How To Travel Hawaii ON A BUDGET With Jackson Groves | UNILAD Adventure

hey guys it's Jackson groves here with

uni lat adventure and today we're going

to look at how to do Hawaii on a budget

Hawaii is a place full of natural

beauties from the mountains to the

waterfalls however it's a place that's

known to be incredibly expensive to

visit so let's take a look at how we can

make this trip more affordable these

shots were filmed on Kauai

but these budgeting rules generally

apply across most of the Hawaiian

Islands firstly let's look at what there

is to do in Hawaii that doesn't burn a

hole in your wallet there's so many

amazing places you can visit here with

no entry price you can explore epic

waterfalls such as while or Falls

there's nothing like witnessing the raw

power of Mother Nature up close and

personal you can hike unbelievable

trails like haiku Ridge

we ran along these insane cliffs day

after day and it was the highlight of

our trail looking out over the epic

ridges of the Napali coast is out of

this world


you can also enjoy some of the world's

best beaches like shipwreck beach on

Kauai where we swam with turtles and

went cliff jumping in the crystal-clear



so now let's talk about transportation

and how you're going to get around the

most cost efficient way to travel is by

using apps like to row or hotwire to get

a rental car for half price or less we

hired our rental car for only $40 a day

at some point you're going to get hungry


eating out at most restaurants can be

expensive really quick the best way to

keep your costs down is to eat at the

local food trucks will get a Pokeball or

pack lunch from food land for seven

dollars or less


Hawaii is known for its luxury getaways

with most hotels on Kauai costing more

than 300 per night but there's still a

way to stay here that's a lot more


we visited the Kauai beach house hostel

that cost us only $38 per night it's a

great place to meet other travelers and

the hostel has the option of dorms or a

private room all-in-all Hawaii is a

nature lovers dream with unique

landscapes and so many activities you

can do on a tight budget on the surface

it might seem like an expensive place

but with the right tips and tricks' it

isn't hard to have the trip of a

lifetime here for a fraction of the cost

thanks for watching guys make sure you

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to travel to Hawaii with so you can show

them that it doesn't need to break the

bank and you can travel to Hawaii on a