How to find Cheap Hotels Deals [instant discounts]

so you're looking for instant discounts

when you book hotels

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hey guys welcome back to the channel

here at trip review we try and give you

guys advice

on tips and tricks and saving money as

you travel the world and so

a lot of my friends know that for work i

get to travel quite a bit i stay in a

lot of hotels i stay a lot of airbnbs

and personally i love to take my family

with me and we like to go on adventures

and i love to make good memories with


and we travel a lot now with that said

it costs a lot of money when you book a

ton of hotels and so in this video i

want to show you guys how i save money

hundreds if not thousands of dollars

over the course of the past year

on just booking hotels with this simple

trick okay you guys ready

i just got back from a five six week

vacation trip

work trip whatever you want to call it i

spent about four weeks in the boise

idaho area and i spent another week in


and outside of friends hooking us up

with an epic cabin in mammoth

most of this we had to pay out of pocket

besides one of the resorts we filmed out

they they hooked us up with the

combination because that just kind of

goes with the package

so with that said i want to show you

guys how we saved

over a thousand dollars just by booking


in this way and this way is really

simple all you need to do

is book your hotel one to two days

before you plan to stay where you

when you need it now this works really

well especially

in this era because not only are we

getting crazy discounts with hotels

but there's not a lot of people

traveling and so

the competition for availability isn't

really there so you don't have to worry

about that

so what i want to show you guys with my

screen right now i love to use priceline

just because i

personally feel like this shows me the

best discounts and it's the cleanest

less spammy

but you can use whatever you like but i

find a lot of success with priceline

i've been using this

past five years what i want to do is i'm

in southern california right now but

let's just say i want to visit my

brother up in seattle and so let's

visit seattle and we're going to book it

for this weekend so

the 24th through the 26th when it's

typically peak pricing

and we're going to find our hotel and we

want to make sure we're staying at

something with the standard so we're

going to do four star only

so you guys can see the difference here

and then we're going to filter this by

customer rating

because what i want to do here is i want

to open up a new tab

so we can compare prices from this

weekend compared to a month from now so

you guys can see the difference

so we opened up a new tab we're going to

go ahead and create this window here

and we're going to update the dates to

be august 28th through the 30th

we're going to update the search

okay so from the get-go you see

cedarburg lodge at the same price

um let's scroll down but as you can see

pet friendly you can see the difference


131 compared to 156 but let's continue

to scroll

so we're going to go down you see grand


same price but you start to see a little

bit of difference when you do the hyatt

regency in bellevue i've actually stayed


make sure you guys don't drive you don't

have a vehicle because they do not have

parking it's miserable trying to find a

space okay as we continue to scroll down

you start seeing a little bit of


already you're saving 20 20 bucks so

that's that's pretty good

you look at the four-star hotel 112

compared to

124 so that saves you a little bit let's

start looking a little bit more let's go

mayflower let's compare

the maf maybe where'd the mayflower go

there we go mayflower so you already

start to see a little bit more

difference uh 125 compared to 142.

you're saving 30 bucks out the door just

like that let's continue to scroll

we have that's why because i didn't say

four stars dir no wonder okay we're

gonna go back to the mayflower so you

see the mayflower here

um there we go mayfly

is up here so now let's compare the west

end 153 to 179

now you're starting to see a little bit

more discounts that's about 50 bucks in

savings over 50 right there

uh the sheraton 172 to 159

let's let's look at the kempton well

that's a big deal right there you got

359 compared to 233 okay so as you can

see that's quite a bit of savings right

there that's 120 bucks 110 bucks right

there and savings that you get

just by booking last second compared to

booking and being a planner

now i will say when the world is normal

and you know you're going to go to a

city with a lot of events like maybe

like an epic football game or something

like that

you don't want to typically do this

method but for normal

travel accommodation you don't really

care where you stay as long as it's a

three star above or whatever you can

your standards may be a little lower

than mine it's fine doesn't matter no

judgment if you want to stay

and save even more more money but i just

wanted to show you how you could save

hundreds if not thousands of dollars if

you use

this simple trick now comment below let

me know how much you've saved

if this video has helped you at all if

you found the best discounts

just by using this method make sure you

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