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men and women of rindet who caught their

significant others cheating

how did you do that and what was your


a few years back i was dating this girl

and ended up becoming really good

friends with her brother

he appreciated me helping their family

when their father died suddenly

two years into the relationship asks to

meet up for coffee and a serious talk

apparently he caught his own sister with

another guy a mutual friend of ours

it had been going on for like a year

broke up with her

still friends with the brother the end

i caught my wife after she passed away

from cancer

worst feeling ever caught between

unending love

morning and absolute anger well man that

is f king tragic

please tell me you're seeking help with

working through that ocean of emotions

i caught my ex-husband cheating as an


we had gone to work in the evening and i

couldn't get into my office due to a

building screw up

so he let me in here so i could print

something he went for a walk to get his

steps in

as i was on his computer i realized it

was logged into facebook

i just had a feeling i looked in the

messages and he had been chatting with a

woman he met in another country via our


i copied all i could and confronted him

when he returned

made him take me for a drink and told

him there would be no reconciliation

he was shell-shocked and i told him to

go home and pack a bag

that was six months ago and i'm really

happy to have lost the dead weight

he was a difficult man emotionally


but i lived my vows and tried to help

him as much as i could and reorganized

my life around him

i found out he had signed up for a bunch

of apps

such as ashley madison tinder and bumble

he would message his mutual

acquaintances asking if they'd be up for


etc i blamed myself for years that he

wasn't interested in sex with me because

i'd had a baby and gained a little


nope he just enjoyed contacting other

women for sex

more we're in the middle of our divorce


he doesn't understand why i'm wrecking

our marriage because of a few


i was at work and tried to call my


but he wasn't answering even after a few


and i just got a horrible feeling it

stressed me out so badly for some reason

that i started to cry and my boss let me

go home

the whole way home i just kept feeling

serious dread

walked in the house and into my bedroom

and he was laying in bed half

clothed with some naked chick obviously

a huge blow up went down

and after everything settled this

[ __ ] tried to tell me that he

went to the movies alone and met her

there and she followed him home

like even if i believe that this person

just followed you home and got naked

you let her do it so what's the purpose

of saying that to me

it was a shitty abusive relationship and

it didn't even end then

i eventually broke up with him but not

on the spot like i should have

if i could change anything about my life

it would be that i wish i broke up with

that guy sooner

that was over 10 years ago though edit

your responses are f king hilarious i

have never laughed so much about this


he took a phone call from her in front

of me and because

i guess he thought he was being slick

he started flirting with her in front of

me he ended up sexually harassing me

after the relationship was over and i

got him in hot water for that

he never did it again and was told if he

even talked to me again

he'd get fired i ended up leaving that

job a few months later

i knew he had been unfaithful in the

past but i didn't really love him so it

was not that bad

however i was bartending one night and

this drunk chick walks up and tells me

that i looked familiar

she then proceeds to yell oh my friend

is f king your husband

dart so i walked into the beer keg

cooler with a bottle of vodka

i downed some shots and went back to

work i held it in that i knew for a few

months while i hired an attorney and

figured out my next move

i had three kids to think of too so i

moved with my kids back home to texas

and got divorced

now i'm engaged to my childhood best

friend and we plan to marry in yosemite

next year

he's the complete opposite of my ex kind

supportive and loving so fck that

sasquatch looking cheetah

i caught my ex sex stinger chicken

telling her how he missed her on my


i was young at the time and reacting

with crying and yelling

if it ever happened now i would just get

up and leave

no point in trying to mend the

relationship because it's near

impossible to gain the trust that was


edit spelling error

i had come home from a five-month cruise

my gf at the time was a court


so when she wasn't at the pier i figured

she had a case or was catching up on


so i got a ride from my friend to see

unfamiliar bmw in my driveway

i walk in to see her blowing some

stranger on my couch

keep in mind this was my house not hers

i didn't say a word to her

i just started grabbing hershtee and

throwing it in the front yard and called

her father to come pick her up because

her car was an old quattro and in the


again and up to that point i was letting

her drive mine until it was fixed

i will not bore you with the drama but

she was taken by the emmys instead of

her dad

i had my suspicions but it was a who

ended up telling me

i went into the relationship thinking

wow i don't deserve this girl

way out of my league she couldn't help

but remind me how much better he was

several times and made sure to rub it in

my face

my reaction was a spiral into deep


for someone that has very low

self-esteem being cheated on is one of

the worst feelings

it feels like it confirms all your worst

thoughts about yourself

dated a girl for about two years like 18

months into the relationship we're

talking about moving in together

then kinda out of nowhere she starts

becoming distant and irritable

we ended up breaking up fast forward

three months after the breakup i found

that facebook has a section where

messages from non-friends are kept

turns out my then gf was banging her ex

and the ups

