personally I think the most adequate

description of the two most recent

series of the Doctor Who revival can be

Sarai's by the term mixed back in that

we have had some absolute shockers and

some absolute bangers spring up here

there and everywhere

unfortunately I wouldn't exactly say the

episodes are consistent in quality and

this Christmas special is no exception

perhaps Moffat has grown tired of his

ludicrously convoluted overarching

storylines at this point and wished for

something simpler

although contrived to kick-start

theories turn off either that or he's

been watching far too many superhero

movies of late and saw the recent

economic appeal in them and has decided

to make one of his own all the credit to

him though I doubt anybody really

remembered Doctor Who was even on this

Christmas because I completely forgot I

think what is a shame though is that we

didn't see the new companion at all they

hiked us all up to the chaos that could

potentially ensue back in April and we

were stuck with Matt Lucas instead and

apparently he's not going anywhere soon

either anyway I'll get on to all that in

a bit I'm going to run through what I

thought sucked and didn't suck in this

year's Christmas special of Doctor Who

with you guys and come to some form of

consensus at the end of the video the

episode is located where countless

others superhero tales are in New York

how imaginative the doctor needs help

from a clueless kid named grant who

explains that he situated on the 60th

floor of this building revealing the

extremely large drop that the doctors

somehow oversaw and making this

so-called track when he tries to open

the window bizarrely the color of his

screwdriver has been changed again to

green instead of blue now I did think it

was a nice little detail adding a ring

to the doctors hand continuing the story

from last year's Christmas episode

having said that the episode didn't

exactly feel like an episode of Doctor

Who perhaps a more adequate description

of the plot is something along the lines

of Superman retold whilst observed by

two strange British blokes to put this

into perspective we are even thrown the

whole product placement curve ball when

we see the kids room completely covered

in Marvel wallpaper and a Superman comic

book which is brought right in front of

our faces I don't know how much the BBC

was paid to put all that in there but

perhaps it is just simply demonstrating

how infested our culture has become by

this stuff the doctor then leads the

small child onto the roof of the

building and pulls out a glass of water

from thin air he doesn't explain the

reason for it and like many that we have

seen before this is just another unfunny

gag they throw in there to take up

screen time it's so odd because there

was a really funny line that came just

before it that basically debunked

spider-man's whole existence displaying

the doctors lack of interest towards the

whole superhero phenomena but then the

stupid kid goes and eats the gemstone

doesn't he I guess in America they don't

teach kids not to take sweets from

strangers the other thing is this is a

small child a gentleman is swinging from

a rope outside his window I'm surprised

he didn't [ __ ] himself and run crying to

his mum that a strange man is peering

inside his window in the middle of the

night they then find themselves stuck on

top of the Empire State Building a

location we have already visited nearly

10 years ago seriously what is it with

this show and getting the doctor to hang

on to a tall tower for whatever reason

it may be that week back in the present

Lois Lane I mean Lucy Fletcher ask some

questions about this mysterious research

facility for some reason nardole is here

too and slows the pace of the scene down

considerably with his bizarre question

about the little boy's room what other

kind of little boy's room was he talking

about oh wait we don't know oh okay

we'll just forget about it then

wonderful later on in the day both of

these characters then sneak into the

building at midnight where that budget

of the episode is clearly displayed as

Matt Lucas talks to his coat it's so odd

to think that this was either written

into the script or he was asked to do so

whilst filming they couldn't have just

given him a walkie-talkie or something

when mr. Brock is then taken to the

brain room we see eyes peering out from

within the brain this part although a

little bit comical intrigued me somewhat

making me wonder what kind of bad guys

the doctor would have to deal with in

this episode unfortunately it is later

reveals that they aren't anything new in

that we saw a whole bunch of them appear

on the ship in the last Christmas

episode I do actually remember talking

specifically about how it was a

disappointment we don't know much about

them and one could argue we learn more

about them from this episode turns out

as well that the brains do indeed occupy

ordinary human bodies so there

heads up [ __ ] useless at being a

protective mechanism for whatever is

stored inside so wonder hydroflax

managed to put them all on his leash

last year for some unknown reason call

it petrification if you like I call it

[ __ ]

rock makes no attempt to escape from the

room he's in despite the ample length of

time he has to do so you have just seen

a man click his face back in place with

blue blood coming out and you are just

going to [ __ ] sit there then our main

characters are held at gunpoint only for

Superman I mean the ghost to come along

and break some glass the German guy then

announces that the glass was designed to

withstand four nuclear blasts

I'll come on you know that [ __ ] this

is just plain shitty writing I don't

know the science of whether or not glass

can actually protect you from a nuclear

blast I highly doubt it though but if

you were expecting four of them to hit

your building maybe you would build it

underground where all the other nuclear

shelters are why couldn't you have just

said it was bulletproof Moffat that's a

thing that would adeptly describe this

superhero strength and make sense but

four nuclear bombs nah mate nah so Lucy

is rescued by the ghost and looks

completely oblivious to all of the

bizarre events

she has just witnessed whilst in flight

yeah everything is great I'm having a

wonderful day thanks for asking I did

find the section back at the apartment

rather amusing as the group kind of

tried to explain what's going on without

revealing grant to be a superhero

nardole strange comments and behavior I

found oddly quite funny he certainly

isn't as annoying and pointless in this

episode as he was in his last appearance

we then see another flashback of grant

in high school with the song loaded by

primal scream playing underneath which

is a bit of an odd song choice

considering the song is about having a

good time and getting loaded which is

kind of the opposite of what grant is

experiencing here Lucy then appears

again out of the window armed with mr.

