Blu-ray / Dvd Tuesday 10/27/2020 Out and About Video

welcome everybody to a brand new

blu-ray and dvd out

and about video today and this week

sees the release of the comedic drama


hitting store shelves along with black

lightning seasons two

and three a very unique and interesting

documentary called

wolfman's got nerds

and arrow video is releasing a

collector's edition blu-ray

of the 1984 sci-fi

adventure classic the last starfighter

plus much much more so let's go see the


exclusives and we're at our first


walmart so let's go in

and see what they got

all right everybody we are in at walmart


well truth be told guys there is really

nothing new

to show off this week whatsoever uh

seriously they have no

new releases that came out

this week none whatsoever man

i mean they do have sort of the back to

the future stuff that they were supposed

to have

last week they finally got in thank god

the same with

tremors shrieker island the tremor seven

movie collection and some of the indie

stuff the vanished

and cutthroat city as well

i'm glad they got it in but i will admit

man that

i'm seeing that they don't have the 4k

right they just have the blu-ray digital

but what really pisses me off about this

is they have this that spider claw stuff

that that

that grapples onto this i understand why

they do it because

it's it's for security reasons

and they don't want people to steal it

and i understand it it makes sense but

if you see this guys look look look at


it completely completely

just man it ruined the entire packaging

and the packaging is completely ruined


it's just done like you just up

the packaging by doing this and it just

kills me because as somebody who's a

huge collector and loves

the packaging and artwork of movies and

and releases and everything

this really just saddens me

frustrates me pisses me off like i just

don't understand why stores can't find a

better way to to do this stuff kind of

like with

with this this is a better way it's not

the most foolproof way but it's a

it's a good way but this oh god the

dreaded spider claws man that pisses me

off so so much man this packaging is

ruined now

for 30 bucks like yeah it's

now not even worth the 30 bucks with the

spider claw in it that really sucks man

and with the tremors shrieker island


with this with this seven movie

collection i kind of wanted to say it

real quick

is that out of the seven films

i'm really only a fan of probably

as i said three of them i think last

week i was really a fan of

tremors i love tremors is a goddamn

classic it's an amazing movie i love

that film

to death practically great flick man

just great

comedy and that the monsters are cool

tremors 2 honestly is a really good one

i really like

i kind of wish kevin bacon was in it but

fred ward being the

main star in it i like sort of

the new tremors that they brought into

it i thought it was really cool man

i really like like that that a lot uh


three is okay

i think that's one i kind of like

tremors four and five

not so much i'm not a huge fan of it but

tremor six though

i actually thought was pretty decent the

the the franchise is very kind of up and

down kind of wishy-washy

most of them are not that great but if

you're a fan of monster movies then


is kind of kind of a good way to scratch

that itch i would say

but the franchise is very inconsistent

well let's be real most franchises are

fairly inconsistent children of corn and

hell razor

and halloween and a lot of other

franchises so tremors is not

exactly alone in that regard

but it might be better than some of the

other ones well especially something


hellraiser or children of the corn which

is some really bad movies this doesn't

go quite in that

territory they're not so great at times

but not like complete quality but

well they're they're decent films though

but if you get into them my preference

is definitely one and two

for sure man interesting

i mean again no major new releases over

in this section but hey at least they

had the stuff from last week which

uh this time

last week they did not have any of this

stuff either so at least this is kind of

an improvement

i mean is there any of the indie stuff

at least

and then over on this side guys i hate

to say it but there is

no other new indie titles this week that


out here at this walmart either all the

same old stuff here as well

nothing new on the indie front either

but there's a couple things i was

noticing that i was kind of just

interested me as being an old school fan

of them and one was actually batteries


included the dvd for 374 which by the

way is a great price for a dvd

and what great artwork man

i really love this movie and i was just

sort of scanning the section and i came

across this and my god man

this is great i actually watched this on

vhs my mother and father actually

taped this movie on vhs and i saw it

when i was a kid

not directed by steven spielberg but

it's one of those sort of stephen

spielberg presents

films that he did a lot in sort of the

80s and 90s

such a really fantastic movie man really

great about these people in this

apartment that

they're trying to get pushed out or


and these aliens are to come down and

sort of help them out

it's sort of this heartwarming family


in a lot of ways and i love the designs

of the aliens very mechanical

almost looked like they were made out of

like spare parts or something like like

it it was a cool designs

it was sort of one of those friendly

sort of alien movies kind of like e.t

or something it was kind of heartwarming

you liked it but it's not a movie that's

as well remembered as something like et

is i don't know if people remember

batteries not included as much as

i wish they would it's a really good

movie man

if you like et you might enjoy this it's

not as iconic

as eg but i think it's pretty good man

74 not bad again that r works great man

i love that artwork

and the other thing i'm seeing over here

that i hadn't seen over here before

actually is the dvd of

trailer park boys the complete first and


seasons now i gotta admit to you guys

i i mean i've heard of trailer park boys

i've never actually seen an episode


actually now that i think about that's

not entirely true i think i did see one

episode of trailer park boys

long time back man and it was good

i mean i didn't mind it it had some

funny parts to it but i didn't really

get into it as a lot of people got into

trailer park boys

it's a really popular show i mean it has

its fan base people do

love it i thought it was decent i mean

it sort of plays on sort of mocking sort

of like

hillbillies and sort of um

sort of redneck culture in a lot of ways

i would say

it kind of does i said i i i heard a lot

of people have really enjoyed it and the

episode that i saw wasn't terrible

i'm as far as like tv shows or movies

like mocking

things like culture or people

like i've only liked a few things like i

i've like like

that this is spinal tap which sort of

mocks the rock and roll culture i like

that or even the show

like the office that mocks sort of you

know office work culture stuff like that

that's what i've enjoyed but

not too much sort of mock

mocking type of tv shows or movies or

mockumentary style stuff that i really


but this

i mean like and i've heard good things

and i got in the episode that i thought

wasn't terrible

but it was not something i would easily

would get into mostly i know they are

having a third see

season if i'm not mistaken hmm doesn't

look half bad though

pretty decent and interesting trailer

park boys

all right so i guess that does it for

the walmart location i mean there's only

a couple things worth

at least i thought checking out i mean

mind you they still have this horror

suction over here which is

massively depleted and

wow and just crazy empty that hasn't

been refilled

and then all of the other media that

we've seen before

like i said nothing terribly new or

all that interesting all the same indie


not restocked on any of the new stuff

there and

none of the new releases either over in

this section so

yeah nothing really new to show off this

week whatsoever unfortunately

for walmart yeah i hate to say it guys

but i will say they

say this though if you guys ever want to


show off a tv at the at your store

show off the special feature

screen for space jam apparently

if you want to buy a roku tv the best

way to promote it is through the special

feature screen on

on the roku tv for some reason that'll

get them to

buy it really

space jam and the menu screen of all


i've seen weirder i guess okay i guess

that it

tracks the kids to buy the

20 some odd inch tv

okay sure i guess man

uh all right well

space jam of all things all right well

other than that

i guess that does it all of the

wonderful and interesting media that

we've seen many many times

before all right well it is what it is

guys this week

all right how about we head out

in all honesty guys this is a

really slow release week compared to the


few that we've actually had man and

there's not like one huge major release

that everybody

is gonna have like like one that is like

the huge popular release of the week

it's more

a lot of really smaller releases and a

lot of

unknown titles and then there's a lot of


schmaltzy indie stuff that some of these

stores just aren't carrying

so yeah unfortunately i don't know

really what this week's gonna have in

store for us

i was almost positive that we weren't

really going to see much at this

walmart because of what this week is and

i was pretty much proven right i mean at

