hi guys I'm April and I'm Luke and we

have just spent two amazing months

traveling Europe by train there are so

many ways to travel Europe but we knew

we wanted to go by train and we had

three options if you haven't heard of

interval or URL before they're

essentially prepaid tickets which allow

you to travel across 31 different

countries in Europe we went for the

global two-month interval pass which

allows us to travel within as many

countries as many times as we want

within those two months our other

options were 15 days and 2 months pass

which means we could use 15 travel days

within a two month period or finally

option 3 which was just to buy the

tickets as we went along

at the end of the vlog we're going to

look at the stats and reveal how much we

paid for our tickets and how much we

could have paid if we'd use the other

options but first of all we'd like to

give you five top tips that we learned

while traveling Europe in certain

countries like France and Italy where

they have the high speed trains you'll

still need to make a seat reservation

even with your interval ticket these

reservations can cost anywhere from 3

euros up to 12 euros including the

booking fee that's per person however if

you go with option 3 and just buy your

train tickets as you go along then your

seat reservation is already included in

that price not all trains require seat

reservations but if you haven't reserved

a seat you won't necessarily get one and

you may have to stand for most all of

the journey luckily for us the longest

we ever had to stand was for an hour

number 3

the Train doesn't always have Wi-Fi that

works and some trains only have Wi-Fi in

certain carriages so just bear that in

mind if you do need a Wi-Fi connection

if you've got any work to do check that

out beforehand number 4 try to arrive at

your train when it arrives at your

station and not in time for it leaving

this way if you don't have a seat

reservation you can find yourself a seat

but even if you do have a seat

reservation if it's a busy train you

want to make sure that you've got

somewhere good to put your luggage where

you can see it at number 5 in Southeast

Europe the trains aren't particularly

regular and they're definitely not the

high-speed trains we ended up using flex

bus and other companies a number of

times in that area just because it

really sped our journey up so finally

which of these three ways to travel you

by train would have been the cheapest

FAR's well we're gonna have to break

this down into two categories because

with inter rail if you're under the age

of 28 your class as a youth and if

you're over the age of 28 your class is

an adult which means that your ticket is

more expensive so we're going to break

my ticket down into the most expensive

the mid-range and the cheapest option so

for me as a youth my most expensive

option would have been to buy my tickets

as I went along

the total cost would have been 725

pounds the mid-range option for me would

have been to buy my two-month Eurorail

pass which cost me 612 pounds this

figure includes the shipping insurance

and all extra reservation costs and

finally the cheapest option for me would

have been the 15-day in two months into

rail path which would have only cost me

four hundred and forty-four pounds so in

total unfortunately because of bad


I made a loss of one hundred and sixty

eight pounds so for me the story doesn't

get much better because as the over 28

the most expensive option for me was the

two-month Global Pass which we got which

is really really disappointing that sent

me back 768 pound including seat

reservations and insurance the next

cheapest option would have been for me

to just buy my ticket as I went along

that would have only cost me 725 pounds

so the cheapest option as an over 28

would have been the same as the youth

which is to get the 15 days within two

months that would have certainly back

549 pounds so by choosing the two month

Global Pass I actually made a loss of

219 pounds pretty depressing there

really really sucks if you're looking to

stay on top of your costs it's really

really important that you plan out your

Europe trip before you book any type of

interval ticket this can literally save

you hundreds of pounds as we've just

seen unfortunately when we went to

Europe we wanted to be free spirits and

we decided to just wing it

and as fun as that is it can actually

end up costing you quite a bit of extra

cash as we've seen if we'd have known

that we'd only be traveling for 16

of course we would have gone for the

15-day circuit that being said we have

really enjoyed the flexibility of being

able to change our plans as we've gone

along which is the beauty of the global

ticket even though it is more expensive

obviously it's important to take into

account that the stats that we've

provided are solely based on our trip on

the dates that we went to the places

that we went to we did 28 journeys on 16

different travel days to eight different

countries we hope that these stats give

you a bit of an insight and help you

into making the decision as he travels

through Europe we had an absolutely

amazing time in Europe and we really

enjoyed travelling by train because some

of the countryside and mountains that

you see through the window are

absolutely stunning so we know whichever

ticket you choose you're gonna have a

great time please check out our channel

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if you have any questions or queries on

the interval or your rail tickets then

please let us know and we'll do our very

best to help you in the meantime enjoy

planning your adventure and just make

sure you plan a little better than we