Amsterdam: The Most Common Mistakes Tourists Make in Amsterdam

here the field travelers mark and Dutch

to five hey today we're here in

Amsterdam talking about the mistakes

that travelers make when they come here

to Amsterdam and touch' five he's got

tons of great videos for Amsterdam

Netherlands and around the world also a

good friend of mine excellent dancer as

well he does all kinds of really good

stuff and so he is here to help me talk

about some of the stakes that you might

make as a tourist when you come here

because we don't want to worse make

mistakes and come here no I'm enjoying

this day as much as possible yeah

because it is a fantastic City now what

would you say is the first mistake we

see tourists make when they come here

yeah I'm a second number one is people

come here to have a good time have a

party and typically because drugs are

legal people come here to have drugs and

one of the mistakes is mistaking a

coffee shop for a cafe where you can get

coffee so here where you get drugs is

called the coffee shop mm-hmm

and you'll find them in the red-light

district and these kind things and the

thing I always say to people is like

don't try and get your drugs on the

street I found like I've got a lot of

people who leave you change that thing

no what I would recommend to people is

don't buy the drugs on the street cuz

these are the guys that are like I don't

know make here in the house and it's a

little shady you you want to make sure

you go to the coffee shops and the thing

is is you know and I know if I've talked

about this before is you know that the

stuff you're gonna get at the coffee

shop isn't your usual run-of-the-mill

stuff you might get at home it's gonna

be really strong actually that's the

thing and they all have different

strengths and the guy the concierge or

the guy behind the counter can help you

pick the drug that you want but don't

try to be macho and go for like the

strongest one because chances are it's

way stronger than anything you've had in

your country and it's just gonna take

you for a ride yeah so do be careful

with that and we're not advocating

you're doing drugs you come here if you

do I mean that's up to you you're adults

so there's that's how you wanted to talk

about accessible thing is that a lot of

people another mistake they make is they

think that they well I should say they

only come and see the red-light district

yeah yeah it's a mistake actually

because people think like and it's often

branded it's like an adult Disneyland

but it's a small section of Amsterdam

we've got many other things and other

areas to go to here we're actually in

Amsterdam north which is a beautiful

part of the city you can get to it by a

free ferry which is awesome but there's

also the museum district where we have

three major museums

you've got the Pape area there's

different areas with the architecture

that you can appreciate there's a flower

market there's so many other areas that

are outside of the city and actually if

you go even just a little further afield

you've got other cities outside of

Amsterdam or a worth exploring so

definitely if you come to an SEM I would

recommend not to

stay in the red-light district yeah yeah

and I think and that kind of leads into

another mistake we see people make is

they think that oh I'll just stay in

Amsterdam like well here's what mistakes

come in Amsterdam don't think you have

the state in answering because there's

all kinds of great public transportation

they'll take you other cities you can

stay and like I'm staying in Utrecht on

this trip and then before a report we

were in Africa before and we stayed in

amsterdam before him but we didn't stay

in Amsterdam we stayed in Harlem and

sustained to some of those but it could

save you big-time bugs on your

accommodation and more than

accommodation and saving money you

actually get to explore the city from a

different vantage point so you get to

see not only I'm staff but also these

other cities and each one has something

to offer a charm of its own and these

kind things and the thing to realize

with the Netherlands it's actually a

small country so when you think

Amsterdam The Hague Harlem all these

other little cities we're not talking

about the difference between Paris and

Leo which is like just 27-minute like

Utrecht is the central stages 27 minutes

okay that's why we're doing that so we

actually met at the station to come out

and that's one thing it's really nice

and I think another thing going along a

little mistake people make is when they

come here on the weekends they think

they're gonna find deals yeah there are

no deals on the weekends when you're

gonna stay in Abscam it is always super

high price so have a heads up for that I

think another mistake and this is one I

think is also a safety thing another

mistake tourists make is when they're

coming to Amsterdam they use it it's

kind of like they come with all their

suitcases they come with all their bags

and stuff like that and and the stairs

here yeah and I mean if you're going for

like an Airbnb which is one of the sort

of cheaper more economical options

absolutely agree the stairs here are

literally it's basically a ladder with a

slight incline so it's futuristic so if

you have like your heavy backpack on I

mean you could fall backwards you're

trying to carry stuff up they're not

gonna help you carry your stuff up so

one of the things I recommend is if you

have like a daypack

use a day pack you're flying in they

actually have a baggage storage place at

the airport we haven't have a video on

that just leave your big bags there so

you can come in and be a lot more nimble

when you are here so we kind of started

on the CD or side and the thing is

Amsterdam isn't really a CD city no I'm

gonna say it's a cool town the people

are cool and stuff like that but I think

there's some tourist mistakes that we

need to talk about one mistake I see is

a lot of people get sad because they

