Is it safe to fly during pregnancy? Dr. Hemali Tekani

hello I am dr. hemolytic Ani I'm a

consultant obstetrician and gynecologist

at Manipal hospitals old airport road

bangalore now as long as the flight

cabin remains pressurized flying is not

going to affect the baby at any stage of

pregnancy we do advise you to limit

travel by air during the last few weeks

of pregnancy because labor can start at

any time during this period and that's

why it would not be recommended to fly

during pregnancy in the last few weeks

whenever you need to travel by air you

will need to carry all your medical

records and all your medications certain

airlines do ask you to get a certificate

from your health care provider within

the previous 48 hours that you're fit to

travel by air and hence you should check

with your airline before you embark upon

air travel there may be certain medical

problems which do not allow you to

travel by air but if you have to be on a

flight and it is long you could walk up

and down the aisle in between and not

sit at least for longer than to us

stretching out the legs and doing some

ankle exercises would also help and use

of elastic stockings would help prevent

it remind the legs and clotting of blood

in the legs