Easter 2017

thing people okay we got to go to Nance

we got everybody loaded up proxy bears

back in the family again after getting

booted out on the Easter gifts and then

we got Clark man yep he's all excited to

be here man

there's your nan has any shoes on so I

carried him here comes the love of my

life rocking this amazing dress today

who are you wearing

it is amazing cuz you're wearing we're

right here we just gave him all of his

Easter gifts and he didn't like any of

them what did you find was he supposed

to find that is that where you found

those what's in here yeah wins what do

you use this for that's for you to find

later not now welcome

goody something watch out for dogs there

he is millennial Falcon

that's pretty awesome

it's a quadcopter yes my dear oxy

doesn't like it

that's real

we go





you're asking for it dude you're asking

for it what is it it's not a prank no

it's not thank you

cash money what are you gonna spend it

on cardboard hoverboard okay yes kick

Adson hoverboard but he said cardboard I

was like that's really weird oh yeah I

saw some choice let your piggies out

there the brothers turn on each other



give me a paper here welcome to Eastern

core he's gonna try a pickled egg he's

coming back out no try again no no I

think that's a hell hi thanks babe you

look good though no I can't shut well

these are our chicken eggs and they

didn't really feel very well but it's

what's inside that counts you hear bread

we've seen something too

we're all ready to eat aren't we Clark

man save some room for the good stuff


it's a mom thing there's the devastation

what's the schedule you ate a lot Roxie

bear hours to cook with the ski

you stay Maggie he's small he's getting

a head start in head start that wasn't a

good start good job put in there creepin

it in there

good job did you find one found one in

the collection keep looking CNA mom help

got it thank you


I'll turn around here turn around this

way this way he saw it he's all about it

now isn't he



look at all these eggs on the ground

just keep throwing them on the ground

and he'll keep picking them up keep

throwing them out there

yeah weirdly I see him he's like has his

arms up I think my audio is gonna be

destroyed on this it's the wind