Cheapest Time to Visit NYC


It's Canden from Free Tours by Foot and today it's all about New York City.

We love sharing advice and resources to help plan a trip that makes the best use of your

budget - whether its shoestring or luxury.

If you're flexible on when you visit, a great way to do this is to plan your trip around

the cheapest time to visit New York.

attraction admission costs aren't going to change much throughout the year and our walking

tours are always name your own price, so this video will focus on hotel rates and flights.

The general assumption for getting the most out of your budget is to travel during the

off season, but keep in mind that can vary city to city - both where you're going and

where you're coming from, and it can change based on the year and special events.

If you just want the quick answer on the cheapest time to visit to New York City - January to

March - in these 3 months that the costs of both a flight and hotel are on average the

lowest for the whole year.

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But there are several caveats to visiting in the off season as well as ways to get the

best deal no matter when you visit.

For example - flights - if you will be flying into the Big Apple, the price you will pay

for a flight may be dependent on several factors, including the day of the week that you fly,

when you purchased your ticket and which airport you fly into (NYC has 3).

As far as hotels, the least expensive time to stay in the city, unsurprisingly, is during

the winter, just about anytime between Jan 4th(ish) until the first half of March.

Around this time, the average rate for all hotels is just under $200 a night.

To get really specific, Hotel Week, which runs from Jan 4th, just after the Christmas

rush, until Jan 14th is likely the cheapest 10 day period throughout the whole year.

Outside of the winter months, hotels are generally much more expensive.

From April through December, all but two months were above the $277/night average price.

As far as getting to and from New York, the cheapest times to purchase a flight to NYC

is generally from Jan 4th(ish) until mid-March.

The most expensive months, by the way, are June and July and the weeks leading up to

and including Christmas and New Year’s.

According to Google Flights, the average 5-day round-trip, non-stop flight from London to

NYC can reach £1200 during the peak Christmas rush.

However, if you wait until the 2nd week of January, this same round-trip flight can be

as low as £260.

Flexibility is the key to getting the lowest priced flight.

This means flying during off-peak hours.

The least expensive flights tend to depart in the early morning or late evening and Tuesday,

Wednesday or a Saturday is generally cheaper with Fridays and Sundays being the most expensive.

Keep in mind, booking your flight too far in advance or too close to your departure

date may limit your ability to find these best-priced flights.

The prime time-frame to purchase your ticket is no earlier than 4 months prior to your

departure and no later than 3 weeks.

A key thing to remember is this is meant to be an awesome trip, so sometimes it is worth

it to think about what you want to do in New York and if it will be a good time of year

for those activities.

If your main goal is to explore Central Park, then you don't want to come in February.

While Sept-Nov is technically not the cheapest time to come, it is arguably the best time

to visit, as the weather is great and the crowds are not overwhelming and you'll still

find great rates.

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