Fortnite PREDATOR Update EXPLAINED! (New Guns & Leaks)

the fortnite map has been invaded by

predator in his ship and the shotgun


just got rocked again with a brand new

shotgun but it's not the only thing

because travis scott's about to rock

your world yes

leaks of travis got to return to

fortnite and speaking of our world being

rock may actually turn to rock but

more like molten with details of a lava

flood new weapon

lexa's unexpected twin and the infinity

blade oh boy is right we've got a lot to

go over here's

notable map changes we had a long

running theory in our last few storyline

videos but the predator is indeed the


that was teased over at stealthy

stronghold and it looks

like we were right with the new update a

brand new mysterious alien ship has

appeared inside of stealthy strongholds

and epic were even generous enough to

give us his chest fun with

of course this [ __ ] belongs to the

predator himself who will be coming to

fortnite in the next few weeks

as the secret skin he's gonna have his

own quest line where you do challenges

to unlock him and hey at least we won't

have to shell out b bucks for him

i still wish the secret skin was my man

john jones though according to leakers

the predator will even be an npc who

attacks you on site kind of like the

mandalorian as for the other map changes

the colosseum has a brand new variant

that you can get when you land there now

you have a chance of the entire

gladiator pit being filled with

water and a few boats there's something

super interesting on the map now over at

the dam build as you know ruckus has

been a pretty powerful npc boss over


of course he gives us a legendary rpg

when we kill him so it's a

pretty popular shroud to take him out

although with the new update if you head

to ruckus and you kill him he'll still

drop his loot but

something really odd happens he turns

all glowy and his npc options change

now you can get brand new dialogue with

him and can buy a shotgun from him the

dialogue is weird and he just seems

super chill about the fact that he's now

some weird ghost thing that you can't

kill maybe this is more storyline

content who knows but now

for some juicy stuff with new weapons

items and features

there has been a massive dump of new

weapons items and features with the

latest update for starters if you head

over to the coal npc at retail row he

now has

a brand new exotic weapon for you to

purchase with some bars these are hop

rock dualies and they're actually really


once you have them they work like

regular dualies but every time you shoot

you get a nice hop rock effect

they actually aren't the only new weapon

to come out of this update because

the loot pool has received wait for it a

new shotgun shocking i know

but this new gun is called the lever

action shotgun

and comes in every single rarity it's

actually not that bad either does pretty

decent damage and the fire rate seems

balanced enough we'll have to wait and

see though this thing could turn out to

be overpowered or

terrible what do you guys think so far

let us know in the comments but while

weapons are pretty cool i

haven't even started touching upon the

new anime boy skin

this guy is oren and according to his

description he's on the hunt for his

long-lost twin

which is of course lexa because they're

both a part of this why

labs thing i'm guessing that lexa is

some sort of hunter and oren was her

twin who is

probably a little more innocent and is

trying to find her it's probably not

important to the storyline but adding

this kind of backstory to characters

just makes them even more likable

and of course the christmas update has

left the game but some of the holiday


are still around for us to use

surprisingly snomando's snow launcher is

still in the game and so is the uncommon

snowy flopper

so don't worry you can still get some

ice on your feet even if the holidays

have ended speaking of the holidays if

you got yourself a next-gen console for

christmas then you're in

even more luck epic is working on

releasing a next-gen starter pack for

ps5 and series x player you'll buy it

using real money like other starter

packs and it'll include

a fresh new skin set this is the ruby

shadow skin and she'll be exclusive to

the next gen starter pack she'll come

with a sky

shadow glider and a shadow slicer

pickaxe and because it's a starter pack

i'm also guessing we'll see the usual

600 v-bucks included with her and while

we're getting a starter pack skin and a

secret predator outfit you can never

forget about our good old friend the

item shop we talked about oren already

but there are two more skins coming to

the shop soon

that will leak this update this is tess

and she'll be included in her very own

item shop bundle now it looks like her

set will include the skin

a sci-fi glider a black and white wrap

and then a sweet metallic

pickaxe and the final skin that we know

is coming probably the most important of

them all eats the greg fg skin this is

apparently inspired by dragon ball z and

his skin is

really cool and all but like lachlan a

brand new tournament will come with the

set and i cannot wait for it wait until

you hear about this

so the greg fg tournament will be based

on the floor is lava ltm from chapter

one one of my favorite ltms of all time

it's gonna be really cool to see the

chapter two island get flooded in lava

especially with the brand new graphics

that we got

it's gonna look pretty awesome now in

case you missed out on it who's greg mg

