How To Tell If A Guy Is Flirting | Brian Redmon

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so I think guys are easier to read than

girls for the most part for example I

think guys are often more open about

when they're flirting with you so one

easy way to tell if a guy is flirting

with you is if he just talks to you a

lot or texts you a lot the easiest way

to flirt is by talking or communicating

or interacting with the person and while

nowadays it's like a guy or a girl can

both initiate things guys still

typically I think initiate a little bit

more than girls do so if a guy is just

talking to you a lot if he's texting you

or you're a guy and you're texting

someone or talking to you you probably

are like at least somewhat interested in

the person like I'm a believer in like I

don't text people that much I only

really text like my mom a lot or someone

I'm really interested in or like I have

a crush on if you're just like a good

friend of mine as much as I love you I

don't care to talk to you like all the

time you know only I'll see you when I

see you does that make sense

going along with that the second way you

can tell if a guy's flirting is they

just tell you like some guys it's that


some guys literally would just be like I

think you're cute or I like you

we should hang out or whatever and

sometimes I'm like that like sometimes

I'm pretty straightforward which i think

is like a good way to flirt because

you're just you know you just getting

straight to it like if the person's

vibing with you sweet now you know cuz

you just brought it up or if they're not

well hey you know you said it and you

know the other person's gonna feel the

same way but at least you tried and now

you can just move on so that's what was

the best if you ever if you ever want to

know if someone likes you and they just

straight-up tell you that they do it's

just like oh well now I know so some

guys do that not all guys but there are

some that are confident enough to just

throw it out there and you know see

where Cupid takes them most of the time

probably nowhere but they can try this

next one is definitely my favorite way

to flirt and that is by trying to make

the person laugh I don't know what it is

I love to laugh I feel like I'm a very

silly light-hearted person obviously I

have more serious hides to meet but I

just think the most fun way to flirt is

to make someone laugh and I just love

laughing well I think just awesome

so if a guy's like trying hard to be

sillier to make you laugh or do dumb

things okay like he's probably trying to

make you laugh or have fun because if

you're having fun with someone there's a

better chance you're gonna like them one

of the many dumb things guys do when

they flirt is they will literally just

do something stupid to get your

attention I feel like this is definitely

more relevant when you're younger but I

can remember like doing dumb dares or

just like really stupid things I

remember one time I had people over and

like people were like daring me to like

jump off this tree into a trampoline and

I was like you know what imma do it

because the girl I liked was there and I

was like if I do it she's gonna think

I'm so cool and so tough so I did it and

like almost hurt myself really bad so it

was not a good idea but guys will tend

to do really dumb stuff to try to like

impress you but I don't know why we

think that doing something stupid gonna

impress you because it's probably not

but we do it anyway maybe the most

famous way guys flirt is by what I call

accidental but not accidental body

contact you ever talk to someone who's

very like close to you you happen to rub

shoulders a lot or like when they hug

like they kind of keep their hand on

your back for like extra second or when

they're just talking to you maybe it's a

lot of like Oh accidentally hit you not

hit you but like you know touched you

and some

we'll just what is that like the what's

the thing you have like a love language

physical contacts one like I think

that's probably mine if you find that a

guy just happens to like accidentally

bump into you all the time it's either

he can't walk straight or he's flirting

so hopefully it's that he's flirting

because if he can't walk straight that's

concerning in the day of social media

it's also very easy to tell when

someone's flirting example if a guy

likes all of your pictures or goes

through and likes like five Adam at one

time or snapchats you and tries to start

a streak with you or just is kind of

always liking and creepin on your social

media he's flirting with you like that

one is obvious if someone's constantly

liking everything you post say think do

they like you another way you can tell

that guy's flirting like via technology

or like communicating online is through

emojis it's funny I've talked about this

before it's surreal how much of an

influence emojis have within a

conversation if you're having a

conversation - hey what's up with no

emoji versus hey what's up winky face

it's so different and so if a guy uses a

lot of emojis and especially what emojis

he's using if he uses a winky face the

smirk little devil with a smiley thing

maybe the kissy face a monkey with the

eyes any of those most likely he's

flirting and the last way guys flirt I

used to think this only happened when

you were younger but I feel like at

times I still do this is by poking fun

at you obviously if a guy's poking fun

at you and he has a crush on you he

doesn't mean it he's doing it to kind of

just like mess with you a little bit

there's something fun about like that

banter you know when you're like poking

fun at or making fun of someone you like

and it's just like I don't know it's

just a fun way to flirt so a lot of

times if a guy just tends to pick on you

but like you feel like it's kind of

light-hearted that's just obviously

flirting if he's like really being mean

then that's different then he's just a

loser but if he's like kind of messing

with you a little bit it could because

he likes you and if you're younger and

you're watching this video and a guy

like picks on you and you're like in

school and stuff that's probably him

being embarrassed to flirt with you but

he probably likes you so but anyway

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