How to Find Cheap Flights | $147 Round Trip to Thailand - Travel Hack



what's up guys it's Liane heater here

and I am back with another video

probably saw on the title of this video

I love a good deal I will find a cheap

flight and be on that thing time

permitting as quickly as I possibly can

and my next international adventure

hence why my Harrison is Thailand and I

got my ticket

round-trip for round trip flight from

the United States of America to Thailand

clear on the other side of the world for

$147 round-trip how did I do it allow me

to tell you as well as all the other

hacks that I use to find cheap flights

also I will say that none of the stuff

that I'm mentioning in this video is

sponsored I wish it was clearly you can

see for my subscriber count' that nobody

is paying me for any type of promotions

this is all out of the kindness of my

heart because I want you to win alright

I have a few apps that I really love to

use Skyscanner

is skip lagged on my top two favorites

Skyscanner is an app where you can put

in your beginning location your ending

location and it'll pull up all of the

flight prices across a number of

airlines and give you all of those

flights you can also play around with

your Partrick date and your arrival date

to try to find the best rate so it's

cool for just a quick like mmm I wonder

how much flights are this week you know

I wonder how much flights are on

whatever date that you choose skip

lagged is amazing because it's like a

hat so they find like hidden city fares

so the way that it works is they'll find

the best combination of flights for you

but they may not all be on the same

airline for example I want to fly from

Detroit to Los Angeles LAX but the

flight on let's say Delta's website for

a nonstop flight is $900 okay

depending on what I'm going skip legs

will find a flight that is going

international right so it's flying from

dtw taking a stop and LAX and flying on

to let's say Hong Kong right but you

look the flight get off in the city that

you need to and just not take the

connecting flight there's no rules

against this I mean it goes against your

moral compass the first time I use

Kipling I felt all types of ways like oh

my gosh

waste of the sea but it saves you money

so I'm all for that

so make sure you check out sky scanner

and skip legs now there are three other

great ones that I've heard of but I

haven't personally used them myself

there's hopper Kiwi in Hipmunk I'm not a

hundred percent certain on how all of

those apps work so I know Hopper kind of

pulls from all over the place so that

they do similar things so just make sure

you do your research on the apps find

which one works best for you which one

you'd like to use the most which one you

feel like gets you the best deals and

stick with those another thing that is

my absolute favorite is Google flights

so what's really amazing about Google

flights is you can go in pick your

departure city and you can pick any so

you can pick like whatever the algorithm

will give you as a destination and if it

fits then you just go ahead and book it

there's also a really cool thing that

allows you to put alerts so Google

flight alerts let's say I wanted to book

a ticket for August and looking at the

tickets right now but I'm not sure if

this is the best time to buy I feel like

maybe they'll be something that's closer

to the date that's a little bit cheaper

so you can put a flag or an alert on

that specific destination in that

specific flight path and Google will

actually tell you when prices are likely

to increase or when prices have decrease

and this is probably the best time to


it's a really really great tool to use

Google flights and sometimes I'll just

in my leisure go on to Google fly it's

in my web browser type it in my home

city which is dtw and just search the

map for a destination so it'll be like a

whole world map you put in your starting

city and you pretty much just drag and

zoom in and zoom out and find flight

prices of different areas another really

great website aside from Google flights

is air fare watchdog it is a flight

tracker and it tracks like a number of

other prices across like different

airlines and hotels and cars and rentals

and all kinds of stuff airfare watchdog

is a really really great website and I

used to be on it all the time but I

stopped using it as often but it's

something that I definitely want to

start back using again because I do

recall there being some really really

amazing flights and there's things that

pop up that can be like super last

minute so airlines are ran by humans and

humans make mistakes so sometimes there

are air fares that are updated that are

wrong and those are listed on websites

and if you jump on them quick enough

then they have to honor the fact that

you bought that ticket at that price so

you want to make sure that you're signed

up for a number of these things so that

you can always catch when these mistakes

happen and you can book those fights

ever the great deals and finally one

more thing that I've been starting to

embrace a little bit more our Facebook

groups so there are a number of groups

on Facebook all across the world for

different travel tips and travel

companies and just people who have come

together and are adding in their

information on these forms that allow

you to learn from the experience of

others to find the best deals and the

places that you go to so my sister and I

and one of our friends actually went to

Martinique which is an island in the

French Caribbean and everything that we

did while we were there we got it from a

