Are These the Most Embarrassing Parents Ever?

how embarrassing

most youngsters can relate to these kids

who have been totally mortified by their

parents in a role reversal of sorts

high school freshman Beth Bagley

demanded her parents not show up to a

dance she was attending her dad's Judd

says he and his wife have chaperone

dances in the past but his daughter

forbade them from going to this event

but they just couldn't help themselves

and their presence prompted this

response from their daughter Beth wasn't

happy in the moment but her parents

thought it was just hilarious and hey at

least they didn't do any actual dancing

unlike these moms Wendi Gossett tried to

provide a little entertainment for her

kids when they all got stuck in

standstill traffic we were having the

worst day ever when the Backstreet Boys

came on the radio

Wendy started singing along then decided

to get out of the car and share her

talents with other drivers her son could

not wait for traffic to start moving

again my brain I was trying to block it

all out these moms got their act on the

jumbotron a nice family outing turned

into humiliation for this teen who

desperately tried to hide his face after

the cameras at a San Diego Padres game

zeroed in on his mom shaking her stuff

the kid lost the battle when dad got in

on the act and both parents teamed up to

make fun of him in front of the whole


the fan cam at a college basketball game

caught this mom rocking out to a Kelly

Clarkson song and her ten-year-old son

couldn't get far enough away little

Blake tried desperately to take cover

under his hooded sweatshirt but mom

Mandy rummel just kept going

surprisingly Blake says he's used to it

- crazy stuff like that he might not

have enjoyed the performance but the

audience did as well as Kelly Clarkson

who tweeted that is my kind of mama hi

do you remember me I'm your mommy

most people don't need to be introduced

to the woman who raised them but an

Pinto McCartney thought her son Liam

needed a reminder after he left for

college and then didn't call her for

three whole weeks it went by really fast

so really didn't feel like a lot of time

since I last thought oh but it was long

enough for Anne to get so annoyed that

she took to Facebook to publicly shame

Liam with this guilt Laden video when

you're in your dorm at night you'd like

lay there and think wow I wonder who fed

me for the first 18 years of my life

well I don't want to brag but that was

me the video was widely shared and Liam

says he has learned his lesson I'm

definitely gonna call my mother more

often and one dad will not be outdone by

all these moms

every time Doug Payne picks up his

daughter Courtney from the airport he

brings a different welcome sign this

time he was dressed up as one of Santa's

elves holding a sign that says she was

on the naughty list another time he

showed up as a limo driver waiting for

Miranda Lambert as cringe-worthy as

these greetings are Courtney says it's

still good to be home for Inside Edition

com I'm Mara montalbano