When to make it FACEBOOK OFFICIAL! - #DearHunter

hey everyone welcome to a brand new

episode of deer hunter oh I give you

advice from a guy's perspective now

relationships have changed a lot over

the past few years what used to be small

talk is now tweeting and we used to be

creepily poking a girl to get her

attention is still creepily poking a

girl to get her attention so today I'm

answering the aged knee question when do

you make it Facebook official

it seems that nowadays Facebook is the

final frontier to go from gestating to a

committed relationship

so I'm gonna tell you the signs to look

for to see if your guy is ready to bf be

a fish number one when you stop seeing

other people and only hangs out with you

that's right when a guy decides that no

one else is as good as you it's time to

make an F be a fish number two when all

of your friends and family already

consider you to a couple if you have all

the makings of a relationship except for

that social stamp of approval it's time

to make it Facebook official number

three when he also starts posting

pictures of you two together on the


you might as well already make it

Facebook official because your Facebook

friends have gotten the hint some guys

though will say they aren't ready to

make it official that's okay because

some guys just need more time to build

that trust

but if he's putting it off for too long

you might want to start questioning his

intentions because he might be hiding

something from you I want to know from

you ladies out there is it even

important to make it Facebook official

let me know in the comments below with a

yes or a No thank you guys so much for

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hobbs asks dear hunter do guys like to

do cute little cuddly stuff if so like

what let's face it

cuddling appeals a make a few of them

number one flirt with other guys

now flirting is anything that can leave

the person you're talking to into

thinking that you like them if you're do