least they have some of the stuff from

last week but uh

that probably should have been out last


but whatever though i mean it is what it


unless it's a really big plentiful week

i mean this walmart has surprised me

from time to time but

most of the time it's pretty predictable

and this week well with it being not a

lot of releases

easily predictable man uh i don't know

what we're gonna find this week we could

still see a lot of surprises but this

time around well no surprise at all

no it is what it is obviously well let's

see what else we can possibly find

at the next location all right everybody

we are at our second location

target now before we go in i wanted to

just briefly say something real quick


so i was at the first walmart location

and before i was about to leave

one of the walmart employees comes up to


and he says oh can i help you find

anything and i was right in the media


and i was like no no i'm i'm good thank

you very much

and then he asked this woman

and this woman says yeah you can help me

i'm looking for this show

or i didn't quite hear what the show was

on dvd and blu-ray and he was kind of

looking at the media section

and ah

it doesn't look like it's here and she's

like well i have seen it here

i just wasn't interested in getting it

at that point but now i am

and now you guys don't have it and i

thought to myself i said well the reason

why they don't got it is because they

lowered the physical media section and

now they're now you're just out of


lady sorry but stay honest i got truth


and i was just thinking to myself i'm


you know so many people are complaining

so many people say well you know all of

this stuff is going online

now and i'm thinking to myself well that

woman now has to literally go online whatever she's got to go on

all these websites to try to find

the movie she's looking for and then

it's got to ship to her and

whatnot oh well why is it all going


because these stores are not filling

up the media they are lowering the media


and this is why okay now

you have no idea how many times i have

literally had conversations with

employees of some of these stores and

they're like well well no one's buying

physical media

no one's buying it we're just it's just

sitting there

and i'm like because you're not

promoting it

you're lowering the physical media

section down so much

that it's just getting swallowed up by

everything else

that's why i mean come on man i

i'm i mean of course these stores are


bad sales at times because you're

literally forcing

everybody to go online now and look i do

a lot of

online media shopping i do because quite

frankly the stuff that i buy

more or less is never in the stores

really not because i get a lot of really

niche stuff that these

store just simply don't carry

but even a lot of the

popular stuff you don't see anymore

i mean you see it for a few weeks here

and there and then it's completely gone

swallowed up a lot of these stores are

not good at restocking

anymore and

it seems like overall

they've kind of given up a little bit

now now look i still love doing the out

and abouts

every single week for you guys and i

still love showing off the media or


there is i love showing it off but look

i'm gonna keep it real for you guys i'm


be real here and say that the physical


as far as these stores are concerned you


they're they're they're fighting a

losing battle but they're fighting a

losing battle with themselves

i mean that's the truth i mean

last week i showed you both of those

walmarts that

literally have strength in size for the

physical media i showed you the same


with target and

to me when i hear the complaint about

well they're not buying physical media

i go back to well what are you doing as

a store

to support physical media enough where

people want to buy it

i mean because you have no idea i see

people coming into these stores

looking at the shelves looking for a

title and they just can't find it and

then they leave disappointed

they leave frustrated and they may not

come back to check out the media because

you've let them down maybe once or twice

and why come back when you probably

realize that you're going to be

disappointed yet again

and might as well go online that's why

places like amazon

have have become as popular as they have

and you know us online shopping has

ruled the day because these in stores

just aren't

doing the due diligence now of course it

is slightly getting better

at times there are certain stores that

get a lot of great

media and i love to talk about those

places but then there's other ones that


unfortunately are not doing their job

i mean look i get it in some ways with

the coronavirus it's been tough

this year and you know it's it's just

unfortunately for retail it's been

really tough

but at the end of the day man

it's you just

have to support things you can't just go

ahead and say well no one's buying

physical media

because i go to these stores constantly

and i see people buying stuff

you just have to order smart you have to

know what's going to sell you have to

see the trends

and and you have to

put it out where people are going to

notice it

this this is retail 101 you would think


would know that but well

they don't man i mean what do you

want to say they don't

so yeah i

i see the arguments and i see

people being disappointed and i see what

that woman went through when

when i was about to leave that walmart

and thinking to myself like this

is why nobody is buying physical media

at some of these retail stores

because when you shrink the media down

so much and you don't know what is going

to sell and you don't put out the right


nobody is going to want to buy it you

have to

show off the media you have to not

continue to shrink it that it's

such a micro a micro thing that no one's

going to even want to even go near it

and you have to know itself simple as

that and if you do that

people will buy it but you got to be


got to be smart man these places got to

be smarter man they really honestly do i


let me know what you guys think about

this have you seen some of the trends

what is your opinions of this what

should they do better

let me know man in the meantime well boy

this week

uh well the first walmart really had not

nothing and it is a slow release week so

god knows what the hell we're gonna see

at this target man probably nothing but


geez i hope something well i mean the

only way to find out is to go in so uh

i guess we should check it out all right

everybody we are in at target

and can you believe that they have no

new releases this week whatsoever yep

i think you can take a wild guess that

that was probably

not gonna happen guys no new releases at


i will say this so that that back to the

future exclusive did sell

which is nice and of course they still


all of the only at target exclusive

steel book for the twilight series

wait a minute that didn't sell out

oh my god i'm so shocked twilight didn't

sell out

somebody call an ambulance somebody

called 9-1-1 i'm going to have a heart


oh lord yes that is still here guys

and again there is no new releases

over in this section whatsoever there's

no new releases

over here the same stuff that we've been

been seeing

or here looks like the same stuff on the


as well no

new major revelations over here and all

of that

wonderful disney goodness on one shelf

for all the kitties

all the same stuff but we've seen before


crazy new interesting movies here at


i'm not really shocked to be honest with

you guys not really shocked

at all but is there something we can

see here at least something we haven't

seen yet

and i think we are seeing something over

here that we haven't seen yet now i'm

over in this section

which is just a small area for like


movies but i'm seeing they have

these 10 film collections of best of the


best of the 90s and best of the

double zeros for 44.99

now we have been seeing a little bit


some sort of 10 film collections as of

recent like i showed you with the tom

cruise one and eddie murphy won and

they had the blumhouse thing so now

there's like one that's like the


like film collection ones

very interesting this is the 10 film

collection best of

the 80s volume 2 okay so there was a

value one but now we are on to the


twos here all right

what do they got in this 10 iconic films

from the 80s

so we got the goonies iconic agree

batman okay iconic beetlejuice

the color purple

um colored purple iconic to the 80s

maybe it's a great film so maybe the

neverending story okay iconic

uh poltergeist okay definitely iconic

the outsiders the outsiders is a really

good movie i love the outsiders is the

outsiders iconic

as a film to the 80s

possibly it is possible okay you got

that you got

national lampoon's vacation iconic

you've got gremlins of course very

iconic and

you've got little shop of horrors i

would say

iconic not bad okay this is a good list

this is a really good solid 10 film

collection best of 80s list i would say

it is it's not like the most iconic of

them because this is volume two

apparently volume one there was probably

some more iconic stuff i would imagine


for a volume two this isn't bad most of

them i would say are iconic there's a

couple that are

maybe a little bit questionable but for

the most part that's a good solid

list on this one i would say it is i

would say that has a very good solid


then on to the best of 90s which i'm

very curious of what's going to be

iconic on this one because

i was born in the 80s but i'm definitely

