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yeah so let's get right into it so if

you clicked on this video you're

probably like how in the world did you

get a divorce in 20 days like wait I do

that well this is not clickbait

whatsoever I definitely did get my

divorce in 20 days and for two free so

if you are interested on how exactly I

accomplished that go ahead and stay

tuned alright so you guys so for a lot

of you guys who know I was married to my

daughter's father legally for two years

legally for real like nine months so we

were married and well if you want that

story I'm sure it will pop up somewhere

I made a video about it some years ago

so feel free to watch that video later

but in this video I am going to give you

basically to the I mean I guess the

details on how I was able to get my

divorce in 20 nights so where do we


so first of all I already had my

ex-husband on child support while we

were married as soon as I found out that

his other daughter was about to be born

I went ahead and filed the child support

papers we weren't living together and in

my mind the marriage was pretty much

over like you have a whole other kid so

the marriage is over so I went ahead and

filed for that so this already one

document taken care of so you guys like

this is all pretty much like step by

step in the order of which things

actually did occur

I think he thought if he came to the

child support office with me that we

would potentially maybe get back to it

back together just the way he was

talking I guess he saw hope but so

anyway um yes so he was already on child

support so I guess when he realized

there was no hope that I was not getting

back with him now we were not gonna make

this work he went ahead and got with his

wife they used with now

so anyway fast forward um there was an

incident between us that I was able to

file a protective order a protective

order is usually filed when there's some

case of family violence and there was so

I was able to get a two-year protective

order against him and his current wife

back then me and this man hurt me and

him weren't still married at this time

though so I yes I had a protective order

against him while we were married but we

clearly were not together so and you

guys are probably like what in the world

yes unfortunately these are true events

but it all really worked out perfectly

so anyway we got I got the protective

order against them and the protective

order was good for two years so when I

decided so like let's backtrack I had a

child support order that he already

signed and agreed to I had a protective

order against him and her for five

Family Violence and it just it all just

kind of worked out that way it wasn't

like premeditated because if you look at

the timeline

you know when the child support order

was processed versus when the protective

order was processed is a stretch like it

really is a stretch of time like long

periods up so none of this was

premeditated it's just the way it all

lined and hangs together and the way it

just happened so anyway um yeah never

get a protective order against them for

two full years so it was done in

November of 2016 so it actually just

ended in November of 2018 which was not

that long ago at the protective order

and I was dead set on the fact that me

and him were gonna be divorced

before my 22nd birthday Eva so I would

have been turning 22 February of 2017

and I was like I'm not going into the

new year

married to this person and that's a lot

of the reason why I changed my name my

last name back to my last name because

I'm one of those people like I believe

in representation and if I feel like I'm

being like well God is just we have a

child together for a night I feel like

you you like my representation so this

this name don't belong to me like at all

some I was able to file all the

paperwork for the divorce which of

course I did my divorce completely solo

I did not have a lawyer I did not have

funds so let me kind of explain how that

all took place I live in Austin so of

course I filed in Travis

every single paperwork in Chaves County

because I lived Austin so I went down to

downtown with it a lot law library and

they have different packets so they have

packet a packet is when you have knot on

one piece of paperwork you know through

the courts filled out so you don't have

a child support order you don't have

like a protective order you don't have

any paperwork you would get packet

packet B is you have one you know let's

say you have kids and you have child

support already done you would get

packet me I've had pakad C which was the

thinnest packet ever because I already

have child support order that was

already put in place way before the


my father divorced in November as well

and then I also had a protective order

so this person wasn't you know allowed

to come near me blah see blah we didn't

have anything together so I didn't have

like a car that had his name on it

nothing that we had was joint so like

the bank accounts

nothing we didn't have anything in each

other's name so it just all just flew

like so I had the smallest packet some

the way I was able to you know do all

this for free was because of you know

they have what is it called financial

circumstances yeah I was a fresh doodle

assistant like fresh I think I was

making like $13

not a lot of money so you know I didn't

have no money like I didn't have any


of course I wasn't getting a child

support you know that's very cliche

