FLYING TO MEXICO DURING COVID | New Airline & Airport Guidelines | Pandemic Travel Internationally

hello from minneapolis we are here at our park  n fly hotel when we have early flights in the  

morning we always come down the night before and  we are headed to cancun and we are so excited  

because we have not flown in 234 days yes it's  been that long the last time we flown was when  

we were in cabo mexico and now the first time  we're flying again is two mexico it is 4:42  

here in the morning so we have an early flight  here at 6:30 so we're like getting awake hello

i know i know now that we are living in different  times here with a pandemic things have definitely  

changed and i'm going to be vlogging all the  things from the start of our trip here until  

we get to our hotel in cancun so we are flying  delta airlines and we do have a connection in  

detroit so it'll be interesting to kind of just  experience everything that goes on so follow along  

as i share all the things that now take place when  you are traveling during a pandemic so we are at a  

marriott courtyard marriott that's where we say  every single time we come down here to the airport  

we've probably stayed at this hotel like what  20-30 times because it's literally the same  

hotel we come to every time we come to do a  parking by before we fly out and one thing we  

did notice yesterday when we were arriving here  at the hotel um you usually can just walk right  

in the hotels well you couldn't hear you could get  up to the door and then it would buzz and then the  

reception desk asked if you had a reservation and  then if you said yes they would let you in so they  

are not letting like people just come in and out  of the hotels here so that was a new thing and  

then now that we're in a hotel everything's pretty  much the same they just the amenities aren't there  

like they were like they don't have all the like  little lotions and so bars and stuff which is  

fine we really didn't use that stuff anyways and  then um also they used to have like glass drinking  

glasses and stuff in the room and the coffee  maker is gone um so instead of the glass they have  

plastic like cups i'll show you here so no  more glassware um but plastic covered stuff  

and they're also giving out breakfast bags  instead of like having breakfast available so  

those are kind of like the changes we're seeing  here at our park and fly in minneapolis time to  

head down and get on the shadow and head to the  airport of course we got our mast on because  

anywhere you go nowadays you have to have your  mask so we'll be burying these a lot on this trip

transfer was awesome our driver pretty much like  did everything she's like don't touch anything  

you know don't i'll open the doors i'll take your  luggage she's like we're just trying to eliminate  

touch points so yeah transfer was good so we're  now at the airport we're being really cautious  

as we're traveling here we're not like touching  handrails and like anything more than we actually  

have to touch so just a lot more cautiousness  going on and i hope you guys can hear me  

with this mask on never seen the airport this  empty it is october 23rd and this is the lines  

that tsa is less than five minute wait time it  is like five in the morning but still at five in  

the morning a lot of flights early flights still  used to go out all the time and yeah look at the  

lions over there delta oh it's so sad so we print  out our boarding passes before we came here so we  

wouldn't have to go to the kiosk so just another  thing to see limiting as much touching as possible  

so we are in a tsa security line and  there's no one in line so this is a breeze

we just got through tsa little different situation  there so we scanned our passports ourselves  

and then they didn't even check our boarding  passes they i asked him like do you need our  

board and pass and she said no so literally all  they had to do in tsa was scan our passports  

and we were good to go through so that was easy  this is how empty this airport is right now i've  

never seen it this empty ever mcdonald's for  breakfast so one thing i want to share with  

you guys when we were i'm going through security  you know there's the liquids rule i have a whole  

video on that so if you're interested in learning  more about the tsa311 liquids and powders rule go  

check out that video but um because of coved  they are allowing you to have additional hand  

sanitizer and you don't have to have all of  it in your clear 311 bag so just so you know  

on my purse here i had this on here and i  asked tsa i'm like i just want to verify like  

this doesn't have this extra bottle doesn't  have to go into our uh tsa bag and he said no  

it's fine so just fyi if you're traveling you can  definitely have a bottle of hand sanitizer on your  

purse available and it doesn't have to go in your  311 bag so just to note that now we're gonna eat  

breakfast because our flight starts boarding at  5:50 and yeah we got here five usually we get  

to the airport what two to three hours prior to  departure but we had a feeling it was going to  

be pretty dead here this morning and we were right  we have never not waited in line at security like  

we went right through securities yeah we walked  right up scanned her passport and walked right  

through right to security screening crazy  it's like we have the airport to ourselves

i've never seen it like this we're thankful  we're going to mexico and one other thing  

i forgot to tell you guys for someone  who has to go do a parking fly because  

you live hours away from your airport um  just a heads up parking fly shuttles are  

not running 24 hours for some hotels like  our hotel they used to always run 24 hours  

but they've now cut that back and so they  only run from 5am until 11pm so just keep  

that in mind when you are booking a park and  fly hotel um definitely check with the hours  

of their shuttle because it could be you know  different now in pandemic days so just a tit

here and i'm like i don't know how to do  this because i have to wear masks when i  

walk in the airport i've like pushed my mask  up when i want to take a drink it's weird so  

let's go the travel life i guess let's get  to our gate because it's actually boarding so  

must go now we are silver medallion members with  delta airlines so we always get zone one usually  

unless we get uh first class so i know we'll  be like some of the first sports so we gotta go

our flight is boarding and they are boarding from  back to front and then if you're in first class  

you can board right away a little different than  normal not by zone way to detroit before we head  

to cancun so now you know if you're in zones that  doesn't matter they board from back to front so  

being silver medallion not a big deal right now

wow it's clean it's really good the  seats are clean the floor is clean  

looks good definitely like one of the  cleanest flights we've ever been on  

so delta has a seat blocking so they're only  allowing two people in a row so we're sitting  

together but it's our own row which i like  a lot an extra room boarded the plane here  