Facebook group on Martinique from our

tour guide to the sightseeing that we

saw and all of those things were all

thanks to the Facebook group that we saw

so make sure that you're making great

use of your resources and you're talking

to people around you and

if you have any questions now how did I

get my flight to Thailand for 147

dollars I have an American Express card

and when I first open that card

there was a bonus of 50 thousand points

so when I opened that card you had to

spend a certain amount of money within

the first I think 30 days of having the

card in order to qualify for the $50,000

points bonus so what I did was I just

started using my American Express card

as if it was my debit card so anytime I

needed to purchase something that I

would have already purchased on my debit

card I put that on my American Express

card so I could reach that threshold of

spending that I needed to meet so that I

could get those 50,000 bonus points now

the points can be used for a number of

things with my specific card my card is

d the American Express gold card so you

can use the points on anything

essentially and I was saving them

because I knew that there was gonna be

something that came up that I wanted to

do and it ended up being this Thailand

girls trip with my friends so we booked

for months in advance what I did was I

went into the American Express part of

the website where you can book travel

and I found the flight that they had now

it was significantly more expensive on

the American Express website versus

booking it directly on the airlines

website so what did I do something that

I always do which is call customer

service and complain so I called

American Express on my hey I am a

relatively new car holder I would like

to use my points on this airfare but

it's significantly more expensive on the

American Express website than it is on

the airline website and the young man

told me that I can book the flight on

the airlines website and that I can pay

for it with the American Express points

once it hits my account I said great I

shall do that so the flight on the

website was I think 790 dollars which is

still an amazing flight price for a

roundtrip ticket to Thailand so I booked

that and I waited for it to hit my

account he told me I need to wait

24 hours calling back the next day but

whoever I got on the phone an American

Express the next day told me that the

guy was completely wrong we actually

have to book directly on the American

Express website all this stuff and I was

like well this is what I was promised

you all have at this point

over-promised and under-delivered and as

a new heart holder I don't think that's

the the impression that you'd like to be

making on someone who just began using

your services now do you the man so

graciously decided that he will do a

one-time service to me and use my

American Express points to pay for my

flight by the time all my American

Express points were used I only had to

come out of pocket 147 dollars now you

may be asking Liam I don't have an

American Express card are you asking me

to go sign up for a credit card just so

that I can get this cheap flight no

that's not what I'm telling you to do

one I take credit very very seriously if

you've watched my previous car-buying

series you would know that so I'm not

telling you to be reckless and go out

and open up credit card lines all

willy-nilly do not do that that's a bad

decision and your butt will actually be

home because you ruined your credit

instead of being out here living your

best life traveling the globe however

comma I am saying that you need to use

your resources so if you come across

something you see discrepancies

somewhere or you see something that just

doesn't quite look right call customer

service complain complain complain

because these companies look to give out

free stuff

you're just not asking for it always be

an advocate for yourself it just s the

work show could get is a no so

Skyscanner skip leg hopper Kiwi Hipmunk

Google flights and then other travel

benefit cards it's not just American

Express that does this thing so some

credit cards have mileage rewards some

credit cards have cash back deals that

you can turn into flight credits so

there's a number of ways to do it so if

you have a credit card I would recommend

going on the website doing a little bit

of research reading to see what the

benefits and words you have with your

card and if you're able to upgrade your

card without them pulling your thread

when you come across a good flight don't

risk losing it like if it's a good one

and you're okay with the price just book

it another really important thing is to

be flexible in your dates

so that's hard for people who you don't

have full-time jobs they have kids they

have families and they have all this

stuff to do but I feel like people don't

travel because they don't want to I feel

like it can potentially be an excuse

depending on what it is that you're

doing and how you're managing your money

where you decide to spend usually the

most expensive thing is getting there

the fly is the most expensive thing you

can live pretty cheaply once you reach a

number of these destinations if you have

any questions let me know in the

comments below are there any ways that

you find cheap flights or find cheap

airfare what do you do to travel on a

budget because look I do a really good

job of looking like I have money but I

don't always have it okay what I'm good


is budgeting my money and you can to

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