Is A Misdiagnosis Considered Medical Malpractice?

doctors misdiagnosed things all the time

and it doesn't cause anyone injury but

it's when a doctor doesn't diagnose

something and it causes somebody to

suffer an injury then that is the

definition of malpractice sometimes you

have a doctor who misdiagnosis somebody

with strep throat and it takes a few

days the person gets a little bit worse

and they go back to their doctor and the

doctor then diagnoses the strep throat

that two-day period is unlikely to cause

significant or catastrophic injury to

someone but in that same circumstance if

somebody goes into their doctor and they

have strep throat and the doctor does

not test for it does not diagnose it and

then they end up not going back to the

doctor for a couple of weeks their

symptoms get worse and they have sepsis

that causes catastrophic damage to their

body then it's malpractice at Grossman

rafi alpha Cohen we have handled many

cases of misdiagnosis and we handle

hundreds if not thousands of those cases

over the last 30 years