Will Or Should Disney Put The Mandalorian On Blu Ray

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this question comes to us from class who

writes hey John now that the entire

first season of the mandalorian has been

released on Disney Plus what are the

chances of the season being released on

blu-ray slash DVD all right class thanks

so much for saying that in and of course

we now have mandalorian in our rear view

mirror which is really weird to think

about because we spent so long looking

forward to the mandalorian and then the

man learners on we're enjoying it and

now it's done it's in our rear view

mirror it's really weird to think of it

that way so anyway now that the entire

season is done what are the chances that

Disney releases this thing on blu-ray or

DVD or something like that there's a

chance they do it actually there's

probably a pretty good chance but I'm

also gonna suggest why there's a chance

they may not okay there is a chance they

may not and the main reason that they

may not actually take this and release

it on physical media is simply this

Disney Plus I mean look Disney Plus is

something that they have now spent years

developing and pouring hundreds and

hundreds of millions if not billions of

dollars into to prep it is something

that Disney sees as the future of the

company that this whole Disney Plus

streaming thing is the future of the

Disney broadcast media empire right

where it's a one-stop shop for all

things Disney they're not quite there

yet but that's what they're aiming

towards and therefore all the original

content that they're making whether it's

a Mandalorian whether it's a falcon and

Winter Soldier whether its world

according to Jeff Goldblum whether it's

now I don't know any of the other shows

that you want to talk about all these

things are being made so that people

will come and subscribe to Disney Plus

it is the exclusive home of all this

incredible stuff so it would seem to me

that you

your goal and your purpose for making

these original shows is to be attraction

points for an audience to come and sign

up for Disney Plus because that's the

exclusive home to get it it would seem

to me to be a little bit

counterproductive let's use the phrase

counterproductive it seems to me to be


to then also go ahead and release it in

some other medium which basically says

to the audience yeah you don't need to

sign up for Disney Plus if you want to

go by the blue razors go by the blue

rays that seems counterproductive to me

again it might be something that they do

but even if they do that physical media

is dying it's not going to be around for

a whole ton much longer maybe another

couple years and then is going to be

gone so they'll probably wean off of it

but it just seems to me a very odd

choice if the whole goal is to get

people to sign for Disney Plus why would

you make it available for them to watch

some other way again just the word

counterproductive comes to mind question

is guys what do you think about that do

you think there would be an advantage to

Disney Plus releasing them on blu-ray

and DVD not do you think there would be

an advantage to owning it do you think

there would be an advantage if you were

to Disney executive to actually put this

things out or does it just make more

sense to you for them know you created

these things for Disney Plus you want

people to sign up for Disney Plus keep

it on Disney Plus I want to know what

you guys think jump down in the comments

section below and leave me your thoughts

okay guys that'll do it for this video

thanks a lot for checking it out my name

is John Campea and until next time bye