Is It Cheap To Travel In Japan?

um so what is your main source of cost

here like food or accommodation alcohol

hey guys this is ivy and welcome back to

the deagle channel so a lot of people

think that is very expensive to travel

in Tokyo in Japan in general but today

we are in Hana tjuku Tokyo to interview

tourists to see if traveling in Japan

was actually cheaper than they thought


so first of all where are you from I'm

from Australia Brazil I'd love to go to

Brazil I'm from California

yeah okay I am from Spain the city of

Madrid I am from Spain

I'm from Wagga Wagga Australia so first

of all where you guys from Australia

Australian side very nice so so my first

question is was travelling in Japan

actually cheaper than you thought uh

yeah actually I thought it would be more

expensive than it has been so what is

your main cost in Japan's accommodation

or food or transportation yeah

definitely transfer like it's just money

keeps going on that the food's really

cheap and like accommodation we're

staying with a friend so that's what do

you think Spain in general is cheaper or

more expensive than Japan cheaper and

allowed the transport the public

transport not in Barcelona because

Barcelona is a bit more expensive than

the media out the country I think the

country is this country and Japan is not

as expensive as I I would think before I

can I think it's more their parts that

are more economical than I thought it

would be we we just did a trip around

starting Osaka Hiroshima Kyoto Hakone

than here so I think we've got a lot

more deals than we thought we were going

to so we could find like lunch and

dinner at some pretty good prices

but Hakone was expensive the Tres a very

tourist spot yeah so do you think

Germany is more expensive or cheaper

than Japan

I think it's almost the same price I

think more expensive than we thought but

we came here from Thailand and Vietnam

so that part of Asia is very cheap right

yes I spent less than I did

previous year I came yeah yeah I think

that Tokyo is not expensive is a travel

you can travel to to Japan with no money

yes really actually cheaper than you

expected yes do you think Australia is

more expensive or cheaper than Japan I

think it's a lot more expensive yeah

however we get paid a lot more so what

is your main source of cost

was it accommodation or transportation

or food

I think accommodation yeah what did you

expect to be the main source of your

like cost accommodation or

transportation flights accommodation

definitely in terms of like getting a

taxi and a new bar it could be a little

more expensive than our same prices

Sydney but everything else is cheaper

took the taxi here we took all right

guys so we talked to people from all

over the world and I've come to the

conclusion that Japan is actually much

cheaper than what people expected it to

be also I realized that a lot of people

didn't know that discount tickets on

coupons existed in Japan so if you're

traveling on a budget remember to check

out the old Eagle website for more

blocks and tips on traveling cheap in

Japan or look for some discounted tour

so experience packages on our EC website

well see you guys in the next video