don't get to go to the anne frank house

because the mistake people make is they

don't pre booked their tickets cuz you

can be in line for hours to go see that

and you won't get in so make sure you do

pre book those don't make that mistake

like Arno talked about like there's tons

museum here

the mistake of not going to them from

the reeks the van Gogh Museum to the

national state lick music mr. luck

Museum he has that it's fantastic yeah

we've got many others as well this the

ship museum which is very nice there's

the architecture museum so there's a lot

of museums I mean if museums your thing

there are a lot of smaller ones that you

should look out for there's even a

pianola Museum which is super random but

it does exist and if that's your

interest then yeah go to the piano and

that's the thing is there's so many like

micro niche things here for people I

mean you look at restaurants like

Johnson's favorite restaurant here is a

restaurant based on avocados yeah you

know you have all this stuff here and

that's what Amsterdam has I think that's

another mistake tourists make as they

come here like I'm gonna have Dutch

culture and stuff like that this is an

international city this is not it I mean

it's yes it's in Holland it's in the

Netherlands but it's not necessarily

Dutch Dutch like if you go to attracts

you go to line you go to Harlem then you

feel more Dutch affine but here's what

we're international so yeah I think

another mistake people make when they

come here is about the food I mean this

is one things we had a really good time

sampling the food all around town but

you're going to restaurants the mistake

is is like trying to search for a Dutch

restaurant don't do that you will you

international food here yeah and there

few Dutch restaurants there's mu does

for example which is based on and

photographs of mothers all over the

building which is quite interesting and

that does Dutch cuisine but Dutch

cuisine is kind of like a heavy winter

cuisine so it's based really on like a

mashed potato with the kind of gravy

meat to top five so indeed I agree with

Marcus here and there's a lot of in

Tunisia and piecing then you can try

Thai cuisine there's all sorts indeed

it's a multicultural City with PC from

all over the world and really good

cuisine as well yeah and Dutch Dutch

food is not world renowned so it's not

one of the reasons come out yeah you

know you don't see a Dutch restaurant

your hometown but you might see a Thai

place and it an Asian place to tell you

like they have stuff there so that's

another thing I think another thing

tourists need to make sure they make

they make a mistake is if they're gonna

take taxis or ubers going around places

I think you don't really need to do that

here agreed and it's such a small city

and it is quite congested actually so if

you get into an uber or one of these

things that uses the road ultimately you

you can expect to be congested the thing

is it's a bike city it's a walking City

so you'll have a much better time taking

a bicycle walking and then of course

using the metro or public transport if


but to take an uber taxi is really your

last resort and I wouldn't recommend it

yeah and it took me a lot more than

power transportation - yeah I mean

talking about the bikes I think a big

mistake tourists make is like the we

type on the other videos red is dead

mistake you make us walking in the bike

lanes do not ever walk the bike lanes

because you will die and no one will

feel sorry for you because they'll run

you over and then the grandma will go by

and go you deserve it tourists so so do

you have a heads up for that I know you

have some other bike mistakes yeah and I

definitely and I think for people coming

to Amsterdam you definitely should rent

a bicycle but we've got to make the

assumption that you've got a certain

level of biking skill that's not just

riding bike ok it's not like when you're

a kid I'm riding my bikes it's gonna

like pay attention to them yeah exactly

no it's not for the faint of heart but

in general if you follow a few simple

tips you'll be fine and these are the

tips I would recommend one is don't take

up the whole path the path is about a

meter meter and a half wide so stick to

the curb stare to the side and then you

can go any speed you like it's fine but

don't wiggle around it go crazy and then

don't ride in the wrong direction so

it's pretty obvious which direction

bikes I'm coming most of the time

there's a bicycle actually painted on

the road that shows you the direction so

stick to the direction and stick to the

side would be the two main tips but the

second one is don't write over tram

tracks so I love the time you'll be

sharing the road with cars trans and the

bicycles and it's not a good idea to

write over tram tracks for those who've

never done it before and it's your first

time a bicycle wheel so the bike stays

here and you go over there exactly yeah

there's a small piece of advice you can

learn it the hard way or you can take it

from us alright so some more mistakes

from the talk about let's go back to the

red-light district and I think one of

the mistakes people make is they kind of

treat the girls like they're they're

kind of like candy in a window kind of

stuff I guess was saying don't do that

now some mistakes people make is they

think they can do like tourism stuff

when they are in the red-light district

they take pictures of the girls the

windows don't just just don't ok that's

a big mistake cuz you get in trouble for


yeah tours do end up in the canals

sometimes and so you don't do that

you'll see signs saying don't do that

and we talked about multiple times in my

videos so have a heads up for that one

and the main thing just sorry to

interrupt you is that the main thing you

need to follow these don't take

photographs of the people working

because at the end of the day they are

doing it for a living

it is their profession and in the same

way you probably don't want to be