a child of the 90s

for for sure so i am interested to see

what are we going to see on the best of


10 film collection here we got

the matrix okay iconic dumb and dumber

iconic the shawshank redemption okay


friday okay i would say friday's iconic

you got the mask

very good film iconic

okay yeah i would say that goodfellas

easily iconic

austin powers the first one okay

the wedding singer

is is the wedding sing okay i i guess

the wedding singer would be iconic to

the 90s

okay i guess that would make sense uh

rush hour and then unforgiven unforgiven

easily is i guess rush hour is iconic

i never really thought of rush hour's

sort of iconic

90s but i guess when you boil it down

it is iconic and so would be unforgiving

so actually

honestly that's not a bad list it is

with those honestly i'm going to ask you

guys when you look at this list

are those the first films that come to

mind when you think of 90s iconic

i'm curious some of them do but some of


i don't know man i don't know if some of

them really scream like the first round

of like

best of 90s if this was volume 2 maybe

but the first volume not sure

man huh definitely let me know i think

it's a good

list though i do not bad and then

the best of the double zeros which i'm

definitely very interested to see

what is going to be on this list because

to to be honest with you guys

look there is so much great iconic stuff

from the 80s there's a lot of really

great iconic stuff from the 90s

but is there as much iconic stuff from

the double zeros

well i guess we're about to find out so

what is in this list man so

we got the hangover

okay i would say the hangover is

definitely iconic i i would say that

okay we're off to a good start ocean's


would ocean's eleven be iconic

i guess it's a movie that's very well

known very well respected

very popular i guess i guess so

you have the departed which i would say

is very

iconic okay you've got the blind side

is the blind side iconic it's a popular

movie a lot of people like it

iconic i don't know man that that that's

a tough one

it might be might then you've got

best in show which is a great film i

love bad best in show

great comedy but is it is it iconic

that that that would be another

questionable one great film

hard to say iconic uh i am legend

i am legend is not iconic i i'm gonna

push back on i am legend i like the

movie but that's not iconic man

million dollar baby really great movie

could it be iconic possibly letters from

iwo jima

great movie but letter z from iwo jima

is not iconic i wouldn't put that in

iconic status

i really wouldn't then you've got a

history of violence which is a good

movie but i wouldn't i don't know if i'd

call it iconic

and mystic river which is another really

great movie but again

is it iconic i i guess the real question

is what really makes an iconic

movie is really the the truth to all

this guys because

at the end of the day

everybody views iconic status different

from other people

which is the which is the truth like

like me i would think of something

iconic as something very classic

and lasting a long time and it's been in


in in the audience's consciousness for

many many many years and still remains

that way he still remains

in sort of in some sort of pop culture

status like that's

my general consensus with with something

iconic but everybody has a different

definition of it the problem with

the double zeros or even

in the in the 2010s is that

were there any films in these

in both of those decades that would

equal the iconic status of something

from the 80s

or the 90s i don't really think it's so

man i don't really

i don't think so at all man i mean there

are some really great films

in the double zeros i mean there's some

great ones a lot of these movies are

great but are they iconic

that's tough man that really honestly is

tough like i said i like a lot of these


but it's hard to rank in the iconic


department especially when you're

comparing it to 80s and 90s like

this doesn't hold a candle to that man

it's very tough we always talk about

sort of best of the 80s and 90s but i

very rarely see any best of like the


zeros or the 2010s that i can really

agree on

definitely let me know and does and does

these 10 film collection

actually please you guys as far as the

films are concerned

or do you think they fell way short

definitely let me know guys

you do have this at least we saw that

and the other thing i'm seeing

which i know they had here last week but

i didn't show off is that they did have

that 300 4k

which came out a few weeks ago if i'm

not mistaken

but they are carrying it here

which it probably looks really great in

4k to be honest with you probably looks

awesome man the movie's decent

i'm not in love with 300 like everybody

was i remember when this film came out

and everybody was like going

ape over this movie like oh my god

this movie's amazing it's like

this is spa dawg

they were going they were going crazy

over this film and they loved it

i think it was the stylization of the

movie i think it was

the ultra violence and you know just


roided up dudes these loincloth

oiled up guys that are just like like

knifing people and killing people and

screaming in bloody

terror like i guess it just it just it

just was like yeah

those were those were men back in the

day baby you're like okay

but it it was very popular man and it

launched gerard butler's career it's a


movie i kind of look back on it and it's

not as iconic as i think everybody kind

of says it is

it's still good though but it probably

looks really great in 4k man

not bad for all you 300 lovers and

actually not a bad cover

and the same on the inside as well not


unfortunately that seems to be it man i


all the same stuff over here all the

same stuff over there with all the

marvel stuff

uh himself in this section and this


as well yeah a lot of the same stuff

unfortunately nothing really new or

wowing anything at all unfortunately

it's a shame but uh yeah

again all the same stuff

all the things up here all the same

stuff there that i showed you guys

before ah this is target for you

and when it's a slow week you know what

that means guys

all right well hey at least we tried

let's head out okay look i'm not shocked


i'm really not man like i i was really

hoping beyond hope that i'd be wrong

that i was like okay well they may have

one thing that's new

no no no no no no

unfortunately not man this i i look

we've been to two locations

both of them have been frankly awash so

i don't know where this out and about

goes next i don't know what

thing new we'll actually see it's kind

of nice to see at least they had

you know that 10 film collection stuff

that was kind of cool

but other than that yeah not so much man

but uh well it is what it is i think

this week is just one of those weeks

where you sit there and you're like oh

hey yeah

uh the media on the low side

side of things i hope i'm proven wrong

i hope that the back half can be a

little bit more pleasing as far as some

of the new releases and things to talk

about but uh

these first two stores

a little on the weak saw side but um hey

you never know that's why we do the out

and abouts because things can turn

around in an instant

or not well i guess we'll just have to

find out guys

how about we head to the next location

and hopefully see a hell of a lot more

than we've seen so far all right


we are at our third location the second


god i hope we find something in here

that we have not seen yet today

we'll have to find out uh before we do


i gotta talk about a movie trailer with

you guys and

it's kind of unique it's a it's an

upcoming netflix film and it's called

the midnight

sky now this one stars george clooney

and i gotta admit man

you know what's really interesting about

george clooney

is that he was this big time actor a

very popular

was making a ton of movies a ton of tv

and he was just this big

hollywood star and then

over time i've noticed with george

clooney is that he's actually steadily

kind of lessened the workload a lot like

he's not working as much of an actor as

he used to be

he's slowly been doing less and less

work i mean the work that he does

is really good when he ends up actually

deciding to work on a project

but he's very picky and choosy now

and i'm okay with that i just

it's kind it's something that you don't

see all the time usually just big actors

they just continue to work and they

continue to do it and eventually

they sort of run out of steam or fail

enough times and then they get kicked

out by hollywood but george clooney's a

little bit

different than that he sort of is more

picky and choosy now doing a lot of

behind the scenes stuff more than in

front of the camera

but this time around he is in front of

the camera

and this is very interesting so

basically it's about

this guy who is trying to contact

this spaceship in in outer space

that i'm assuming has left to try to

save humanity but then something

has happened on earth that is incredibly


and he is trying to contact them so that

they do not

come down to earth he's trying to warn

them about the conditions that is going


and it's sort of like you know

both sides are losing hope and trying to


believe that that you know

that each other is out there and that

they're still alive and that

you know that even though the hope is

dying that they're still a little bit


left and it's a very unique and

interesting sort of little

movie i mean i like it i like sort of

george clooney and this little girl that

i'm assuming his daughter

