Am I Spoiling My Baby By Picking Him Up Every time He Cries


am i spoiling my baby by picking him up

every time he cries well maybe maybe not

there isn't any research that can say

for sure that holding your baby every

time he cries will spoil him and even if

that spoils the baby what's the biggie

right after all that's what dads do but

hey there's something you need to know I

have a baby boy and he wants to be

picked up every time he cries know that

your baby may want to be held all the

time but it isn't mandatory to actually

do it I know you can feel great guilt by

not picking your baby up when you hear

them cry especially when you know that

hole in your baby can immediately suit

them trust me

babies learn to cope in the different

ways that you attend to them now don't

stare at me like I'm a Maine parent

actually as dad I realize that carrying

your baby everywhere you go is

unnecessary and sends the baby a wrong

message responding to every cry by

picking your baby up and soothing the

baby further gives them the wrong kind

of power this power means that the baby

gets an indication that they can have

what they want anytime and anywhere it's

not a good lesson to teach why don't you

break this pattern over time when your

babies cry pick them up for just a few

minutes cuddle and soothe them and then

put them in a playpen perhaps with a

musical mobile you could also place them

in a safe infant seat so they can watch

you while you do things you know what I

do with my baby boy I engage him by

talking to him singing to him making

noises and doing everything I can but

remember that your baby should not

remain in a playpen or infant seat for

long periods of time and you should not

be a slave to each of their cries this

is not something

you are a parent and you need to know

the right ways to raise your child do

respond to your child's cry but be

moderate in doing so you might not be

spoiling your baby by picking them up

every time they cry but you certainly

are sending a wrong message and

overburdening yourself parenting is all

about enjoying raising a child it's an

experience make it fun and do smart

parenting don't kill yourself for more

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are you waiting for get going now

happy parenting