10 Baby Shower Ideas and Tips! How to Throw a Fun Baby Shower!

guess what everybody today I'm

officially 37 weeks and it's my baby

shower let's have some fun


baby showers a happy baby shower today

so it's so fun to make your baby shower

your own and when I was working with

Elizabeth who's such a talented event

planner and just throw some of the

sickest things here in LA you can

personalize it and I haven't done a name

reveal so we're gonna do it today and

look at this cake she puts together

it says hello baby Asher and his

nurseries gonna be Safari theme so look

at all these cute little animals around

the side elephants giraffes so if you

haven't done of your name reveal a great

way to do it would be at your baby




this is the inspiration for the crumbs

and you girls are making mine is so

copyright thing my inner Stuart so I

know a lot of people with baby showers

like measure the battle you do all this

stuff but that wasn't what I wanted to

do so I want to do something where

people could participate and be creative

so that's why the flower bar is so







one of the best tips to make your baby

shower painless and enjoyable for you

entire and awesome photographer like I

did we tell everyone where they can find


hi I'm from Agra so GRA PHR and website

is what's great is you can hire like if

you have a photo shoot and you just

let's say you take pictures of you with

your kids for an hour yeah you can do

that so it makes such a difference



Rob this is your future Patrick what

words of wisdom do you have for Rob oh

that's a great hand powder intuitive

everyone who's a parent will give you

advice from the bottom of their hearts

thinking it's gonna work well just do

what feels right for you you're gonna do

the right thing to your son just go go

with what so it trades it up just

touches everywhere so cute Hello Baby

Asher we love you already

guys I'm getting scared but has the best

baby shower I hope you guys enjoyed

these tips you can do this at her just

for you baby