and that they're kind of two people that

you know

the girl is trusting him he's trying to

he's trying to protect her but at the

same time trying to maybe

you know try to contact these people and


trying to find hope in a very hopeless


on the other side you have these these

astronauts these people in outer space

and in the in the ship that

that are trying to contact the the

outpost that is trying to

find out what's going on on earth it's

been a few weeks they don't know if

these people are still alive they don't

know what's going on

and they're just right now in limbo so

it's the two sides

struggling with the communication aspect

and i thought it was really unique and


i like the sci-fi aspects i like the


it kind of reminds me of almost like the

day after tomorrow

meets gravity

it kind of does it has a very unique

interesting flavor

i like sir george clooney's really long

beer like he's been there for a long

time man and clearly there is no shaving


so it kind of has a post-apocalyptic

natural disaster feel

with sort of a space exploration movie

it's got some good vibes to it the

acting seems really good

i like the high intensity i like the


i think this can be a good one man it's

not very showy and

actiony it's not you know like

a roland emmerich movie or something but

i think it could be a really good little

very interesting sci-fi drama flick

i think it does and george clooney's a

really good actor

and the projects he's picking when he

does pick him i think he does a good job

man so

this one could be unique i don't know

whether this was supposed to come to

theaters or not

i don't know if this is another case of

like the coronavirus and

a studio was just selling off the movie

it's possible

but damn it looks good man and so i'm on


the visuals look great they they look

stunning and haunting

i i'm on board the visual effects look

cool so

yeah looks like a really good one and i

like some good space exploration

sort of sci-fi movies i really do

this one could be a winner guys it looks

really good and definitely let me know

what you think of that trailer

in the meantime well let's head into the

second walmart

man this has been a bus we haven't

really seen anything and god knows what

we'll see here but

um guess we'll just go and find out

all right guys i am in at the second

walmart location and i'm gonna be real

with you guys i'm gonna be very honest

with you right now

they are so wiped full of product i mean


literally have nothing to show off and i


nothing guys the front

location that's

really bad man that has totally been

nothing is there

literally nothing it's completely wiped

holy man and the side area

is getting pretty bad too

yeah that's pretty rough man i mean

literally nothing new to show off

this walmart doesn't even have the back

to the future stuff

man at all and not even really the

tremor stuff they didn't even get

any of that stuff and this is the second

walmart that usually has

way better selection than the first

location that i go to

and at least the first location has

tremors and back the future

wow man this place literally has nothing


i am so shocked by this dude i really

honestly am it's it blows my mind dude i

mean usually the second walmart is so

much better than this but really not

this time around man which is a real


i mean they do have you know some of the

stuff but these are a lot of older

titles and all this stuff but other than


they got nothing it's a freaking dead

zone in here man

a real shame but yeah

i was hoping for a little bit better but

man this week is rough i think for every


yeah sorry guys but this place is a bust

as well

i mean and on top of that

fly collection that sold too i mean i

understand it because

i mean it's the fly collection of course

they sold but i mean

hell they even ran out of that man

they're running out of a lot of stuff


and this this this walmart location is

really getting rough dude

hope they change it around but this week

bad man well it's uh

oh for three let's hope the fourth


has some luck we interrupt this video

for some late breaking news

more walmart drama i

yes more walmart drama guys look i don't


out of my way to have drama it just


i swear to you guys

so just after filming at the second

location at the second walmart

i was ready to pack it up and go because

i was like okay there was nothing there

and guess who stops me the assistant

manager who told me to get out

the first time okay she was there with

another younger female employee i assume

it's another

assistant manager or somebody else i

guess they wanted somebody there

in case maybe i was hostile or something

i i have no idea man

but both of them were there and both of

them confronted me and

they said look uh we talked to you


you cannot film at the second location

you can't do it

and we talked to the store manager and

the store manager has said hey uh you

can't film

sorry i'm not allowed allowed to or i

will be

kicked out so

here's the gist of it guys now

the walmart policy about people filming

is actually manager discretion

it's basically up to the store manager

to say whether you are allowed to film

or not allowed to film now

that's why i have a very easy time at

the first walmart location

filming like i do because i've talked to

the store manager

we've talked we've you know have an


and it's all good for the most part

but this store manager she

really doesn't like me and i mean really

i don't know

what i did guys i don't know if i

if i pissed in her cereal if i on

her lawn like

like like uh seriously i have no idea

man um but she does not like me man and

and again what i don't understand

is that you would think this is

promotion for walmart it's promotion for

the brand

for the stores to say hey look this is

what they have

and yeah when they have a bad week i

will point it out just like i have in

the video here i'm going to point it out

because i'm not going to mince words

here i'm going to be honest because i've

always told you guys that i'm going to

be honest with you

and so i'm i'm just not going to mince


you know but she just doesn't like me

filming she i don't she thinks it's a

violation or something and and i'm

doing something terrible or wrong again

i'm not filming customers i'm not

filming employees

i'm not vandalizing property i'm not


anything like that but apparently i am

public enemy number one

i seem to always be public enemy number

one now don't i

ah but yes guys so what i'm gonna do

from now on as i've sort of told you

guys before because in previous weeks

i took the dvds and blu-rays home with

me here

and then i filmed them here showing you

the titles

talking about them and then bringing

them back to walmart

so that's what i'm going to do from now

on i'm still going to try to film

in that second walmart from time to time

just me

sort of talking and saying hey there's a

few titles here worth checking out

or hey there's nothing here and then i

cut back to home and we

just look at the media the media and

i'll tell you the prices and all that


uh this is how it's gonna have to be


again um in fact what's crazy enough

actually is that now the first time when

that assistant manager came up to me i

told you guys that she was incredibly

rude to me she was yelling at me she was

berating me

this time around actually she was really


honestly i mean swear to god she was

actually just very soft-spoken

approached me in a non-threatening way

and was just very easy going with me

which was totally the opposite of what

she was before

and she even said that she got

complaints that came in from walmart so

the complaint that i put in the

complaints that you guys had put in as

well to or

1-800 walmart they actually got to the


so it actually i well i won't say it

made a difference because clearly

i can't film in that second location but

actually what it did was i

i guess kind of reinforced that there is

a fan base out there of people like you

who are

passionate about this channel who

actually went out of their way

to to send a message to them

and they got them guys so that's great

unfortunately it doesn't help in the

long run

hate to say it but this is how corporate

world works they don't want to have

uh somebody show off the media even

though like i said i'm not getting paid

by walmart or any of these stores

i i don't get any promotional stuff from


i i'm basically doing this

free of my own time of my own gas money

because i love showing off the media and


youtube actually i think with youtube to

be honest with you

there's been a lot of things where it's

been either

uh you know the people of walmart videos


you know people fighting in walmart or

doing pranks and i think

all of that all those bad apples

eventually ruined

good youtubers like myself and many

others who

who are not out to hate on anybody or do

anything bad

we just wanted to show off the media and

unfortunately we get caught in the


and that's what happens and look i've

tried to talk with

with uh the manager at that second

walmart i've tried to

i tried tried to appeal to her and

there's no appealing to her whatsoever

guys there's literally

nothing i can do at this point and i

wish i could i wish i could literally

talk to that manager and say hey look

you can review the footage that i do you

know you can even have a

representative be right next to me if

you want while i film i don't care i'm

fine with it i'm cool with

whatever but unfortunately

not the case man and so it's just

that's out of my hands out of my control

