When Coming Out Goes Better Than You Thought

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- [Man] So what you're telling me is that some shirts

have long sleeves, and some have short sleeves?

- Exactly.

- [Siobhan] But what about vests?

- Yeah, what about vests?

That's a very good question.

It seems like they occupy some like weird,

- Hi.

- Oh hi, Grant.

- Hello, everyone.

- [Zach] Hey, are you ok?

You seem a little upset.

- Well, I have something to tell you.

- What is it?

- It's...

God this is hard.


I'm just going to say it, and you can react however

you react, alright?

I am attracted to men.

- Great.

- Great?

- [Siobhan] Great.

- Yeah, great.

- Great.

- Yeah.

- So...


- Yes, exactly!

God, what is going on there?

- [Zach] Ok, vests have no sleeves right?

- Ok, and are they shirts or are they coats?

- [Zach] Neither.

- You know what I mean?

Like, I like men sexually.

Like I sexually like men.

- Yeah, no, we get it.

- Yeah.

- And no big deal?

- No, I have a lot of gay friends.

- Yeah, we all do.

And you're our friend, did you think this would change

how we would see you?

- Freakin' a little.

I had myself all keyed up for this.

This is shocking news.

- It isn't.

But you know what is shocking?

Some shirts have a taller collar.

- Wow!

- Oh, and the buttons?

What is going on with that? - Yeah, what is that?

- Maybe some details would help.

Last night, I had a guy stay over in my bed.

- Yeah, sure.

- He slept in my armpit nook, and in the morning I took

a minute to smell his hair.

- Nice.

- All he was wearing were boxer briefs.

- Oh.

- Red ones.

- [Siobhan] Wait, really?

Because some shirts can be red.

- Hey, yeah! - Yeah.

That is a good point.

- What a goddamn disappointment.

You know I've been afraid to tell people this since

I was 10 years old?

I lied to people, and I lied to myself, and it's going to

be such a letdown if it turns out nobody cares.

This is my big day!

Come on.

- It's just not that big a deal.

The world's changed, you know?

Now are V-necks shirts?

- There are a few schools of thought.

- I do romantic things with men!

Sex things!

I kiss them, and I think about their abs, and I like

to watch it when they have orgasms!

I see guys, and I imagine what it would be like

if they breathed on my neck.

I go on dates with them and I flirt.

I flirt so much!

When I see that they call me on the phone, I get nervous.

I think about them in deep, loving ways.


I'm a man, and I love men!

This is the scariest thing I've ever done, and if it's

not a big deal for other people, than that means

I've been afraid of nothing, which makes me crazy!

Am I crazy?

Has spending my entire life hiding the fact that I am

bisexual driven me absolutely crazy?

- [Zach] Wait.


- Yeah, I'm bisexual.

What the fuck! - Oh no, get out!

- You gotta commit to something!

- You can't just pretend to be gay, you're just pretending

to be gay, that's what it is. - Just like, come out!

(record scratching noise)

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