this is my view right now and I thought

it'd be ridiculous if I didn't film a

little vlog at the beach so I thought

I'd come down to the beach as I haven't

really been here the whole week and I

thought this is where we just have a

little bit of a chat about whether

all-inclusive holidays are worth it

yeah if you don't know an all-inclusive

package holiday is basically where you

click one button unlike a website like

jet to tui thomascook it was kind of

like the traditional family holiday and

it still is where they book your flights

your transfers your room and all your

meals for you and you just pay one price

and that's it and I really want to come

a thing like this to see what it was

like because I've had five years now

looking everything myself fully

independent travel and all that malarkey

so definitely nice to be able to go onto

a website and everything is just booked

for you with one click that felt bizarre

for me to do because normally it's so

many different booking processes

different websites things like that I'm

trying to organize all myself which is

pretty natural to me now

but booking everything with one click

including your like beverages not so

natural not gonna lie kind of nice I get

that also arriving at the airport and

having a coach ready to take you to the

airport where they give you commentary

along the way about the island that's

super nice who doesn't like that I like

that after yet those are a couple of

like big pros but it's just so easy the

thing is I don't find booking everything

independently hard sorry that lighting

is awful you know I mean I don't find

any of it difficult or taxing

to do so I don't know for me it's a nice

little perk but really when it comes

down to it it's about the money is it

worth it for the money

and as I've crunched the numbers in my

room we're gonna have to be to be

continued on this so we're I'm going to

enjoy the beach a little bit more and

eat some hair I think about the hotel

the minute we'll talk about money okay

you might be shocked guess who lost all

the footage for this video

this shaloo lay right here not my fault

just the cameras deciding when it wants

to save a clip these days thank you

luckily I found my notes and we are

going to accept and move on and we are

going to talk about whether through

crunching the numbers the all-inclusive

package holiday I went on in Malta was

saving me any money whatsoever so for

one week some alter through tui I paid

315 pounds which was all-inclusive so

you get all your food and drinks

included including alcohol you'll

transfer you hotel your flights the lot

now the 315 was slightly higher cuz one

I had a single supplement charge it's a

little bit cheaper per person if it's

because it's a to sharing room basis

thing and also I upgraded for like 10

pounds so I could get pool view bacon

drove 15 pounds was insane and I'm

pretty sure I got an amazing deal simply

because it was winter and at that time

of year when it's low seas and hotels

are just trying to get people in the

door so I went onto the DBC Bank Resort

& Spa

website now it's an all-inclusive resort

anyway even if you booked it on your own

so for a week I actually found out it

would have cost 563 pounds just for the

hotel alone and if I booked the same

flights Tuesday Tuesday I went with tui

there were a hundred twenty pound

returned from Manchester so already we

are at 683 yeah 683 pounds already if we

booked all of that individually great

we've already made a great saving what

if I want to go to Malta alone and do as

I normally do try and find the cheapest

flight that I could book my own hotel so

I just did a little dig

and acted out as if I was gonna do it

myself so I'm the cheapest lights were

around a hundred and twenty returned to

Malta in that kind of season so 124

flights then I had a look at some hotels

that I would have personally booked

trying to keep on a budget maybe and

we're looking at around 200 pounds for a

week so if you can do the math we are

already over what we've spent and say we

were budgeting food breakfast lunch

dinner maybe I could try and budget out

about 200 pounds for the week that's

like no alcohol like being really budget

friendly so that doesn't include

transfers either it's already five

hundred and twenty pound this is my

thinking the thing is you don't need to

stay and eat in the hotel you can do

what you want you don't even have to go

to the Welcome meeting or anything like

that you can just use a package holiday

if you find a crazy cheap deal to kind

of just get you out there get food if

you want it drinks if you want none and

it could still be cheaper now the

obvious problems with this are you've

already got that feeling that I've

already paid for the food and drink but

if you can put that aside and you still

want to go out you could still get a

better deal the only problem is is it's

not there I thinking can I use this

somehow within my trips and unless

you're flying to and from the UK then

there's kind of no point but I would

definitely say it's a great option to

look at if you just want to go to one

place and not travel around a lot

because I've seen you know your flights

again included as a return to and from

the UK bill I do another all-inclusive

package holiday again absolutely if you

miss my first impressions video where I

take you around the hotel and show you

what all the all-inclusive goodness is

that I'll link it up and I also did a

massive video which I'm super proud of

of Malta if you want to go especially in

low sees them I take you out for like

four days and put it all into like a

mini travel guide of what I got up to

what I found things like that so go

check that out as well but I would do

one again I think there definitely if

you get a good deal

you definitely save some money it's all

about hunting rhyme for those good deals

and maybe going in low season I can't

avoid this anymore guys it's gotten I

when I was talking to him it's like oh

we should book one just for a snuff film

and get really cheap deal maybe to like

Costello Saul or something just go on an

all-inclusive and just have fun for a

week because it is it's it is nice

hassle I don't find booking trips and

travel hassle to be honest I actually

really enjoy hunting for my own hotel

and stuff but they're meant to be

holidays where you don't have to do

anything and that's great if you want

that and sometimes if you go somewhere

in low season and maybe the flights are

a little bit expensive maybe look into

it looking like jet to of thomascook or


see if they've got any last minute blow

see some deals and see if you can grab a

bargain and do it that way but I'm gonna

leave that video there I definitely do

it again but definitely more from a

holiday by slight thing it's going Mike

it's definitely fully holiday bye-bye

feel you could use it as a way of

getting a good discount so have a word

with this camera stop deleting my

footage and I'm really sorry I have to

film it in here because it was

originally filmed in the hotel and

things like that but let me know your

thoughts have you got any like insanely

good hotel deals or AM package holiday

deals I'd love to know what your best

bargain was and again what your thoughts

are we got a lot of good and thoughts

and discussion on the first video I did

but let's continue it over here and I'll

see you in the next video where I'm not

gonna say if another's blind again this

is just not no bueno

this is no bueno right yes I will see

you in the next video then down below

are you subscribed follow like the

instagrams all that darling do it all do

not a bit it's quite all right I'm still

going to be here alright loving leaving

shutting up bye bye