but that's what i'm gonna do from now on


so any extra any extra movies or

anything that that second walmart has

i will come home and fill and film it

i've already done it for a couple weeks

but uh there hasn't been really anything

to show off so i kind of backed off of


but now it's back on so i want to let

you guys know

what's going to happen from now on in

the videos going forward

with that second walmart again not my

doing man

i i want to film in there i want to film

i want to show you guys the media and

then be on my way

but uh this manager and all of the other

people they just don't like me

i've told you guys that multiple times

and some of you have been like

well i don't think they really hate you

i mean it looks like they don't you're

filming in there

look every time i filmed in that second

walmart i've literally always had to

look over my shoulder

because i never knew who was coming or

what was gonna happen or if i was gonna

get in

in trouble and well now you guys know


so going forward that's what will happen

but i just wanted to let you guys know

i want to keep it real with you guys so

that's what's going on but um

if we don't see much of the second

walmart anymore and i'm always filming


movies at home well now you get the

complete picture

all right hope you guys understand sorry

for the the interruption

the video itself has been well

unfortunately not a lot of media to show


but that is going to change i promise


more walmart drama

never ends all right guys

back to the video all right we are in

at best buy and it looks like we're

actually seeing something here not

really a new release exactly well

well last week it was and that is the 4k

ultra hd

blu-ray digital only at best buy

exclusive steel book edition baby i

cannot believe we're seeing this

this is so cool man 64.99 is the price

and look at this bad boy man

oh my god very different from this cover

right here

i actually really like this cover man if

you kind of see it

it's got marty in the present day it's

got biff

who is in the future and it's got doc

brown that's

in the old wild west version

very nice look at that oh my god and

the wonderful luscious steel books right

here look at that

oh so cool that is nice

oh that's so good man look at that sweet

and they kind of look like this

right on on the inside man so it's all

with the delorean but the delorean

is in pieces but in different time

periods oh that's so cool look at that

oh my god dude after last week when i

did not see it here

and they told me that it sold out really

quick and they didn't get many copies i

thought that we would never

see this in stores i literally thought

okay we're

this is just a lost cause we're never

gonna see this

and i am so happy to be wrong look at


this is so cool man i'm so happy i got

to see this

look at this steelbook love man

oh so good so so good

oh my god i i've i've told you how much

i love this trilogy and i

i really do man this this trilogy is


the great acting the great storytelling

the visual effects the the classic

and and timeless and memorable

characters everything about this is


and this is an awesome set

i mean the steelbooks look really cool

the box looks awesome

i gotta admit the box here at this best

buy though it does look a little bit

beat up

like there is some like dented in

corners and everything it looks

kind of rough but honestly i could just

probably order this online or something

and it'd be fine but

because i might get a better one because

i think people have kind of handled this

quite quite a bit so it's now kind of a


dented and messed up but

dude if you love back to the future if

you love steelbooks and i know so many

of you do

this is an amazing addition my god dude

that is awesome

this is so awesome to see this like i

said i was not prepared to actually see

it in

the actual store but just seeing it in


it looks gorgeous man and again

i've heard nothing but good things about

the 4k so it looks absolutely

stunning most likely and again the steel


are beautiful baby oh my god so cool to

see that

that was a really really surprise i

didn't think we were actually going to

see this man but

just go goes to show that sometimes they

may not have it on release week

but patience does pay off

full proof on that one baby not bad

other than that some of the same stuff

that we've seen

over here same same stuff as usual not

nothing really crazy but again

so cool to see that back to the future

trilogy steelbook set

very very cool man not bad at all

well let's hope there's more to see

and then over on this side guys

i'm seeing a couple of releases worth

talking about and actually one

is literally staring me right in the


face holy guys i can't believe i'm

seeing it

wow uh holy

the rambo 4k complete

steelbook collection i believe this is

the steelbook collection

for a 94.99 for pretty much 95 bucks

look at this thing holy

this thing is massive wow man look at


let's see if i can try to pick this

thing up wow

wow this thing is gigantic man look at

that beautiful

look at that the art over there wow

oh that's nice that's nice

that is sweet look at that oh

oh so good oh my god let's see about

up the steel books oh

man look at that

first blood first blood part two ramble


rambo and ramble last blood look at that

oh that is awesome awesome

oh so cool look at that

and i believe this is actually one of

these is actually like

it's i believe it's like a tin set

actually it's like

in a tin it's not like a flimsy plastic

or anything it's like the tin

oh that's really cool man look at that

oh that is so awesome

i actually didn't think we were actually

going to see it this week i mean i know

it came out this week

but i totally didn't think we were

actually going to see it

oh man oh this is nice

this is as i would probably say with

anything i really love like

this is tasty this is definitely tasty

oh my god oh that's so cool

oh man that's so awesome that they have

this set man this is

this is amazing wow

i did look at that rambo oh that is so


god damn man this is like a best buy

exclusive i believe man they make some

really great

best buy exclusives holy

dude okay so you want to know what man

i do really enjoy the ramble series i


love the ramble series to be honest with

you guys but i do

really enjoy it man

the first rambo film first blood is


classic it's an amazing absolutely

amazing rambo movie

it's to me it's probably the most

classic out of all of the rambo films

and it's not really even much of an

action film it's more of actually like a


about this sort of vietnam vet coming

back trying to

you know say his goodbyes to you know

one of his former army

people who passed on i believe and

the sheriff just continues to with

the guy i mean i honestly he's just

trying to pass through town and the

guy's with him and it's just

like he bargained with way more than he

could have ever thought

and man it's such a really great

movie dude it really is and then and

then you kind of get to

rambo you kind of get to ramble part two

and then like part three and they're

very much like full-on

80s action movies like 80s access like

so much

like gore and blood and ridiculous kills


the body counts you know like massive


and it was such a especially those two

are so different movies

from where

the first blood movie was almost like a

completely different franchise but

stallone owns those roles i mean i like

part two

more than i like part three like part

three is

way more ridiculous and a little bit

over the top like part two

well part two is just crazy ridiculous

anyways but

i like the story a little bit more in

that one so it's a little bit better

and then after part three i mean for

three didn't do so hot at the box office

unfortunately so

kind of like stop for a while and then

they did

rambo baby rambo he was back man

i believe was like fighting

the soldiers in burma i believe he was


and let me tell you something man the

i'm telling you

i didn't go see in the theater and the

reason why i even saw was my friend john

literally came to me and said dude you

have to watch this movie

it is brutal like it is the most brutal

rambo movie you have ever seen and i'm

like i'm like

come on how old is stallone he's

he's he's brutal as

old ramble come like get get get the

out of here man

and honestly i'm so glad that i took

john's advice because

rambo in in the fourth one is the best


like he is mowing down

constantly man i mean especially the

last last

half hour we missed or something like my

god it's like a full-on kill fest i mean

it's ridiculous man i mean he's

literally like

practically ripping spines out of people

he's on that turret gun he's like

and he's like he's like and he's

and he's just like ripping people in

half man with like the

the bullets i'm like my god man it's


so amazing man it's it's really

fantastic it's an

awesome movie and it was like it was

like i couldn't believe what i was


i was like like in heaven like it was

the best ramble film of all time man

and i thought it was going to end there

because at the end of the last one he

actually kind of came home

which i thought okay kind of is fitting

he's back home now after

you know couldn't really go home at the


of the the first film and he didn't

really have a place to call

his own and now he's back kind of felt


and then they ended up doing the last

rambo film which is called the last



i wasn't i i didn't outright hate the

movie but i'm not

i didn't know where i love it i just

kind of felt like