driver that delivered to her store at

the mall she ended getting with the ups

driver and his three kids last i checked

their f king miserable and it brings me

joy every time i think about it

edit in my messages was a note from the


driver's then wife my ex not only

cheated but broke up a marriage

so i had the day off work as i was

making my way round the corner

i caught her cheating she was on my


then i saw her slyly turn onto the next

street and cheating

she was doing this so she wouldn't have

to pay the rent i'm never playing

monopoly with her ever again

you can have my up vote but i want you

to know i'm not happy about it

we started dating our sophomore year of


we both still lived with our parents

that summer different states

we decided to meet up in june back at

our college town

i remember him telling me he was having

issues down there from shaving

then we get together and he is actively

avoiding having sex with me

he's doing everything but have sex we

finally have sex

he tries to get me to shower right away

i laugh and say no

i want to unpack he is in the shower

i walk in the bathroom see him naked on

the ground

laying down in this yoga pose

i laugh thinking he was stretching

whatever we have a good weekend

two months later we are unpacking from

the summer

back at college and i see a planned

parenthood notes in his backpack saying

he had chlamydia

he got the results back one day before i

came to visit the first time

he knowingly gave me chlamydia and kept

reinfecting himself every time he had

sex with me

which is why he wanted to shower after

sx and why he was in the yoga pose

he was just having a panic attack

because he gave me an std

not making this up i felt it from two

600 miles away is a sudden disturbance

that woke me out of a sound sleep

i found out by calling to ask about what

happened then

still happily married but it took a lot

of time to work through it

ex-wife actually asked me for her

blessing to commit adultery with another

married man

she was shocked when i said i don't

support it she went ballistic

has severe mental health issues went and

did it anyway and ended up in a psych


two marriages ended and now the two

cheetahs are engaged

little devastated at first blessing in


he was over compensating when we was

having sex

new styles and adventures in the bedroom

one day he slipped up by connecting my

laptop to his phone and i saw the text


i hired a private investigator to get

pictures and consulted a lawyer

when i confronted him with the evidence

he was shell-shocked

we had an at-fault divorce he lost

almost everything

the cars houses and joint accounts

we don't talk unless my alimony is late

i move to a different state in case he

becomes vengeful and decides to hurt me


not me but my cousin caught his fiance


he was away every few weeks for work

while she stayed at home

doing nothing and refused to find a job

one day

he decides to come home early from the

work trip to surprise her for their


he came home and found her f kingson guy

in the shower

they didn't hear him come into the house

or the bathroom

the first thing he did he took out his


took a photo of them having sex and send

it to her mother

a class move if you ask me d he then

dumped her and move on

many years ago got in a minor argument

with gf

she insisted on going to stay at her

father's but i wanted her to stay so we

could work through it

she left and i couldn't sleep so very

early in the morning i decided to go

there and just take all blame and


walked into the spare room to wake her

up and she's laying there with some dude

i went back upstairs and sat at the

table for a few minutes and saw hammer

sitting on the table at arm's reach

i picked it up and went back to the

bedroom and stood there for a few

seconds in shock and slammed the hammer

as hard as i could against the headboard

you can imagine their wake-up reaction i

looked at her and said we're done

looked at him and said that could have

been you and i went home to bed

edit gf and i were together for about

four years when this happened

i caught him sexting my best friend it

was horrible

i lost a bunch of friends became kind of

a loner

i dumped his ass six years later

my girlfriend went to visit her parents

and friend and when she came back i just


i sat her down and apologized and told

her i cheated while she was

away she immediately nuked me with well

guess what

i did too when i told her that i

actually hadn't slept with anyone and

she'd just been faked out she was


double quote it was a few weeks ago

i noticed he moved up many levels in the

game in such a short amount of time

that's when i knew he was cheating and

was looking up youtube videos on how to

complete certain complex quests he was

stumped on

i was appalled yet very understanding

i was engaged at the time in my early


i'm 33 meters and married to a different

woman now

i didn't really catch her she turned

herself in on it

i was super numb over it avoided her and

blew lots of money on stuff and

activities to try and get over it

never did and ended up leaving her a

month before our wedding

it sucked and i was not in any way

equipped to handle that situation

the woman i suspected posted a pic of

the romantic dinner they were having

they were sitting on his deck and deck

furniture that i scrubbed clean the

weekend before

she tagged him and that's how i knew for

sure when the dust settled and they were

together and we spoke about our finances

i got to call him a poo dollar sign

dollar sign wife for having his elderly

gf do his dirty work

she is 20 years older than i am and 10

older than him

comma saying that was quite satisfying

he was sorting through his pictures and

a naked lady caught me i

so later that day i went on his phone i

would never usually do this

and found many naked girls on his phone

screenshots of snaps

i also found pictures of me i didn't

know he took

i called my best friend and cried she

told to confront him so i did