photographed doing your job these people

even so don't be surprised if you take

you photos if it becomes violent because

really it's it's one of the absolute

don't dues like this but yeah now moving

on some other stuff if you look behind

my shoulder over there you'll see it of

angle there's an eye answer damn sign

and the USB i amsterdam signs all over

in like that the really popular places

in the center of the city and mistake

people make is they can still find those

in like inside the city and you don't go

see them the nor theater civilization

just take the ferry over you'll see it

at the airport but you're not seeing it

in the center of the city anymore the

one the famous one used to be on museum

plane and indeed about two months ago

that moved so that sir

so mid 2019 it's moved so if you go

there now you'll just see an empty space

and so indeed if you want the I am

Samsung North is probably the place to

get it now yeah it's tough to do over

here they really did redeveloped it or

grabbed when you come out of the airport

when you gonna take your taxi or you're

getting out you'll see an I am sham sign

there do that there you'll see in the

back a lot of my Netherlands videos guy

filmed a lot of them right before they

got rid of it yeah so you have that so

have a heads up but one of the cool

things is they move some of them out

farther so you go to actually other

districts right exactly and here again

we're in north and behind us is the I

for Museum it looks a little bit like

the Sydney Opera House its countless

white monstrous buildings are really

beautiful and the architecture is pretty

modern they've also rebuilt this thing

behind here it used to be the shell hit

office is now called the Amsterdam look

at and it's a a big tower with various

things we just had burgers at the bottom

that you can go to the top where there's

actually a panoramic look hard dick with

three swings that swing over the edge so

pretty pretty adventurous if that's your

thing yeah Aaron so some other things

you spray top off for tourists there's

nothing I know with the trams you want

to say somebody's chasing the trams yes

the main mistake with the tram so the

trams are everywhere they're very

popular you absolutely must use them but

the mistake people make is they think

that all doors are made equal and it's

absolutely not the fact in fact there's

two doors out of the fall there's two

way you can come in and to where people

are coming out and generally you want to

respect it because it creates chaos

otherwise and sometimes you'll find

people getting aggressive the way it

works is the one at the front that's an

entrance the one in the middle one

before the back is the entrance as well

the other two so the middle front and

the back those are the exits will be

complicated but it is well signposted so

you don't have to be a brain surgeon

just yeah and that's one nice thing is

here here than other ones

do a really good job like signage

they're not missing out on that so

you'll be okay there now we're gonna

finish off with some long mistakes a

mistake that I've made it really comes

out of the street but we actually did a

few videos together yeah yeah a couple

times ago when we were here about the

street food and math Jam and that's true

for this fantastic don't make the

mistake of the having Dutch food in the

restaurant have it on the streets from

those we're little bit a little pancakes

call yeah the Porchester

okay there's the seafood you'll find a

couple of places for the herrings

selling the herring which is popular but

you'll see many and the one thing to try

and I think it's also a mistake that

people make this a bit of island when

generally it's a kind of a boss yeah and

I laugh because we've actually made this

mistake so we really do know what we've

talked here but are you saying skin

inside now so the bitterballen is

basically like a meaty bowl that's

surrounded with breadcrumb and fried up

so it's a bar snack they normally come

about six in a plate with mustard it's

really delicious but the thing that is

the mistake actually is it starts to get

cool you touch it with your hand you

think it's fine and then you bite into

this thing and it is like nucular hot

like instantaneous no skin in the side

of your mouth like anything be like two

days you're talking and we do this like

super hot yeah sure do be careful with

it cuz it what was is it the place you

can get them outside that you put the

coins in yeah so that's called Faber and

it's another famous concept is like a

food in the wall concept so it's

basically they've got in the wall

they've got little slots almost like a

vending machine and you put your money

in and you can take out a fried good

goodie of some sort but they really are

parking hot sauce yeah so don't make the

mistake because we both virgins skin

here because it's all been burned a

before so do be careful with that so if

you have any other mistakes you see

tourists make and we haven't talked

backs I know there's more out there why

don't you put in the comments section

below so we can help two other tourists

and not make those mistakes so you can

enjoy the city even more so again Dutch

if I'd my buddy go check out his channel

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check out his channel we've got all

kinds of the videos we've done together

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he's been in multiple Christmas videos

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really cool so do check him out at Dutch

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find out more and check them out also

say thank you you buddy

good to see you thanks man and you're

welcome to as a tourist I know now like

Nancy it's not pushing a lot for

individual tourism but you'll have a

good time when you come here so don't be

scared not to come because even those

are a lot of tourism here

it's a lot of really great stuff to see

you enjoy so we'll say bye bring your

nails gentle teens