Winter In Australia Is Not Cold


hello the Internet it is Thursday the

26th of July 2018 we're down here at

bender Long Beach the family we've got

Timbo and mum and my sister and poops

and how are you puts and this Beach is a

fantastic Beach I can't believe this is

winter it feels like summer you're gonna

play on the swings have a sleeve and be

awesome yeah


that's a nice bit of firewood is it okay

there you go baby

yucky you're crazy we are gonna have a

fire on this beach even though it's

bright and sunny probably have a little

little bit of a fire girl in there later

yeah you can pick up these ones for the

fire you grab those ones and go and

bring them down to the fire too mama

this way oops - mama


thongs I'm wearing thongs at the beach

in Australia in July yeah okay I am

wearing jeans as well but this does feel

like an indicator of how warm some are

maybe we're in July I could be swimming

right here right now I feel right here

in front of this strangely colored wall

of rock is that rock

I think it's rock that's kind of fitting

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the north let every rock



now this place is obviously 100% a

snorkel is paradise unfortunately like I

said earlier it's winter it's the middle

of winter it's the end of July that's

technically in Australia the middle of

the season of winter I'm hearing a

t-shirt and thongs

there'll be no snorkelling however

they've cracked open their wines I've

got myself a homey let's go and sit down

they're right at the edge of the water

and enjoy a winter homebrew got some big

birds this is definitely gonna be the

spot where I can sit and enjoy a

homebrew in the great outdoors oh whoa

whoa whoa whoa why are you so angel to

get back flat that was my mistake I

tilted it by mistake like that it should

have been straight you know me and

having an alcoholic beverage in the

great outdoors

I'd much rather enjoy a drink somewhere

scenic somewhere beautiful instead of

sitting at home at a pub sitting at home

in a pub sitting at home or in a pub and

this is even better because this guy's a

home brew Bend along you are a stunning

part of the south coast of Australia

south coast of the east coast of

Australia that doesn't make sense if

you're not from Australia 300 K's south

of Sydney if that puts it on a global

map for you guys playing in the northern


all right enough waffle let's open the



is awesome such a beautiful spot hmm my

family's over there too so I'm gonna

head back I just wanted to enjoy a

little bit of this on my own but then

you know the family's there they're

enjoying themselves I want to hang out

with them as well can you believe it's

winter enjoying yourself man you

enjoying yourself you enjoying your

sleep poopsie she's fast asleep she is

out like a light so this vlog is

actually for Mike may wait a sec wait a

sec no it's not just for Mike Mayfield

this vlog is for all the givers but this

vlog is kind of for Mike Mayfield Mike

Mayfield you're a new giver to the

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Mike now Mike Mayfield he's from the

states and he has suggested that I

should make more vlogs based around

Australian beaches because that's

something that he'd be interested in

seeing Mike I've got to say this is

probably one of our more primo beaches

Primo's a New Zealand word this is

Australia I used primo sometimes I'm not

sure why I used it right then this is

one of our better beaches it's a place I

haven't been for a quite a long time I

would suggest right about now you leave

the room go and get a coffee or

something just try to avoid the next 20

or so seconds of this vlog because the

last time I was literally in this spot

I'm gonna say it would have been 1995

maybe 94 with 2018 that's like 23 maybe

24 years ago I was right here I was

younger version of me and I like to wear

my underpants on the outside of my

clothing much like a superhero right


hey excuse me what are you doing



uh-huh Maya has lost it

most of the things that I filmed as a

cut I was gonna say child and kid and I

ended up saying child that's a

combination of words that could be the

homebrew talking a lot of the things

that I filmed as a child not even my

family has seen so when they watched

this vlog and they see me wandering

around over there my undies over a

t-shirt with nothing else they're gonna

wonder so I feel like I should brace mum

first find out what she feels about that

and here we have pips and if I said to

you you're uncle Benny used to wander

around here bend a long point with his

undies over his t-shirt how would that

make you feel should make her feel good

by the way

nice sunglasses she's rocking the jet

board Sony's world done poops in' see ya

mother if I said to you you're the last

time your son was here in Bend along was

in 1995 and he was wearing his underwear

on top of his clothing what would that

make you feel I'm surprised you even had

underwear on did you hear that what

would you say there you go my family

knows me and there's nothing wrong with

walking around in your under in your

undies where are you going my sister and

poopsie are looking for firewood that

translates to taking a pee in the bush

we're all wacky in this family actually

peeing in the bushes in wacky that's

just natural right

you've just blown your mother's cover I

see you come back with a piece of timber

that's a decoy that we're just peeing in

the bush that piece of wood is a decoy

this is very Australian right now we're

having a fire on the beach in winter we

have a visitor behind us this is a

kangaroo it's very Australian that's not

a wallaby this is a pretty common thing

in this country I know it's strange for

anyone outside of Australia and Mike if

you're watching this I gotta say this is

good for you this animal it's it's an

unusual thing for you to see it's very

common for us to see he's a tame one -

what animal is this I gotta say that

kangaroo is putting up with a hell of a

lot of smoke strayed off our fire he's

probably had enough he's like no I could

get food elsewhere it I have to put up

with this smoke my sister she's she's as

Australian as I am right she's born in

Australia she's trying to tell me this

is a wallaby come on Oh wallaby it's a

kangaroo like Wallabies looks so

different this is your kangaroo you see

on every coin I can't I can no longer be

sisters today we are no longer brother

and sister we're out cheers Tim cheers

to kangaroos and beers suddenly the fire

has taken a back seat the kangaroo has

taken over the fires are sitting here

burning out I'll take care of it don't

worry sorted did you enjoy seeing that

kangaroo yeah it's pretty special yeah

do you know that the rest of the world

doesn't have kangaroos only Australia

the whole of the planet only we have a

Kangaroos pretty cool huh

pretty strange what a strange animal

with a big fat tail and that one had big

nuts 'iz yeah and by the way you're

about to step in kangaroo poo this is

true from a kangaroo you're all over it

that's kangaroo poo that should have

been the indicator for us you can touch

it you want it okay she's really backed

off from the kangaroo poo that should

have been an indicator to us that there

were kangaroo see I actually haven't

seen kangaroo see a little further south

as a beach called Peverley beach

it's because they're Wallabies if you're

playing from Australia and you know this

region you'll know that pebbly Beach

that's more of the place where the

kangaroos come up like that one just did

I mean there's a lot of residence right

here this is probably pretty normal for

a local from this area but we didn't

know and it was kind of cool to see a

kangaroo even though we do see them a

lot I'm happy to have shown the vlog how

about that mum glass of red I actually

have a whole beer still as well mom

bless mum what do you got there ever

look at this haha Tim you're very lucky

I didn't hit you in the head yeah that's

right really lucky indeed well it has

gotten colder I've got my hoodie on it's

cooled right down just amazed to be back

here after being in China for a week

with Jed boards and it does amaze me it

constantly amazes me how beautiful this

country is and unbiased

I'm Australian of course I'm biased but

this is a pretty spectacular part of the

world we're very lucky to call this home

just a week ago I was in China with Jed

boards electric skateboard manufacturers

I was talking to a guy on the beach he

he has an electric sail board an

electric sail board of all the things

how does this even work an electric sail

board he's over there right now getting

it started let's go over and join him

and see what this is all about all that

um we're out of time

I know I know I know I shouldn't keep a

closer eye on the clock I'm always

running out of time on my own vlog hey

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know I'm early

I believe it I've got time to start up

my sleeve