Where to Park for FREE Downtown Las Vegas

okay guys I'm gonna show you where to

park for reasonably free parking and

it's gonna be opinions and I'm gonna

take you there and show you how to get a

free spot at pigeons so here we go


I'm gonna turn here I'm gonna go right

into the parking area itself park Big O

sign right there and I'm just gonna

mosey on in the parking

and keep going

it is a old parking ramp so don't be

surprised if things are a little dusty

here but you can always park here

validate your parking at the bar in

Binion's and you've got a free place to


when you come downtown Fremont if you're

driving or taking your own vehicle

motorcycle moped whatever but you do got

to get one of these tickets


we're on take it with you park your car

first but take your ticket with you when

you go get it validated don't put a

stamp on it and you park for free

downtown you don't have to park in the

side streets because those do add up and

the time doesn't last very long I think

it's for our max you can park on the

side streets metered parking so if

you're here for quite a stint probably I

could work out for you but the trick

here is get her early and park your car

all right I guess I'm gonna park over

but you kind of get the idea buddy take

it take it

you're way downtown Las Vegas Miami

and then your trip I'll get you believe

it alright alright guys I'll give you

another handy tip here you go to uh


what's it super over here from 5 o'clock

to 6 o'clock 5 cent Miller lights from

that hour it's a great place to get

drunk cheap drinks

Ma'at I could feel the evil brutes

closing in on me shoot I've been spotted

I've got to get out of here oh we may

roll our window

once again thanks for watching like

subscribe and we'll see in free ministry

bump into me just say hi take a photo

whatever a I'm game

alright I'll see you guys in next video