What is Eid al-Fitr? Ramadan & the Festival of Breaking the Fast - Behind the News

hi BTN my name is Joseph and I'm after

our face off and I am Khadija

today we're going to be teaching you

about Ramadan and Eid Ramadan is a

special time in the Islamic calendar

Islam is the world's second largest

religion with 1.8 billion followers

around the globe there's a fuller Islam

are called Muslims there are five

pillars of Islam which are Jews Muslims

follow they are trusting and understand

English ahead of all the declaration of

faith prayer five times a day giving

money to charity participating in Hajj

at least once in a lifetime which is a

pilgrimage to a place cosmocrats and

fasting during the holy month of Ramadan


my daughter's a month in Islam were

people from all around the world fast

for a whole month of course having no

food or water for whole month is

impossible actually we have a meal

before dawn it is called so whole so we

can get ready too fast and then after a

long day of fasting we share a evening

meal which is called iftar this when I

first started it was very hard but then

like a couple of days after it got very

easy because I obviously got more

patient and I got stronger

how does bad Ramadan is when people eat

in front of your face like your siblings

and you just feel so tempted to eat with

them like those delicious food that your

parents have cooking for your little

siblings I just have to stay strong but

it is meant to be challenging and it is

really important for the Muslim

community of course not everyone has to

fast people who are sick pregnant

elderly or young don't have to take part

of it during Ramadan it's important for

us to focus on stuff like praying a

reading of a religious book called Quran

and also helping those in need when the

month of stop we celebrate with a big

party code Eid


the best part about eat is enjoying the

reward for all the hard work during

Ramadan we go and pray in the morning

and then after that we eat some food

talk about how it was and yeah we just

have fun and of course there's a plenty

of sweets my favorite thing about Eid is

receiving yes and giving them back to

the little kids the thing that I really

like about it is when you meet your

relatives and friends that you didn't

meet in a long time because they live

far away it's not just few Muslims

either there are big celebrations all

over the world and everyone is invited

thanks planning a teacher of our

religion right back to you Emilio bye