puffle God doctor just grow some balls

how are you upset by this annoying toy

just throw it out the [ __ ] window or

something hey Lucy why not cooperate

instead of interrogating all your shoes

an American that means they torture


the worst part about this segment though

is the fact that all the dialogue is

just exposition before he know about

it's just three minutes of bringing Lucy

up to speed

boring fortunately grant picks up the

pace again by calling her and putting on

his Batman voice now it irritated me

that this idiot

couldn't hear an echo coming from her

kitchen whilst this is all happening but

stylistically this segment was excellent

and it's a shame they didn't put more of

these quirky little things in there

throughout the episodes the framing and

editing of this sequence is obviously

made to look like a comic book but I

loved that the characters would

sometimes overlap over the boundaries

the music was great they even used one

shot in a cinematic aspect ratio for

dramatic effects I loved it just to top

it all off though there was some really

good chemistry brewing between these two

characters right after that their

conversation about their supposes dates

even though the date is with each other

is awkwardly heartwarming considering

both sides to Grant's personality are so

polarizing and is enough to convince

Lucy that he's not the ghost at this

point the doctor then goes back to the

research center only then to be

conveniently rescued by Nardo they

bicker like an elderly couple over why

he was reassembled and then they start

wandering around the other research

center in Ross is you Tokyo I did find

it quite funny how he claimed to have

distracted them all with Pokemon I know

I'm easily distracted by Pokemon on to

the next place though and we see the

pest sitting on what I assume is tea

five times in the space of 11 seconds

why we will probably never know the

other pairs dates doesn't seem to be

going well due to her thinking he's

somebody else and can't quite seem to

connect the dots traveling me suddenly

one of the world known to division or

rather look seriously could you just the

doctor and nardole then arrive on the

spaceship armed and ready for New York

anybody else smell a waft of familiarity

here your stay

managing an alien attack when the aliens

have already landed why because what

happens next when everyone thinks that

the earth is being attacked from space

what do they want the whole world

panicking cuz you lot you get scared you

lash out thanks for the in go nuclear

why if you are later every politician

and commander-in-chief will have a

Superman I like these guys


so then the doctor pushes some buttons

in the building then field itself up

bracing for impact now I understood

earlier on that those pieces of glass

would be able to withstand a nuclear

explosion or two or four so why did this

extra layer of metal even need to be

considered if the place could withstand

for you know what are you drink a long

stiff drink to make me forget about this

frustrating experience

thank God we only have one year left of

this muppet the doctor then magically

communicates to grounds that the ship is

headed their way where unsurprisingly

grant stops the ship in place waiting to

throw it back in the sky

aesthetically I'd say this part was

really cool but by this point I think

I've just given up I'm growing bored of

this [ __ ] and I can't believe I'm still

finding things to talk about by this

point quite frankly after unit arrived

at the Harmony shoal headquarters

however I thought I'd share this bit

here where one of the soldiers pieces of

dialogue is out of sync with the picture

and you look like this when you found us


why do you look like this when you found

him yes the last few words from the

doctor were tame and rubbish while

nardole explains to us again some

information we already know about the

doctors finally grieving for his wife I

guess it must be difficult for him but

this episode wasn't exactly centered on

him at all with regards to his emotion

they threw a few references in there

every now and again but not enough for

me to really care much because this

explanation is just slapped on the end

like it's some kind of reason for the

doctor's behavior but to me he's no

different than any other time I watched

him really we've moved on from River doc

and you should too it's for the best

seriously I mean I'm trying my hardest

to put all of this behind us too let's

just pray this year series will be one

to remember this time yeah so did it

suck oh where to begin

okay it was pretty much like last year

really it had a few very watchable

moments but the majority of it wasn't

just garbage there were some humorous

moments in there but some just fell flat

on their face and that segment in the

apartment when Grant was on the phone

was the only part that really stood out

to me as anything truly interesting

throughout the decision to make this

episode surrounding superheroes was a

bad one from the start to me it doesn't

fit well with the format of the show it

was unoriginal boring annoying and if

this is how the tenth series is going to

kick off well I am praying for some

Swift adjustments to be made before it's

released I give the return of dr.

Mysterio a three out of ten


when we see the kids room completely

covered in Marvel wallpaper and a super

home to put this into perspective we are

even throwing the whole pull up the

doctor then leaves a small child onto

the roof of his building it's so odd

because there was a really funny moment

that came before it just because I guess

in America they don't teach kids not to

take stew for some reason nardole is

here too and slows the pace of the scene

down considerably with his bizarre

question about this little boy's arm oh

my god why can't I do this and one could

argue that we learn more about them now

I understood earlier on that those

pieces of glass would withstand a

nuclear explosion or two or foot

attackers burp all right I'll try my


you got nyah don't know me don't you

[ __ ] know that oh yeah she's an

American Oh