SCOOB Isn't Coming To Theaters Anymore...


scooby-doo has always been a name known

across the globe acting as one of the

most recognized animated characters of

all time

ian's is mystery-solving gang have been

through their fair share of shows in

movies what everything led up to

something massive this year Scoob was

the very first theatrical release that

would tell the origin story of how

everyone met up while at the same time

building a hanna-barbera Cinematic

Universe fans were getting excited to

grab some popcorn and relax in the

theaters but that's not happening

anymore thanks to the global pandemic

Scooby Doo's latest movie won't be

playing in theaters anywhere around the

world instead of what you normally

expect Warner Bros has decided to

release the mysterious latest adventure

on the small screen in digital one May

15th rolls around you can expect to see

Scoob on demand Warner Bros CEO and

Sarnoff talked a bit about the situation

well we're all eager to be able to once

again show our films and theaters we're

navigating new unprecedented times which

call for creative thinking and

adaptability and how we distribute our

content we know fans are eager to see

Scoob and we're delighted we can tell

ever this feel-good movie for families

to enjoy while they're home together

it's a lot easier to work on animation

remotely than live-action content hence

why Scoob was able to be finished on

time many departments in the production

process worked together and got

everything ready to go

now look I'm not really disappointed

that this is skipping theaters and

heading straight to digital but they're

still a really sad sight all this

scooby-doo has a long history of

direct-to-dvd movies this newest one

featuring the origin story was supposed

to be different it was finally the

franchise's chance to expand its actual

theaters where even bigger audiences can

show up this was a time for Scooby to

shine and start a completely new

cinematic universe but it seems like

irony has struck again

and in the one chance we got to see the

mystery ink on the big screen it somehow

doesn't happen

you can't really blame Warner Bros

though considering this situation with

the world right now is something nobody

could have expected with movie theaters

everywhere shut down and no exact word

on when they'll open again the company

wanted to be safe instead of constantly

delaying this movie going digital could

either make or break Scoob especially

with such a high price to rent at the

beginning audiences may not think it's

worth it since the alternative would

have been going to the actual theater

ain't treating it like an experience

sitting down at home and watching a new

movie like this is nice and all but it's

just not the same so in less than a

month Scoob will be available on demand

will we ever get to see mr. ink on the

big screen at any point in time I hope

so just cuz this is probably the

unluckiest thing that could have ever

happens to them but what are your

thoughts on the news it's never coming

to theaters let's talk in the comments


but anyway that's all for this video

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