so yeah there you go

guys I hope that this helps you guys I

hope that it wasn't so confusing cuz I

feel like I wrote down these notes and

I'm still like a little confused I

personally do not do things I I don't

sell things as with a reserve so for me

that was kind of like not familiar to me

even though I do sell on eBay I don't

typically list things with a reserve it

is what it is I just do my auctions as I

do my auctions and whatever it sells for

it sells for so for me that's a little

bit different again like I said but like

the guitar and the bass a little bit

different for me I don't sell I don't

sell music stuff but I hope that this

video does help you and if you want to

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