rambo was especially after like the last

one like him being badass i felt he was

kind of like a

a a little bit i mean not that he

was bad or anything but it's like

i felt like i mean he was going up

against the mexican cartel which i felt

was kind of actually

an interesting take of like rambo going

up against the cartel

like they didn't really know what they

were up against and then

and then he kind of he's kind of out of


shape and they they beat the out of

him and then

sort of he's like okay he comes back to

be an old rambo he's he's building these

tunnels he's killing these people it's


mass death all over the place and

i like some of the death scenes

especially like the end for the main bad

guy i think he

if i'm not mistaken i think he pulls the

heart out

he rips his heart out or something and

i'm like okay that's that that's a

really great

rambo kill okay i'll give him that man

you know but i felt the movie was

kind of lackluster for a rambo film to

be honest with you

mind you i didn't see the unrated cut

and i kind of probably have to rewatch

that ram bramble film to kind of

maybe see if i truly you know what i

truly think about it

but i just felt like it was kind of

lacking to me especially for like the

last rambo film

but you know with these with these

franchises and everything

uh the end is not truly the end as you

guys very well know

but i think for me like if i had to rank

him i would be like

rambo then i would be first blood

then i would be first blood part two

then i would be

rambo three and then rambo last blood

that's where my head is at

i don't know what you guys think

definitely let me know but this is

an amazing box that oh my god look at

this thing this thing is

killer guys holy man

the artwork on here is amazing like i

said it's a tin set

so it looks amazing man

i love the designs on here and again you

get all of these really great

steels right right here man and i've

seen the design of them

i've seen them online and the design of

all the steel books is amazing it looks

fantastic man it looks absolutely

stunning this is this is amazing it

truly honestly is man if you're a rambo


this is honestly a must buy they're all

in 4k comes with all the special

features previously

uh deleted scenes feature ads audio

commentary all that jazz

it it's oh my god man this thing is


oh my god dude like if every franchise

got the treatment of like the steelbook

treatment that would be amazing

i mean for 95 bucks it seems like a lot

but you're getting

five movies they're all in 4k they're

all exclusive best buy steel books

and you get all the special features as

well so really 95 dollars

is really not bad honestly if you truly

think about it

not bad at all man this thing is oh my

god dude

this this thing is making me wet


it is and i i oh my god man this

is amazing for a stallone fan for a

ramble fan

this has got to be one of the biggest

must buys

i've ever seen in my life man oh my god


rambo stallone

steel book baby and then i'm seeing over

here they have the

blu-ray digital of friendsgiving

for 14.99

oh boy oh okay so look i watched this on

amazon prime

now i actually wasn't really looking

forward to watching this thing

only because

you know from the trailer and and

everything it kind of looks

shmaltzy and over the top and ridiculous

and very disposable and i'm like oh my


do i really have to watch this no no to

be fair i didn't have to watch it okay


i didn't have to i watched it because

well it was one of the bigger releases

of the week and i figured

might as well give it a shot so i can

talk about it for you guys

and like i said i was prepared to really

not like this i mean

truth be told there is some really good

actors in here i mean male and ackerman

kat dennings aisha taylor chris


taylor um jane seymour

i mean there is some really good people

wanda sykes margaret show i mean there

is good people here so it's not like

there's really bad actors in here

exactly it just

kind of felt probably like it was just

gonna not be

something that i would like

but after watching this and i'm gonna be

honest with you guys

i really like this movie i know you guys

are thinking really he likes

friendsgiving but truth be told

i actually really do man

and you thought family was complicated


okay so basically what this movie is

about is it's about

it's about these two friends male and

ackerman and kat dennings who are in

different opposite

parts of their lives you know one has a


and another one is out of a relationship

and they both have had a lot of

hardships and trying to

bounce back on things in life and they

figure we're going to have a really

great thanksgiving together with friends

and loved ones

and we're going to make it a really good

time and it turns into a complete and


chaotic thanksgiving full of

just wild hijinks that end up happening

okay so look

with a premise like that you think okay

this is just

it's just gonna be like a schmaltzy


movie it's not gonna be really all that

funny and it's just going to be kind of

over the top and

really just painfully unfunny and

painfully disposable

but honest with you guys honestly the


it really did surprise me man i thought

it was really funny

i thought the acting was really well

done i like the hijinks and i really


the relationship with the characters

because it took their time with them

and i think that's why some of the funny

moments actually work because you get to

know these characters

you get to know their situations you get

to understand why they do

what they do and

and it just seems to get more crazy and

more ridiculous the more you go along

with it

it's just one thing on top of another oh


her crazy mother is there and then her

and then her her weird axe that wants

her back and then her sort of fling that


dealing with it's suddenly like like

this crazy weird hippie and then kev

dennings is trying to go on these dates

with these girls during thanksgiving and

and just trying to refine love again and

and it's just sort of these complicated

situations that just keep getting wilder

and more ridiculous

the longer the movie goes on

but the friendship is really great

between those two it really is and you

feel the friendship you feel

that that they're like family and

it all works man it all really honestly

works and

i was surprised man seriously like i i

went into this movie thinking this is

gonna be like some really romantic

disposable piece of trash

and it was anything but i actually

really enjoyed the movie

i thought like i said the actors were

really really funny they were

relatable i think the comedy works

i think the friendship works i think the

dramatic elements do i think you feel

for for the characters

it surprised me it really did i mean


i don't like a lot of these schmaltzy

movies okay to be fair i really don't i


some of them i do like like a movie like

steel magnolias

i really enjoy i think steel magnolias

is actually really a great

great warm-hearted movie really well

done the comedy works the friendships

everything does really well well

with that movie and then you have a

movie like bad moms

or bad moms christmas well those movies

are not terrible but to me

i wasn't really into them i thought this

was going to be more like a bad mom

situation or something but

to be real with you guys this actually

was much better than that and

i'm not saying all you are going to go

out and watch this movie or even

or even be interested in it but

for something for maybe like the ladies

out there or for your girlfriends or if

you just want a really nice little

friendship style romantic movie

with a little comedy mixed in


is actually pretty darn good

and when i started the movie i really


thinking it was going to be like that


i guess that's why you give movies a

chance because you never quite know what

you're going to watch

and honestly surprise surprise surprise

and actually another big surprise here

is kat dennings i actually really like

cat dennings in here and i know a lot of


like her from the thor movies

or two broke girls truth be told i've

never really seen any of the two bro


show but i did really like her in a

movie that i don't know many people

really know much about

and that is nick and norah's infinite


which is a really fantastic movie really


well done i really like that look she's

cool in there

she she's always sort of been the side

chick she hasn't really been most of

like the leading lady

but here she's very relatable and funny

and i think she does a good job in here


it's really really good surprise

surprise of all things man

friendsgiving who'da thought and then

i'm also seeing they have the blu-ray

dvd digital of my hero academia heroes


and the exclusive best buy steelbook for

27.99 here

now mind you i've told you guys before i

don't really know much about anime but i

want to show it off to you guys just in

case you're into them so that you guys

know they're out there

i've heard of my hero academia i've

heard of the title

but i've never actually seen anything

about it

the number one hero anime that shook the

box office

really that shook the box office

even during coronavirus

okay maybe it came out a long ways

before then i don't know

fight villains say people win together

it kind of looks cool

again i

anime is not really my forte but

my girlfriend is sort of urging me to

get into it more and she has suggested

stuff and

she's kind of even hinted that she might

bring stuff over for like a movie night

so i'm like okay

i guess i guess i guess i'm gonna get on