his response was it's normal for men to

keep their porn on their phones and was

smug about his response until i

mentioned they were screenshots

we were away for a camping holiday

fiance went for a walk

she lent me her phone as mine was dead

was watching youtube on my fiancee's


a whatsapp comes through from her ex she

had two kids with him previously who

live with us

with kissing energy and text saying miss


assumed it was for his daughter opened

the message only to discover a host of

messages between him and my fiance

things i was said were clearly cheating

confronted her about it

she denied it all showed the messages

as we were on holiday we carried on the

holiday for the kid's sake

that was three years ago we are still

together and i often have to see him

when he picks his kids up

sometimes wonder if i should have walked

chose to stay for the kids

and now things are better than ever but

it's always in the back of my mind

this happened a few years ago i was

hanging out with my boyfriend at the

time and he had gotten a text while he

was playing a video game and asked me to


it when i open up his messages i saw a

few messages from other girls he was


my only regret was wasting a year of my

youth with him

funnily enough the girl he was cheating

on me with actually told me

she messaged me at three in the morning

asking if i was still with my ex and i

said yes he's asleep

next to me why she told me what happened

sent me screenshots and i grabbed his

phone i believed her but jano just

wanted to see it all for myself

i left the room and looked through it

all he didn't even try to hide it

i went back and threw something at him

to wake him up and confronted him

of course he played dumb said he didn't

know who i was talking about blah blah


then i said oh okay well maybe this will

jog your memory and pulled his phone out

of my pocket

the look on his face was priceless he

knew it was over

i screamed at him called him every name

under the sun and then he left the house

this was a year ago and then a few

months after that i'm being told that he

misses me

f king pathetic my gf

from mexico found out i went to a strip

club via my computer i messed edges

she broke up with me i thought it was a

bit much as i was just

out hanging the boys and home for the

holidays oh well i

maybe if you told her about it rather

than trying to keep it from her

or even having a conversation before to

ask if she would be comfortable with you

doing that would have helped

idk about other women but it's almost

never about the action

it's to do with breaking my trust

he brought a girl to my work while i was


he was a person who had a hard time

being physical with others

but his hand was on her lower back and

he was rubbing it kept pulling her

clothes in a type of side hug

he'd been ghosting me for about two

weeks at that time

and he knew my work schedule two weeks

of no contact

but the second i texted him to go off

about what he'd just done

he learned how to use his phone again i

honestly think he was too much of a card

to break up with me

which was incredibly insulting since we

were both coming from long-term

relationships where our exes had cheated

on us

worst one i know of is an acquaintance

of mine

came home from work one day and found

his missus having sex with his dad

that blew up all over facebook and

became a local drama fest where people

tried to organize a shunning of the dad

and misses

i remember it well because well

i know people cheat but with your

partner's father

come on she confessed to her mom

then mother-in-law called her other

daughter and told her

sister-in-law then called me and told me

she let me listen in on a three-way call

to her mom and tried to convince mom to

tell me but she refused which basically

confirmed it

this is still pretty fresh as it only

happened a few weeks ago

i went through her phone and there were

compromising messages

i confronted her about it and she came


lots of crying lots of apologies

my reaction was one of extreme sadness

and anger

i cried more than i ever have in my life

and i'm not one to usually cry

it was such an insane betrayal i had and

still have every reason to walk away but

i've decided to stay and work things out

she has been on her best behavior the

last week or so but we'll see if it


i truly hope i'm not making a horrible


i wouldn't wish this on anyone and

really the old saying ignorance is bliss

rang loudly in my head the whole time

not me but is my aunt it was a just

normal day

my aunt was helping his husband to top

up his phone

while his husband was on shower her own

curiosity go to his phone messages and

search in his contact wife

she read through all of the messages

which proves that her husband was

cheating on her

just like that she saved all the

messages and straight filed for divorce

just happened like a few weeks ago my

english is not good so pls bear with me

my ex-husband and his family smoked a

lot of pot

still do his sister kids

and nanny were visiting from out of

state for a few weeks

when it was time to fly home they left

their stash at my ex mills house because

they didn't want to take it on the plane

my ex asked if i would pick it up

because i was nearby

stupidly i agree i don't smoke and i was

willing to carry it in my car for him

to my surprise i found a note from the

nanny to my ex saying she was in love

with him and she was so happy for the

time they had together

obviously she thought he would get the

weed instead of me

while it was incredibly painful at the

time i am definitely living my best life

15 years later


i went on a few dates with a guy and at

one point he stopped replying quite

suddenly so i decided to call him

a woman answered when i asked her if he

was available she started crying and

said he was dead

she started apologizing to me for

breaking the bad news and asking how i

knew him

i'm a terrible liar and i was a bit

taken off guard so i think

she was catching but i did not stay on

the phone long enough for a chat