What Christmas day in AUSTRALIA is like..


Bangkok celebrate a Christmas Eve run

his voice but she loves a bit uptown go

auntie frogs


has he been hmm he's been Wow


and look at the shorts I love the the

fire going behind you the fake fire it's

the only fineness allowed in Australia

at the moment

if it says baby's room and ER if it says

no expose it's cute some say father

Christmas rides a sleigh we say he

drives a Toyota Toyota Yaris I Drive and

I love my mother what happened to know

about me no cream pie we don't without

with yo is falling all around us

children play in Beach absolute things

your hat matches dots head twins

twinning the crickets are out for

Christmas that's for sure

yes they're off to the ER to the beach

for Christmas never thought I'll be

saying that in all my life I always do a

nice young girl I had one today a

Christmas in a hot country yeah yes of

course I knew I knew when I went

travelling you take every box darling

said the right thing there that's for


hey I always knew that I wanted to have

a Christmas in on country music every

year say imagine having a Christmas but

it's not Australia on the beach but how

where would that be like oh no we're

like no I wouldn't like that much

experience of that for the for the first

time and there's one other little group

on the beach on the whole beach but in

the UK when the weather's nice you

cannot find a single square that size of

free space on the beach everyone is down

there because in the UK you don't get

very many nice days and you don't get

nice days and access to do a nice beach

in Australia there's enough of this to

go around for everyone and then some if

you get you get like a whole beach to


and it's just it's unreal I love a nice

big empty sandy beach with goods

flavored good temperatured water and

that's exactly what you have here and

it's just perfect saying that what's not

perfect is the fact that everyone's

walked off without me it'll be lonely

this Christmas without you two Oh it'll

be so

except for heck that's Australia without

anyone to walk with on the beach this


also I am growing a moustache I've seen

a lot of Australians have moustaches

some reason out here so I thought you

know what I'll blend in

I'm still trying to grab my mullet and

now I'm trying to grow a moustache oh

are you making what I think you're

making a sand man see you know we have a

snowman we've got a Sandman so far

there's a giant nipple big festive

nipple it's coming along it's coming

along nicely although the tide feels

it's coming in and it's about to hit it

don't be a debbie downer

hello Christmas Dottie Christmas Joey

you're right

why do you move towels do you think I

smell something or is it because you

picked the tiniest II don't know whether

that's a Sandman or a beach giant beach

shell Hannah I know where I see it now

is definitely Sandman good job guys

now this is what we're talking about

Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Andrew

thank Christmas doc Merry Christmas melt

now say yeah but turn out to be the

perfect Christmas bottle of cider and

Diane rubbing Sun cream into an owl

pinch makhno and you ruined it you

burned it you Grinch pop them a spot get

off did you know you're like you know in

documentaries those fish that like

sucker onto a shark won't let go just

poncey like groom them you like that

you're a groomer we're gonna play a game

where it's a chicken got line here wait

the way to come in and hope you don't

get hit it'll get you in and out



waiting for a wave coming economy like




all right we have a closer

here we go



and you see a burning on that side it's

weirder to put like Australian montage

where you can't mess or Christmassy

montage it's Christmas Day like any

montage shot do you put it's Christmas

Day but we're not straight cdeep

Australian music or do you put Christmas

music my anybody Christmas Australian

we're exploring lemon looking around in

an orchard and there's ever gonna see a

snake not straight off a be around here

somewhere Oh what's a fig dot dot I was

walking only fair and let me joking

something oh yeah look it's a baby snake

I swear it or a lizard or a baby snake

it's like a baby one they see st. really

tiny like a black black lizard or black

snake Jack Randall where are you when I

need you



merry Boxing Day we are in Cowtown cow

town we're in Cowtown are on dots broker

sunglasses what a great start to our day

in Cowtown what's a cooler place called

cow cow Aram up

Kawara how about Karim Cowtown cow it's

quite blue has point at Melbourne

no it wasn't point of your promise or

things to do in Cowtown include get your

picture with some angel wings stand up

stand that dodgy looking brick ah

absolutely working girlfriend yes also

is that dried turd stuck to the wall I'm

gonna frame that turd our wall observe

the lovely cows festive cows to see more

cows that are festive visit the the only

shop that's actually open on Boxing Day

your colorful Arjun here he blend in the

weird thing is about this place you ever

goats placing flat you've been there


maybe been here before I feel like I've

been here before I I'm cool

do you know what it's a bit like you

don't really expect which town it's all

about yeah yeah this little bit cows

nobody before I think I'm having deja

amou yeah Oh

take some more after that that's it

those things will milk coming out yeah

tell you what sometimes I just find

myself so I'm using we're now in

margaret river Maas River

Margot's River yeah obviously it's

Boxing Day there's not a lot but I kind

of like that I like the fact it's not

busy what is that you waving at me Rina

or the Flies we got they milk and snake

staple diet of an Aussie having a fish

and chips picnic I've been told to have

one of these chick her role which I have

no idea where they is either with

chicken chica Rose right been the car

for a long time also massive shout-out

to ng/ml for driving us all the time

everywhere they're also obviously going

to see more about to go and see but

they've been driving us pretty much

everywhere since we're done but thanks

guys appreciate it we are off to a place

with hamelin bay to go and see

the bay sink stingray really hamelin bay

but a stingray in a Hamlin Baylor

Jurassic Park my word at these trees its

queda muy strengthening around we're

going to this Beach where apparently

then you have stingrays come right up to

the shore and just eat stuff from your

hands well that's what I just said any

guys I bet you knowing either they're

not gonna be there all the way to

stingray bay and there's no stingray no

sometimes a beach yeah exactly

Boxing Day they might have you they

might be leftovers fingers crossed we're

gonna see some stingrays in the next

clip for the odds don't stick forward

yet don't skip forward you're about to

find out

I think the odds I different but I don't

think there might be any Mel you mean

adulty downer it down

the object I'm gonna go with these sweet

and we have two six riff that we're

holding our thumbs that crossing your

fingers we hold our thumbs when I'm

really hoping for something so i'm

andras holding that wheel because he's

driving behind you a third optimistic or

pessimistic by the way I feel I really

hope I'm hope you listen Billy is very

excited about this new that he is a

child by the way nor stingray not just

in case you get confused but anyway on

to the next clip of hopefully sort of

stingray action




there we go

oh my we were wrong no I also didn't

have much but they were there there's

quite a few of them as well I did just

to make sure on the way in there's a

sign that had a picture of them on so it

didn't make a little mock-up of what it

was in like just in case we didn't see

anything good question hope you enjoyed

that trust me see the things in real

life it's a lot better although it's

weird because you can't even feed them

but they come in never understand rushes

to them and I grab them no it reminds me

a little bit like a like me angry you

know in a way meeting Grievous yeah

and this thing resupport this one food

that's good right that someone is Ryder

right and there we go that is the end of

the block I hope you enjoyed it that was

a British boys Australian Christmas

lovely it was so nice to go down to the

other end of the world for a change and

spend Christmas with Diane and her

family and meet a load of our family as

a lot of you may be aware there was a

very sad moment after Christmas Diane's

pop-pop Rousso passed away I'm so glad

that we got spend Christmas with him

hear his stories about him coming over

to Australia and growing up and and

spending his life here but yeah life Hey

anyway that is the end of vlog who said

I hope you enjoyed it if you did give it

a thumbs up subscribe the channel if you

haven't already and I'll see you soon

with another one

Cheers goodbye