the train one way or another but

okay and actually the steelbook actually

kind of kind of looks cool too

yeah again not my thing but eventually i

have a feeling i'm gonna get into it

more and more guys trust me i have a

surefire feeling about it

but honestly not bad this week i mean

some exclusive steelbook love i mean

hello rambo this thing looks amazing my

gum is so amazing and finally seeing


i mean the other places were a complete

bus but finally best buy at least


and that's not half bad all right thank

god we found something to show off

let's head out i mean honestly

we really did save the best for the last

man we really did because

we didn't really find much anywhere else

so this

is was well literally our last stand i

was like

this is our last turn

it wasn't like i was i was ready to

charge in here like like a general

only thing like okay this better have

some media to show off man really like

oh god hope so and they actually

did thank the lord it is a

slow release week okay and most of this


probably is more online than it is in


so i was just like oh my god and and it

really is true like there was not much

to show off this week

at all man and at least best buy


it's the beast the beast comes through

nine times out of ten the beast comes

through for for me it really does and

this week boy they definitely delivered

seeing that back to the future steelbook


seeing the rambo steelbook collection

that is

amazing man and seeing a couple of the

new releases as well

not half bad man not bad this week i

mean well

actually it is pretty bad let's be real

man not much to show off but

here delivered finally

thank god we saw something and uh

not half bad always happy for best buy


always always happy man always deliver

for me

thank the lord all right man

at least something redeemed this video

how about we head home

and finish the video all right everybody

that'll do it for the blu-ray and dvd

out and about video this weekend

oh man that was rough

wow that was really

really rough guys and i apologize

and and i know what you guys are going

to say because well south it's not your

fault and

you know you could have never known and

this is true i just

i want to show you guys as much media as

humanly possible and this week man was


one hell of a dry spell

and i've always told you guys that there

is going to be certain weeks

within a month that might be less

plentiful than others

but my god this week was really bad man

and thankfully next week is going to be

a little bit of a bounce back there's

some really interesting movies worth

checking out and talking about

and i'm thankful for that

but also

i'm really thankful that this was really

the only

really truly slow and not much media to

show off week that i've seen in quite a

long time

because you know when the coronavirus

really started and happened and

movie theaters were shut down and there

was no media really coming out

and i was sitting there thinking to

myself oh my god we're going to have

weeks and weeks and weeks long stretches

we're just not gonna see any media in

any of these stores and there's just

gonna be nothing to talk about nothing

to show off and gonna be

really huge amounts of dry spells going


and thankfully that was never really the

case because there was always something


always some interesting indie titles or


straight to streaming thing that finally


on physical media and there's always

something unique to show off

and that was a really great

thing that i loved to see the and it was

a really great gift for physical media

lovers because you know you almost felt

like you were ready for physical media

to practically die at that point and

this is really the first week

at least for me in a long time where i

felt like i could really feel the

influence of

the pandemic and not much media to show

off really finally hitting these

stores and it was just

it was just a barren week man it really

was i mean mind you there was still

stuff that came out but not really much

within the stores and that was

a real shame i mean i'm just thankful

that there will be a bounce back and i'm

just thankful that

this is one week out of

many many weeks where we could have seen

literally no media whatsoever

so if it's a really slow and not much

meaning to show off week hey

i'll take it because it could have been

honestly over these past

weeks much much worse so

it was rough but could have been way

rougher man

but i hope you guys picked up something

good this week i mean i like i said

there was stuff that came out but not

exactly in the store so if you found

something good

definitely let me know man and as far as

i'm concerned well

i got a few patches in the mail man and

the first package that i got is actually

one from

diabolic dvd yes they

they love me what can i tell you

this is actually a underwater horror


now it's actually a horror flick that i

know about

i've heard of it i know the name i've

seen the trailer i've even seen maybe a

little bit of bits and pieces of it

but i've never actually seen the full

thing and i've even referenced it in

in previous videos and

it's it's it's one that is in the same

vein as something like leviathan or even

uh the recent underwater like some

really really great

underwater horror flicks that are out

there and this is among them that people

really talk about

it just came out in a like great

collector's edition release and i was

like you know what i'm gonna give this

thing a chance man

put in the collection i love some great

underwater horror

so this is right up my alley man so i'm


looking forward to checking this bad boy

out man

and then the next thing i got was


royal mail uh uk

royal mail and from 101 films

great company i bought stuff from them

in the past and

this is another underwater horror flick

you can kind of see the theme a little

bit man i think you probably can

now this is not like the previous one

that i got from diabolic because this is

actually quite different it's not really

any sort of

monster or entity or anything it's

actually basically about

you know sex money

greed and murder all wrapped up into one

and i've heard about this movie

i i've just never actually seen it and

it came out not too long back in a great

addition by

101 films and i figured why the hell not

man i mean

it looks really cool i i love the

trailer and on top of that man some

really great big stars that were really

young back in the day

so it's nice little interesting

underwater horror flick man not bad

again definitely give this one a chance

and last but certainly not least a


from ronan flix now

this is not an underwater horror flick i

know i it's not three for three it's

you know it's only two for three but

this is actually one of the more recent

horror flicks to come out in the last

like year or so

and i remember when this got released

and i was talking about it during the

out and about

that week that it came out i really

loved it and i

praised this movie because i thought it

was a really awesome

new age horror flick that really needed

to be seen

and when it came out it only came out in


and i really loved the movie and i

thought well should i buy the dvd

or should i wait for maybe in some

future time period that there was

actually gonna be a blu-ray and i

decided to wait

thinking that okay i'm probably gonna

wait forever because there's probably


gonna be a blu-ray of this considering

that there's a lot of horror flicks that

are on dvd that never come on blu-ray

but that wasn't the case because ronin


actually saved it from just being on dvd

into blu-ray and exclusive blu-ray

and i had to get it man because i really

love this

flick it's it's a really great sort of


clown haunted house flick and

i just really ate this up i loved it i

thought it was really brutal i thought

it was atmospheric

creepy and everything i wanted out of a

horror flick

and it really is one of the better

modern ones i've seen in a while and so

i definitely wanted to

eventually get on blu-ray and my wish

was finally granted so i got that

some interesting sort of clownage

haunted house flick

um interesting uh

money drug sex murder underwater horror

and a monster underwater horror flake

ah very interesting very nice the last

three pickups for the month of october

but you guys are not going to find out

exactly what i picked up until my

blu-ray pickles video which will drop

next month it'll show off all of the

titles that i picked up for the month of


and i gotta admit to you guys this is

the october is great man i mean i picked

up some really awesome flicks man

uh collectors editions limited editions


out of print love retro titles 80s 90s

70s uh some really great flicks man i

found some stuff

you know region b in the uk stuff here

in the states

um some oddball titles man i i always

pick up some interesting stuff

october is no exception man so

definitely stay tuned to that

and also within the next i would say two

or three weeks

i will also be putting out my september

blu-ray pickup video that is coming

right around the corner as well

so give it another two or three weeks

you'll definitely see that video

and also getting back into a little bit


movie review love on a

live action disney flick that um we've

been meaning to review for a while now

so i there is some more videos coming

and also by the way we did put out our

really fantastic

halloween horror movie playlist part two


where we dived into yet another video

where we picked

ten horror flicks each start the day


to end the night with and all the core

