COLD 🥶 Front in Florida 🌴 | What is it Like???

so what's a cold front like in South

Florida in the winter well we have a

cold front that came through yesterday

and it's gonna last a couple days today

the high was about 75 degrees Fahrenheit

right now it's 70 degrees Fahrenheit and

in the nighttime it gets all the way

down close to into the 50s so great

sleeping weather and I got my skull cap

on and I have a hooded sweatshirt on I

still my flip-flops on

but today during the day especially in

the morning when it was still in the 60s

and even at the height of the day when I

got into the low 70s people were coming

in the stores with their winter jackets

on with scarfs on because for many of

the people who've been in Florida for

several years or grew up here this is a

cold front and for people who grew up

somewhere else like me I grew up in New

Jersey 37 years I lived in New Jersey

past two years I moved to Florida for me

it's it almost puts a smile on my face

to say that I'm faced with a cold front

and cold weather is the low 70 degrees

and again at night it does get down

close to the into the 50s at night it

will only last for a couple days and

then we're back into the 80s for the

high and probably 60s at night for the

low so low humidity here in the winter

in Florida the humidity dissipates so

you don't have to worry about that

pretty much at all from late November

into April humidity is really not a

factor at all as far as like smothering

heat or anything like that when it's hot

it's just nice so I want to give you

some perspective you know because again

for me it's a very much an encouragement

that a cold front I have to deal with is

70 degrees and I don't say that like you

know being spiteful or being trying to

make people jealous I'm sharing with you

because for me I would view this as

inspiration when I lived in New Jersey

and the winter would come in the

December or whatever it was and be

thirty degrees as the high and you know

in the dead of the winter February March

you know you can get all the way down to

negative negative below zero so for me I

want to share this with you because it's

part of a lifestyle it's part of an

environment that you put yourself in in


where you don't have to deal with a cold

front ever again and a cold front is

putting on your hooded sweatshirt and a

skullcap you know like everything in

life there's trade-offs right the summer

is very hot in Florida and there is a

hurricane season that you have to be

cautious of however like I've said many

times you know during those months

August and even September that's when

you should plan to take a vacation to

maybe get out of the heat and to try to

avoid hurricane season as much as

possible but however nothing is perfect

everything is pros and cons so you have

to weigh the pros vs. cons for you and

what works for you however one of the

pros for me is that a cold front is 70

degrees Fahrenheit versus a cold front

up north in New Jersey for example could

get down to the negative below and/or

could have even in the 30s could have a

snow storm of a couple feet of snow so

that's the trade-off I'm willing to

trade off you know to live in Florida

now yes you know right now you know 70

degrees Fahrenheit it's almost like

full-time in New Jersey which full-time

in New Jersey is very nice the weather's

very mild but this atmosphere this

culture with the palm trees behind me

with the beach with the vibe you know it

always feels like summer even when

you're faced with this cold front and

for me that's a magical thing because I

look at summer as a magical time and I

don't look at winter and snow and Santa

Claus as far as like coming down a

chimney even though I can understand for

a child that's magical I could

appreciate some people who like that

change of seasons that just really isn't

magical for me especially as I get older

for me Christmastime under palm trees

dealing with this cold front of 70

degrees is is magical it's a blessing

that I'm thankful for that I

intentionally reposition my life in

Florida for that I'm sharing with you

not to make you jealous but to just

share and to inspire and to encourage if

it's something you want some people

don't like Florida some people like you

know some people like blue shirts some

people like purple shirts everyone likes

something different I like Florida I

like palm trees I like warm weather and

I like the fact that

never have to plow snow that I never

have to freeze I never have to put on a

scarf and that's a blessing to me and

that's what I want to share in this

video I hope it came across I hope it

encouraged you in some way if it didn't

I can't please everyone but if it did I

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