Cancun Budget Travel - 5 Tips

Cancun is a perfect place to relax and

have a great beach holiday but it can

also be very expensive and that's why in

this video we're going to show you five

tips for how to travel Cancun on a

budget and that being said in Cancun you

will find three main areas you have the

suna Hotel era the hotel zone which is

where all the all-inclusive resorts are

located and on the other hand you have

the downtown gang clue which is a lot

cheaper and where most of the locals

live and the less touristy side of

Cancun so our first tip is as much as

possible avoid the zona hotel era

because it is super expensive we booked

a very cheap hostel the mescal hostel in

downtown Cancun for around 10 to 15

euros per night you get a bed in a dorm

group you get breakfast and dinner

included as well as a shot of tequila

and some drinking games so there's booze

as well it's a really nice hostel it has

a pool there's a lot of stuff you can do

in a lot of great ways to meet new

people so we definitely how you

recommend looking for also like that

instead of going to an all-inclusive

resort because then you will need a lot

of basil our second budget tip for

Cancun is to eat local there are some

really great local eateries spread

across the downtown area here of Cancun

where I can get some real local good

food this is one of the examples very

close or a hustle which is just around

the corner and we're going to have some


so we just ordered some tacos and a

quesadilla and it looks really good we

have one taco a chicharrΓ³n and one taco

with eggs and chorizo and these are just

less than a euro each one Camacho

this is so great

this is really rich flavor a good spice

to it but not too much really good

another secret tip for cheap food even

ends of zonal era yes there's cheap food

until the javelina is to go to the Aqsa

where they have tacos at 70 cents each

which is just dirt cheap two extra beers

three tacos cost us less than five euro

very good deals to be had here get a few

beers take the bus to the hotel and you

can enjoy one of the many public beaches

that thanku has to offer right now we're

at triad chakra which is a very nice

piece the favourite one that we've been

through so far and we got some beers at

the Ox lows supermarkets just chill here

on the beach for a while it's a very

quiet beach there aren't that many

people here there are a lot of locals as

well you can walk along the beach and

just chill out and it's a cheap bacteria

now if you want to avoid doing expensive




diploma for for traveling on a budget

and Cancun is to organize your own tours

there's lots of cool tours you can take

here you can visit the beautiful of

Islamic areas you can visit the cenotes

around Tulum and you can visit the

famous Mayan site of she signature which

is one of the seven wonders in the world

how cool is that but if you take an

organized tour it's gonna cost you a lot

of money

like for example visiting the Chichen

Itza ruins cost around sixty five

dollars while you can organize yourself

for much cheaper price you can take the

bus from downtown Cancun right all the

way down to Chichen Itza for eight

dollars and you can pay the entrance fee

of twelve to thirteen dollars and return

with the same bus back so for less than

$30 you can organize your own tour

instead of paying sixty five dollars for

an organized tour Cancun is deep are the

capital of Mexico and the awesome

nightlife here but it can be very

expensive so with our next step you can

save a lot of money lots of money said

you can spend on other stuff like that

goes up judging just the same tacos

going out to clubs and paying entrance

fees and drinks and rack up quite a bit

of your bill but there's some awesome

deals here of all-inclusive part is very

just pay one fee that includes the

entrance and all-you-can-drink so it's

an open bar and I definitely got my

money's worth last night the one we went

to which is conga clock only costs us

$30 each just to pay the entrance and

all you can drink some clubs are a bit

more expensive like fifty dollars or

sixty or sixty-five dollars if you

choose the budget option of thirty

dollars you can still have a great night

out and save some money

if you follow these steps we'll be able

to save a lot of money on your next

holiday in Cancun for example today we

only spent 50 euros for the both of us

and that included a trip to the beach

lots of good food some beers we have a

really nice day out and we didn't break

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