Russian Christmas is DIFFERENT to Western Christmas

hey guys welcome to another video today

I'm in the center of Moscow and LaBianca

square here you can see the 2019

Christmas decorations in front of the

old KGB building here in the center and

today I'm going to walk through some of

the main streets of Moscow into Red

Square and I'm going to tell you all

about Christmas Russia the differences

between Christmas in the West in the UK

and Christmases here in Russia as you

can see I'm in really cold sea the

temperature is feels like minus 17 15

minus 12 this is probably the coldest

I've ever felt in my life so I'm not

gonna be out here for long I'm gonna

walk down the road I'm gonna walk to Red

Square I'm gonna show you all the lights

and I'm gonna tell you eight differences

between Russian and Western Christmas I

hope you enjoy I hope you enjoy my

sacrifice it's really really really cold

enjoy the video so the first real

difference I'd like to point out is that

Russians don't really care about


unlike in Western Europe in the US

Russia sees Christmas as primarily a

religious holiday which doesn't have any

secular traditions associated with it

state atheism in the Soviet Union moved

all celebrations from Christmas to New

Year and this persists until today and

for the vast majority of Russians it's

just a day off that can be used at one's

discretion so most of stuff I'll talk

about in terms of Russia is actually

more about New Year celebrations rather

than Christmas the second thing I'd like

to mention is that Western churches

celebrate Christmas on December 25th

whereas in Russia it's on January 7th

when the rest of the world changed it

calendar the Russian Orthodox Church

refused to and because of that all

Christian celebrations in the Russian

Orthodox Church are a few days behind

those in West Christmas is no exception

in the West most countries give very few

days off around Christmas a new year in

Russia the exact dates vary based on

when the weekend is but Russians can get

up to ten days off this year Russians

will be off work until the 9th of

January which is a really great break

from real life the Christmas tree in

Russia is actually called a New Year

tree while some people are content

decorating it with modern ornaments lots

of other people prefer a more classical

Soviet style the star on the top of the

tree is actually red in Russia instead

of the Western golden FM star or as some

people prefer an angel jade morose or

grandfather Frost is the Russian

equivalent of Santa Claus but there are

some significant differences between

Santa Claus father Christmas and the

Russian da tomorrow's general was

actually has a granddaughter who goes

around with him called Snegurochka

Snow Maiden and what strange is generous

actually lives in one village great a

stroke and his granddaughter

snegurotchka lives around a 600

kilometers away in a different village

customer but on New Year's night they go

around Russia giving presents to all

great little kids the sixth thing I'd

like to talk about is well it's little

bit difficult because every country in

the world has its own traditions so it's

hard to talk about the West as a whole

in this situation I'd like to talk about

food in the UK Christmas meal normally

includes turkey roast potatoes stuffing

eggs in blankets or some sprouts gravy

cranberry sauce and a Yorkshire pudding

in the u.s. they are less strict about

meat because they eat turkey on

Thanksgiving in many European countries

families mainly eat duck

in Germany the main dish is goose or

Chico it's carp so yeah it's really hard

to say what is Western but it's actually

really easy to say what's Russian the

most important issues to have our

Russian New Year's Eve dinner table are

salads and to a called herring and the

fur and Olivia herring on the fur is a

layered salad where the herring Filat

layer is followed by both potatoes and

green apples it's weird as hell but it's

super popular Olivier is a salad eaten

throughout the year but it's actually

mandatory on New Year's Eve and

throughout the world it's often known as

Russian salad

it's a finely mixed chopped bunch of

different things including oiled eggs

sausages and marinated cucumbers often

no actually always season with a

mayonnaise sauce

other things you might find include

tangerines or mandarin oranges which are

also popular in North America this time

of year caviar on the new year table is

a symbol of wealth and brings Russians

hope that the next year will be a year

of abundance so that's often there

you'll also often find pickled cucumbers

mainly for an accompaniment with vodka

another side salad often found is a

beetroot salad known as a vinaigrette

which is from France something else you

might find is Halle Jets Halle Jets is

jellied meat otherwise known as a speck

in English I personally think it's

disgusting but it's really popular here

and basically it's meat said into

jellied fat and is often eaten with


these foods are of course accompanied

with a drink in most cases champagne

which is almost compulsorily served to

be drunk at midnight when the clock

strikes 12:00 seventh difference between

Western and Russian Christmas is what

exactly happens a new year and I just

referred to it in the previous one in

the West it's very very common at New

Year you find someone close to you or

you picked someone before to make sure

you stand next to them midnight and you

give them a kiss in Russia that's not

really a thing people crack open a

bottle of champagne and enjoy a glass

so yeah the kissing is definitely a

Western thing and the final difference

between Russia and the West is Christmas

movies and that well in the UK and the

USA people tend to watch movies from a

broad selection of classics gremlins The

Grinch The Nightmare Before Christmas

elf Love Actually home alone diehard etc

in Russia there's also a bunch of movies

which are incredibly popular such as the

carnival night Mara and magicians

however there's one Christmas movie

which stands out above them all and

that's called the irony of fate the

irony of fate is almost compulsory

watching on New Year's Eve the film is

widely regarded as a classic piece of

Russian popular culture and is

traditionally broadcast in Russia and

almost all former Soviet republics every

New Year's Eve the popularity of this

movie is similar to It's a Wonderful

Life in the USA

the compulsory nature of this film is

shown in a common joke in Russia and

I'll tell you this joke in Russian with

English subtitles the joke goes it was

called Elliot listen are you asked

acara's this material film Irenaeus

would beYOU know asteroids it is not yet

a bit radical it ok guys I hope you

found that funny thanks for watching

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