well greg fj's reveal of his skin and

tournament actually

broke twitch's all-time viewer record on

monday he got over

2.4 million viewers which just blasted

the record

out of the park and if you're interested

in what else is coming to the game

that's a pretty small but game changing

addition to the new fortnite update if

you like going into team rumble to grind

out some challenges like i do

you might appreciate this change npcs

are finally in team rumble and they work

like any other game mode you can buy

exotics and duel them for weapons now

first i thought this was just a bug but

it looks like epic purposefully removed

bounties from these guys so it's

definitely a feature

finally i can upgrade my weapons in team

rumble without relying on rng

it's not a big change but now you know

okay we covered every weak skin this

update but there are still four

encrypted sets in the files

one is predator one is greg fg but the

rest of them are mysterious could they

be the next hunters

my guess probably epic even teased in

the creator patch notes that a pair of

new hunters are coming soon

maybe we'll see that new strain of the

zero point open a portal for predator

and then maybe even tease those

encrypted crossovers

speaking of the zero point this update

also added some health changes to it

no more spamming it for easy unlimited

wit you thought this would have been

patched by now but better late than


right and for those of you who thought

swords or melee weapons were gonna be

coming in this update you were somewhat


kind of leakers have said that the

swordfight ltm

is coming back we haven't seen the

swordfight ltm in the game since

season seven and now it looks like epic

are bringing it back for chapter two

this means we're actually going to get

the infinity blade back in battle royale

course this is just an ltm thankfully

but it should still be a blast it's

basically just a regular game of

fortnite where they put the infinity

blade in chests

it's super fun if you've never tried it

but okay most of us tune into new

updates to hear about all the spicy

leaves so we're gonna give them to you

let's talk about of course please

if you're a huge fan of travis scott but

you missed out on getting his skin set

last year you

actually might have a chance to pick it

up again leakers have noticed that epic

games updated the travis scott item shop

images for the brand new item shop

design and they never do that

unless it's to bring the skin back his

last concert got an insane 12.3 million

viewers but not everyone had the v bucks

or the time to pick up the skin set

so now's your chance there's also some

guns that were leaked recently which

might be coming in the future as exotic

weapons we had the hop rock dualies this

update but the next few exotics

might be these ones here we've got the

freeze assault rifle that will probably

work like a usual scar but have a side

ability that puts ice on the feet of

anyone who you hit with your bullets

will that make shooting them easier or

harder we'll have to see

then there's also the run and gun smg

which looks like it will be an exotic

version of the rapid fire smg

this thing is going to give you faster

running and walking speed when you hold

in your hand which

already sounds overpowered honestly then

we have fire extinguishers coming to the

game in the future they'll work similar

to gas cans where you can find them

around the map and can pick them up but

if you destroy them

instead of exploding with fire it does

the opposite it works just like a smoke


check this out now it's time to finish

off our update video with

everything else you probably care about

let's end this on everything else that

came in this update that aren't huge

leaks but they are actually interesting

enough that you'll probably care about

it to begin planes have unfortunately

been vaulted with the latest update

i know i'm devastated too creative

players a lazy link's prefab has been

added into created

sometimes pretty fast hinted things

coming to fortnite in the future but

sometimes they don't so who knows maybe

we could see lazy link coming onto the


2 match but that's literally just a

guess and not confirmed at all now

if you're the type of person that loves

to switch up your skin all the time but

always forgets what you wore a week ago

for some reason then

uh epic has your back there's a new tab

in your locker called recent outfits

that shows everything you've worn in the

last 30 days

as for io guards they have received some

updates no they haven't had that

annoying aimbot fixed or even their

build damage nerf but hey at least we

won't get deafened every time we go near

them their sounds got lowered yes

thankfully not only that but thankfully

they now have a chance of dropping

more than just the single tactical ar

now you have a shot of getting shields

and heals from these guys so fighting a

group of them

on your own isn't that devastating

finally we mentioned predator earlier

but his spray and banner were added into

the files too they're gonna be one of

the mystery awards that you can see in

the battle pass tab in case you wanted

further confirmation that this guy is

definitely the secret skin this season

i would have wanted something like one

of the seven but i can work with this

that's all for today's update video

that's literally everything you need to

know about 15.20

what did you think of the update what do

you guys think of the new shotgun

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