people think because they're on child

support that the person was paying the

child support does not necessarily how

that works but anyway some was that

broke and I had all the proofs to show

that I was dead broke so of course I got

granted a waiver where I didn't have to

pay the $500 in order to file their

divorce papers I didn't have to pay

which worked out great so since I had

all my paperwork you know aligned you we

was signed by the right people I filed

it and I didn't have to pay the $500 so

because I had a sheriff you know serve

him I didn't serve him because I had a

protective order so I had a sheriff from

his county serve him because we live in

two different counties yeah I had a

sheriff from his county serve him and

the difference between serving somebody

with you know the paperwork from you

know that you they can say that they

never got the paperwork they like they

can literally make it go for like months

in eternity and if you don't get the

paperwork signed and they don't return

it you will still be married to that

person but you guys you have to play

smart and not hard I knew that me

getting him served by an actual sheriff

or constable I don't remember which one

but serving him personally

that that person that sheriff that

constable will say that he got the

paperwork so that goes to the courts the

courts understand that he did get the

paperwork this is not he said she said

this person got the paperwork so from

that point on that person has 20 days to

respond to sign you know the paperwork

and send it back if they do not respond

within that 20 days then the divorce is

granted in what is it the the

petitioners whatever the petitioner was

the petitioner gets because you know

they didn't respond so of course we

still had to go to court to get a final

decree so of course my ex-husband did

not show up he did not file any

paperwork he didn't sign it even saying

he received it he made a Facebook post

though I heard about the Facebook post

but yeah so since he did not sign it he

did not send it back in the hospital did

make him very well known that this

person did get the paperwork the divorce

was granted all in my favor I was able

to walk away

walk away completely and utterly with no

anything like I didn't have to go to

court it wasn't anything like well I did

have to actually go to court I had to go

to court so if anything I'm the one that

really did kind of pay for everything in

the sense of I had to take off work so I

had to take off work be downtown for

hours literally hours but I was I had

already put in the atmosphere I was not

going into 2017

married I was going into 2017 being free

because how am I getting new husband if

I'm still married in just don't work

like that

you can't get any less but if you're

still legally married to somebody you

ain't free you still in bondage yeah I'm

not saying you should go out and get a

protector word against anybody just to

speed up a divorce process no this is

just kind of how the turns of events

happen for me I mean that's just the way

it happens for me unfortunately I had to

do that because typically it takes 60

days at least in the state of Texas it

takes 60 days for a divorce to be final

because people go through you know

reaches what is it

reconciliation or they change their

minds essentially about you know giving

divorce so that's why they had that

little time frame but for me it was 20

days because I have protective order

against you I left a long time ago I

don't want like there's nothing to

reconsider from me so yeah I didn't have

to pay the court fees literally a lot of

had to pay with was with my time which

to me I find more priceless certain

money any day because you can't get time

back you can get all the money in the

world back yeah if I would have paid

$500 I would have got that back

eventually in some shape wave form

whatever like money is not a huge thing

to me because I'm gonna get it back like

it can be remade and maybe even a faster

way possible I don't know but it's never

been a big deal to me

but I can't get my time back but it is

what it is I feel like you know it was

definitely worth it

Spence because I was able to you know be

free like be happy in Who I am and

develop my character and yes that's how

I got a divorce in 20 days legally

legally uh but yeah like I said I'm not

promoting anybody doing it that way

that's just the way life took me and I

did it that way because of course that's

just what's going on at the type stuff

but everything happens what happens for

a reason I feel like God was like okay

they're like you know you are supposed

to be divorced like you I brought you

all together to have Bailey and so this

is it so therefore you know

let's cut ties in it happen fast and

hurry yeah I ended up getting and even

simply y'all y'all see how thick this

paper is this is my divorce decree okay

this thing is I think like a hundred

pages or something I don't know but

typically you have to pay like 10 cents

or something per page or something like

that I don't remember like I said does

that fit in 2016 long time ago so I

didn't even have to end up paying for

the final divorce decree because of the

way the tournaments just habit so all

right I really hope this helps somebody

like I said I'm not promoting getting a

protective order unless truly needed I'm

not yeah this is just the way my

situation has been and I hope this helps

somebody so you guys stay blessed you

guys stay encouraging snake in the park