we got a little purell wipe to sanitize our  hands and whatever else we want to say like  

so we were just talking about how it's been it's  really nice having them board from back to front  

because you don't have all these people like  standing and walking past you so it's really  

nice that they they're doing that and i think  that's something that should stay because i  

always thought that was kind of crazy who are  they boarded from front to back but then it's  

like all these people are going past you  and moving and stuff so that's a good thing

delta is now severing their food in these  little plastic pouches this is the only food  

and drinks that are now served on the flights  you get a bag of cheez-its a biscoff cookie  

napkin bottle of water and hand sanitizer

all right we are in detroit i changed  masks because we are not used to wearing  

masks we both work from home and that  one was like pulling out of my ears and  

it was really annoying by the one so i  put this one on it's looser so hopefully  

this will be more comfortable we are but never  worn masks for this long so yeah all the things

waiting to board our next flight just one thing i  wanted to touch on was when you're deplaning now  

you can't just get up and like try and get off  the plane right away like you know when you  

land the whole plane stands up you can't do that  you have to stay seated wait until someone's six  

feet in front of you yep yep so as soon as  the people in front of you got their luggage  

and they are six feet in front of you then you  can get up get your luggage and then go off so  

a little different process pretty easy mask over  your nose because i heard someone get talked to  

there was another person on the phone that got  talked to because he didn't have it over his nose  

wearing it like this yeah you can't wear it like  this you have to have it like this so now you know  

now to cancun all right so boarding this plane  was as normal nothing really out of the ordinary  

they are boarding from back to front still unless  you are first class or diamond medallion then you  

can bird at first we are on a really old plate  i don't think we've been on this old of a plane  

for delta for a long time so look at them yeah  screens oh my god its an oldie but a goodie  

yeah i guess the oldie but a goodie as long as  it makes this a cancun i don't care how old it is

we just got our first passport stamps on  our brand new passport we just got a new one  

hi hello we're getting searched so we just got  the 52 page passport and our first stamp on it  

was mexico so it's pretty exciting hot out oh i  cannot wait to take this mask off totally focused

all right we're in our transfer here so when  we got here they gave us hand sanitizer and  

they sanitized our luggage before they put  it in the vehicle and now we're on our way  

to our resort so everything's been really really  good and safe and social this thing massive core  

certain place so all is well so far and there  we go he already got his corona upon arrival to  

the resort one of the staff members came to our  transfer and took our temperature via our wrists

thank you we made it so we just got to a room  here in cancun an awesome awesome room they did  

an upgrade for us and the only exception was they  couldn't operate the king bag because they didn't  

have me left they only had queens they're at 60  capacity and i was like i couldn't believe it  

when they said that so that's really cool so  just a quick rundown on the check-in process  

um we got here you know the transfer brought us  here to the resort and then before we could even  

enter we've got our wrist temperature checked  and they were fine we got cleared we went in  

to the resort they didn't ask us any questions  it was standard check-in they said maths are  

recommended but optional so that's where it's  at right now and also because of kobe a lot  

of resorts don't require restaurant reservations  some do some don't this resort normally does not  

require uh restaurant reservations but they are  requiring because of kovitz so you do have to go  

down to the lobby every day and then set up your  dinner time every night so just a heads up that  

might not be the case at all the resorts but just  a heads up at our resort where we're staying here  

in cancun when it was we had to make a dinner  reservation and then also when we uh checked in  

they sanitized our luggage again just a really  good reminder if you guys are traveling i would  

highly recommend hard sided luggage because  they're spraying sanitization stuff all over  

it and if you have cloth luggage it just like  would soak in at least with hard sided luggage  

you can sanitize it yourself and they're spraying  all these things all over them to sanitize so  

just a heads up and a recommendation if you are  traveling i would highly recommend getting some  

hard sided luggage so it's easy to clean so let me  just give you a really quick tour of our room here  

all amenities were still in the room the only  exception was that there was no coffee maker the  

fridge was fully stocked with beer water and other  sodas upon arrival the lobby did give us a mask as  

well so this resort is an adult-only resort and  they have one of the largest infinity pools in  

mexico so check it out that looks amazing i cannot  wait to get down there get a margarita and some  

food we're going for mexican tonight so it's gonna  be a good day upon departing cancun you will have  

to fill out a health questionnaire that includes  standard covert questions and if you have any  

symptoms upon departure weaver given a paper copy  from a delta agent or you can also scan a qr code  

and fill it out on your phone prior to being able  to go into the security line if you have airport  

lounge access i definitely recommend taking  advantage of that especially now during covid  

because it's nice for social distancing everything  is extremely clean and sanitized they of course  

have free food drinks amenities and of course  it's way more comfortable to sit in a lounge  

rather than out in the general public area where  everyone else is sitting waiting for their flight  

all right you guys and that is a wrap here on  our first trip during a pandemic internationally  

minnesota to cancun and overall what'd you  think it was easy it was super easy lots of  

you know hand sanitizer just more cautious yeah  delta was awesome the transfer company was awesome  

pack your patience bring sanitizer and a mask  and it was easy peasy plus people yeah there was  

definitely less people but i'm glad to see that  mexico is you know there's more people coming so  

that's a really good sign so overall don't be  scared to fly during a pandemic because it's not  

that bad just be smart be safe and go so i'm so  glad we finally went so because we finally had a  

trip that wasn't canceled after what four trips  have been canceled on us now so we finally made  

this one i think it canceled on us so it's really  good so stay tuned for my cancun vlog i'm gonna  

vlog that completely separate so definitely go  check that out and if you haven't already be sure  

to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe  for future vlogs if you have any questions of  

course reach out and let me know in the comments  below we're gonna go enjoy some cancun time you