goodness in

between me john van we did a really


uh horror movie playlist video it's on

the channel now we had a blast filming


and some of you guys have said how much

you've really loved the the video and

thank you so much we we had a ball

making it and if you haven't checked

that video out

definitely do it guys uh it was really

really fun so there is

definitely some content on the way

and uh some some good things are coming

and before i let you guys go

i wanted to talk about something that


really big news over the

end of last week throughout the weekend

i want to thank one of my subscribers

for bringing it to my attention big

paulie thanks a lot man i really

appreciate it

he first told me but then i saw so many

news articles through facebook about it


i was like wow this is kind of nutty and

crazy and i can't believe that it was

even being considered

so there was a news story that came out

that basically uh

the next bond movie no time to die

was being shopped around on streaming


like seriously was being shopped around


uh there was this huge bidding war

uh netflix and apple tv

and god knows how many other streaming

services was little literally vying for

this movie

i heard the figure was somewhere up

above like 600 million dollars

maybe more and i

was like oh my god like literally

they're they're thinking of bringing

bond to streaming

wow i was shocked i mean thankfully

they sort of backtracked and was like oh

no we're going to put it in the movie


we're not going straight to streaming

but just

the possibility of it

was wild and i think a lot of people

said and i truly agree with them that if

bond were to have gone to a streaming

service doesn't matter what it was

apple tv or netflix or hulu

you name it didn't matter wherever it

went if that were to have happened

that would have been the end of cinema

as we know it

that would have been the end of movie

theaters the end of the experience

done because if bond can go to a

streaming service then anything can


and you know i thought about this

and i said well even the fact that it

was even

talked about even the fact that the

company was shopping the film around

really tells you something honestly

really does guys

because yes you know there's gonna be a

lot of these articles written about oh

well they were never gonna actually do

it and of course it's going to go

to theaters and it's going to save the

theater industry

but i don't know how many articles are

being written about the fact that

that it was being considered is truly an


of how bad the movie theater industry is

right now and how badly it really is


the fact that the studio decided that

they are going to

to try to take a gamble on streaming

over movie

theaters and that they could get a wider

audience and

and a better push for their movie

through that format

boy that's a lot man that that really


because think about it this way okay

think about

this right so when the the pandemic was

really starting to happen

and all of these you know

uh movies were starting to move to

different dates

you had trolls world tour that

universal decided that they're gonna put

it directly on streaming they're not


they're not gonna move the release date

to another time frame they're just gonna

release it

and if you remember they had all of

those movie theaters and the movie

theater association they were just like

oh we are gonna get universal we're

gonna get those those

p people i can't believe that they

screwed us over

and you know they're supposed to be nice

to us and everything like that and it

was it was a

all-out frenzy against universal and

they released it

on streaming services and guess what it

actually made a decent amount of money

it actually did and universal was

shocked and a lot of

these movie critics and people were

shocked that actually made a decent

chunk of change through streaming


and you know universal was praising that

and saying hey we made a decent amount

of money

and you know they got to have

entertainment at home and it worked out


and then others followed you had a scoob

that went to streaming services and

scoob didn't do

too bad and


and they did all right and so okay it's


completely bad i mean it's not great

money but it's not

it's not bad then you had

other heavy hitters you had bill and ted

face the music

go on streaming services and they did

really well

through streaming they the numbers are

really good for them

you also have mulan that big great

uh you know live action disney remake


came onto the streaming service that was

a huge gamble

because when disney did that that was

basically like

a huge like shot gunshot right to the


of movie theaters basically they were


they're like they were gunning they were

saying look we're gonna put out a

big movie that could have been good in

movie theaters but you know what since

we've got our own streaming service why

why are we gonna why are we gonna

with you when we could with our own

street streaming service and still make

money and get 100 of the profits just

makes kind of sense right

and even though we'll never know the


complete numbers on what mulan made i

can only guess that they probably made a

decent chunk of change on that

truth be told could they have made mario

through movie theaters

maybe but because we're living in the

world of covet and the coronavirus

and you know there's such unknown stuff

going on with movie theaters

disney said we're just not gonna do it

man and now disney is moving soul

that animated movie to disney plus and

there's other movies that have

followed the streaming service sort of

rules that have you know tried their

hand at it

movies like antebellum and other films

as well


bond man bond the fact that bond was

even considering it

says a lot about movie theaters it says

that that the confidence in movie

theaters is just

not there man it literally is just not


there is no confidence in them not not

at this point man

there really isn't now what's

interesting is that actually

some movie theaters have actually opened

in new york state our governor

has finally given permission to allow

these movie theaters to start to open up

so a couple of regals opened up

um you know i have a movie tavern in my

area that opened up as well

but what's interesting is there was a

news crew that went the

first couple days to the regal and what

they found

was that uh the majority of movie


in in the big sort of movie theater

complex that

is in sort of the mall that i usually go

to most of those were empty

and the one that did have people either

had one to four people

in there and that's it

that is it guys literally

there right now is

not the demand to go to the movie


like people think there is all these

movie studios right now

are hoping literally hoping

beyond hope that that there will be a


come spring of next year or summer of

next year for these movies

because if not what are these movie

studios going to do

i mean seriously moving black widow

moving the next fast and the furious

movie i

you know moving all of these other

movies uh quiet place part two

uh top gun maverick uh and many many


to next year shooing them next year

because they're they they realize like

we we we can't open it now we can't we

can't put any movies out

right now in in theaters there's not as

many open right now

and there's no demand to go we're we're

not seeing the numbers we want to see so

literally they're stuck

they are literally stuck they don't know

what to do

and so they're just hoping that that the

coronavirus and the fears

will actually be subsided by springtime

or summer

to get the customer confidence back

and that's what movie theaters are

hoping to because let me tell you


if we're still in in

late spring early summer

still very worried about this pandemic

and still are

in the in the throes of like wanting to

stay home and wanting to quarantine and

not wanting to go out places

it doesn't matter how good the movies

are they're just not good people and i'm

not gonna go

and so what does that mean for movie

studios that means looking for different

avenues to put their movies out

and there's only one option really and

that's streaming

and movie theaters are worried they're


and they know that

that their success is only based on

controlling the virus at this point

and customer confidence and if they

can't get those two correct

then they're done and streaming is

literally coming

in the side saying saying whispering in

these studios they're saying hey by the


you know people are home and

they can stream stuff they have big tvs

and good sound systems and they don't

need the movie theaters and just give

your movies to us

sell them to us you'll still

make the profit and we make profit and

people still get to see

your your movies it's a win-win

movie theaters are in a tough jam man

and they

they are in dire need and seeing bond

being this close to going to a streaming


says a lot more about the dire need

that's going on with movie theaters and

does anything else

it really does i i'll definitely let me

know what you guys think i'm dying to

know man

very curious on that one and i hope you

enjoyed the video if you did definitely

give it a thumbs up let me know

what you thought of the video uh let me

know if you guys

got any pickups and i appreciate every

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that's what you mean as well alright

guys i will see you back next week for a

brand new blu-ray

and dvd outing ball for you take

everybody and happy hun