Relationships That Come From Cheating

I'm coach Cory Wayne and this is my

video coaching newsletter and the topic

of today's newsletter is going to be

relationships that come from cheating

well if you watch me for a while and

reading my book you've obviously heard

me talk many times about the pitfalls of

dating or becoming involved with someone

who is a cheater maybe you're somebody

who was dating somebody else who was in

a relationship with another person and

you were able to successfully rip them

off you know I even did a video a while

back called once a cheater always a


I've got a scientific study that was

completed recently where they actually

looked at those relationships that were

based upon cheating in other words the

couple that's together one or both of

them were cheating on their other

spouses and some really interesting

things were discovered in this

particular study that they did so I have

a quote that I wrote in this topic and

I'm going to go through about seven

different bullet points on some things

that really jumped out at me as I was

going through this particular study and

a quote says statistics show that

relationships that begin based upon

cheating will usually end up with one or

both people cheating from the new

relationship on each other why people

who are disloyal who are deceptive and

who don't value a commitment or the

sanctity of a relationship don't see

anything wrong with and feel no remorse

for cheating when they are unhappy

therefore if you become involved with

someone who is cheating on someone else

with you they will stay loyal only

provided they are happy and their needs

are continually met however once they

become unhappy fearful of the future or

their needs aren't met they most often

will choose to get their needs fulfilled

by someone outside of your relationship

if you think your going to be different

and they won't cheat on you because you

are special or think you'll be different

than you are deluding yourself and

in reality if you want to feel safe and

secure in your relationship that never

date a cheater and only date people who

are single and available and who place a

high value on loyalty commitment and

communication I read this article I was

like it was just such fascinating stuff

to me so I got a few nuggets seven

different little things that were kind

of takeaways from this article that

links back to the original scientific

study that was done and I think it was

over a few thousand different couples

where they looked at things and so the

first thing that really jumps out at me

that I thought was really fascinating

was 63% of men and 54% of women are in

relationships as a result of cheating

that is so fascinating to me so the

majority of relationships and this is

like a sample pool of just average

regular people that are in relationships

but the majority more than 50% like I

said 63% of men and 54% of women that

are in their current present

relationship are a result of one or both

of them cheating on someone else is is

so fucking fascinating to me so the

second thing that jumped out at me that

I thought was interesting was and this

came from the study cheaters tend to be

less committed to their new partners who

they cheated with hmm isn't that


number three cheaters this is really

fascinating cheaters tend to say they

have lower levels of satisfaction in

their current relationships so when you

compare people who just got together

normally there wasn't any cheating they

were both single unavailable which is

what I talk about all the time if you're

looking for somebody to have a long-term

committed relationship you want somebody

who's loyal ideally if you're a guy and

you want to date a girl dating a woman

who has a good relationship with her mom

and dad she loves her both of her

parents she has a good relationship with

them and her parents have a good

relationship that's not easy

fine but women who have their shit

together emotionally mentally

spiritually and physically and our Froot

Loops they tend to come from really good

solid families where mom and dad are

really happy and really love one another

and loyalty in a commitment means

something the family bond means

something number four this is


cheaters also tend to show continued

interest in other lovers so people who

are dating people who they cheated with

on someone else always they have the

mindset of hey the grass is greener on

the other side that's just the way they

look at the world

number five relationship participants

from non cheaters have less interest in

other lovers in other words couples

where they got together just because

they were both single and available

tend to be happier and they are less

interested in other potential lovers in

other words they're less interested in

getting their needs fulfilled and met

outside of their current relationship

number six

non cheaters have higher levels of

satisfaction and their current

relationships this is so fascinating to

me number seven and I really fell into

this route cheaters tend to be socially

passive not nice to others careless

irresponsible and narcissistic hmm I

know what it's like when I was younger I

I got involved in a relationship with a

really great girl but the bottom line is

when I started seeing her she had told

me she lied to me she deceived me that

she was no longer seeing this other guy

and what I found out three or four

months later was that she was dating me

and continuing to see this other guy

behind my back once I find out about

that I was googoo gaga where I was

fucking totally in love and I didn't

gare I was like I'm fucking awesome I'm


I know all this great stuff and she's

going to look at me differently and this

is never going to happen but as soon as

sings it sooner got lazy I got

complacent a relation which happens to

everybody both men and well we we all

when things are good we're comfortable

when when we when together for several

years you get busy get caught up in your

career you get caught up in life you

just get caught up in other things and I

remember was a short period of time over

a course of a matter of a few weeks and

this particular girl I was dating after

even though we've been dating for almost

three years at that point what does she

do she gets on the phone it starts

calling those male orbiters that are

kind of always in the background the

really nice guys who always wanted to

date her but were happy just to have a

chance with her and she went and had

drinks for them because we hadn't talked

for a couple of days because she was

fearful the relationship wasn't gonna

work out so what does she do she goes

and starts hanging out with a guy who

she dated and eventually had blown off

but he was still kind of in the

background and he was always doing

things for it was like the butler kind

of guy and what was interesting is like

when I found out about this she even

told me a few days later I said why are

you going and talking to some guy who

has the hots for you and he wants to

date you and getting relationship advice

from some other guy outside of our

relationship to give you advice about us

like you should be coming to me and

talking to me about then that was the

issue she was a terrible communicator

and so she ends with the way she's

looking at hey is this ain't going to

work out I need to line something up

because I don't want to go and be single

that would really suck

and so it's just it created a spiral of

events that spiral out of control and we

ended up breaking up and literally about

two two-and-a-half months after we broke

up she moves in with this particular

dude and what she was doing was she

didn't have time to really fall

completely head over heels in love with

this guy and only last I think for eight

or nine months she loved getting a

restraining order against this

particular guy because he was just a

total douchebag needy insecure

controlling type of guy I should never

think because what she was basically

trying to when somebody leaves one


and jumps into literally living with

another person after only a couple of

months what they're really trying to do

is replace the intimacy of what they had

with a new intimacy in a brand new

relationship with somebody else in

almost all cases it just never works out

which obviously it did in this

particular case but after that

experience that was a lesson learned for

me I realized it's just we just to think

that you're gonna be different and date

somebody who's involved with somebody

else because I get emails all the time

from guys they're doing or they got

dumped by a girl and she started dating

somebody else or was already dating

someone else behind her back look I want

her back I want to get her back or what

another shot it was like dude as soon as

you get complacent and you do the same

things that you did before guess what

she's going to do the same thing either

with that particular guy or some other

new guy that's just that's how these

people operate and this is I think it

was like I forget him 14 15,000 people

that were couples that were analyzed in

this particular study

remember cheaters tend to be socially

passive not nice to others careless

irresponsible and narcissistic that's

just what the numbers work out to be

isn't that interesting

so I like I said I get this question a

lot and I get a lot of emails I do a lot

of phone sessions with men and women

that are in these kinds of situations

and if you're involved with a cheater

the chances of that look working out

long-term the odds the numbers are

definitely not in your favor and on this

art the original article is on my

website I'll put a link to the original

article and you can go look at the

scientific study for yourself but this

is more scientific evidence of things

I've discovered in my own life and I see

it my coaching practice of the thousands

of men and women I talked to all over

the world every year it's like you see

the same patterns over and over and over

again so if you'd like to have a healthy

long-term relationship don't get

involved with cheaters cheaters are

great for friends-with-benefits sex play

maids or people just a good fuck buddy

they're they're great until you find

somebody who's loyal who will relate who

who's capable of having a good healthy

relationship with you so if you'd like

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