How to Fly to Costa Rica πŸ‡¨πŸ‡· during COVID - WATCH BEFORE YOU TRAVEL

hey guys so i made it to costa rica

so as you can see behind me here is

tamarindo this video

is going to be about how i flew from

managua nicaragua

to san jose costa rica i want to show

you guys

the steps that you need to take to enter

the country you don't need a covet test

or anything like that

but i'll show you exactly what you need

to do and you can use this information

to fly to costa rica from anywhere in

the world

so the first thing i did was i went to

i looked up my rough dates of when i

want to go

so i booked one i think it was like 400

or so i flew to el salvador first

and then el salvador to costa rica okay

so the first thing

that you have to do after you book your

plane ticket

is that avianca or taka airlines they'll

send you an email

within a few hours so you need to

fill that out which is submitted to the

nicaraguan government

in order to enter costa rica you don't

need your kova test

but you do need to fill out a health

pass to enter costa rica so

i'll provide the links and all that

stuff in the descriptions below

it's a health pass it takes five minutes

to fill out online

and there's a section on it where you

have to enter your

insurance code and they recommend two

insurance companies

in costa rica also i'll put the links

down below

and so i just went with one of those and

it's about 11

per day so i'm here for 30 days so it's

like 300

so if you take that code that they give

you after you pay for insurance

you go back to your health pass you type

it in

submit it and then they'll send you a qr

code right away

so you take a photo of that on your

phone or you can print it out

once you enter costa rica they'll ask

again and they'll scan it

so that help pass shows that you paid

for insurance for your whole state

i booked a hotel in inaugual i stayed

the night the next day i took a taxi

to the airport it's about a 20-minute

drive once in the airport

it was pretty dead there's not too many

people i was the first one in line

and it's really fast and easy to check


the lady asked me for my health pass qr


and then she gave me my ticket i went to

immigration and then you just check in

you go up the escalator

and then you're in the waiting lounge so

once you're in the waiting lounge

there's restaurants

but there's no one there so it's like

everyone's trying to

sell stuff to you the flight wasn't too


on the way there like everyone pretty

much had their own seat

so we flew to el salvador and then we

get off the airplane

in el salvador you're already in the


transfer section so you don't have to

leave so i just went to the next gate

there's restaurants all along so you can

have a beer and chill

you get two hour wait and then you get

on your next flight

i think it might be different if you

have luggage but most of the

airlines that fly to el salvador like el

salvador is a connecting

airport to your destination so most of

the time

like if you're flying from toronto or

anywhere in the u.s

to like costa rica and if you stop in el

salvador you don't have to pick up your

luggage they'll just bring it to your

final destination

the flight from managua to el salvador

it was like 35 minutes or something

and then from el salvador to costa rica

was like 55 minutes



once in costa rica they just ask for

your qr pass and that's it

you go through immigration there's like

two other planes coming in at the same

time so there's a big

lineup for once you grab your bags to

leave the airport other than that i went


economy rental car desk they already had

my information

so the guy escorted me out to the

parking lot the shuttle took me to


rental car office and then i just rented

a car and then drove to the hotel

and then the next day i drove to town

morendo overall

takes you about like two days to get

here but

whereas before you can just drive from

san juan del cir to

san marino in like four hours on the way

back to nicaragua i have to get a total


so i'll film that as well and show you

how that goes but

um for now i'm just enjoying time marino

it's pretty cool

the town when i first got here is really

busy now it's dead

so i think a lot of flights are coming

in and out from

canada and the us overall it's safe you

just have to wear a mask to go into like


banks or the grocery stores but yeah

come on down