Welcome back Tangerineys! We have something super exciting in store for

you guys today.

C'mon, bell! Yes!! It's rumored that you get like 20 bucks in

free slot play but we'll find out when we get there. So what is our secret for

gambling without actually gambling?

This is really cool! I want to tell you exactly how you can increase your casino

comps a lot without increasing your gambling budget at all. It's the best buffet

that we've ever tried on the entire strip! Cheers! Cheers!

This video is actually part of a

larger Las Vegas series where we focus on how to save tons of money while also

having an amazing time in Las Vegas. We did a video similar to this before but

it was taking $50 each. This time we're upping our budget a little bit and we're

taking $75 each or a hundred and fifty dollars total to spend on everything for

the day. Everything! That's hotel, resort fee, all our tips, transportation, food, drinks,

entertainment, gambling.

These are legitimately the fanciest teas I've ever seen my life. Yeah, no kidding! They come in their

own little pyramid and then the tea bag itself is shaped like a pyramid. Wow!

So nice! So our stay at the Wynn this time got upgraded due to a problem that

we had last time that we stayed here. So we ended up getting a Tower Suites room

card which has a lot of cool benefits including this luxury amazing coffee

that they serve. A great way to start the day, get your cup of joe or your cup

of tea and get the energy you need to have so much fun!

So we stayed at the

Wynn for the last three nights and this is actually our third free stay here

Through the Wynn Slots app but this time it wasn't actually free because they

switched things up a little bit and we had to pay fifteen dollars to qualify to book

this stay. So for each night it was five bucks so we're marking five bucks off of

that and the resort fees were free no resort fees through the Wynn Slots

app. And we also left $5 for housekeeping because they do such an amazing job!

Elevator dance in the elevator! I bet she stops if someone else comes in.

I bet you're right! [Laughter]

In case you're wondering why on earth do we have our luggage. We had the

opportunity to stay a Cosmo for free based on our play last time we were here

and so we were finally able to take advantage of that with the dates that

they had available. But I'll tell you what, this is our third stay at the Wynn

and I said in a previous video that I thought I was a little bit disappointed

for the cost. But the more I stay at the Wynn, the more I love it here! I think my

views have totally changed, I think this is a place is amazing!

After tip, our Uber ride to the Cosmo was $8.00.

So we just had to drop our

bags off with bellhop and now we're heading to breakfast which I'm super

stoked about because my stomach sounds like a lion. Rawr!! That's not what a lion sounds like. Not at all.

So this place that we're going is about a 20 minute walk from Cosmopolitan. I

think it's gonna be totally worth it because it's cheap, highly recommended by

people who know this like local secret. If you're wondering why we're all bundled

up and you're watching this later it's because it's January and it's kind of

brisk here. I think it's like 45 degrees, maybe?

We are at Ellis Island which is one of the cheapest places near the

strip to get some food! And if you're staying at Bally's, or Paris, or Planet

Hollywood somewhere mid strip like that, it's only gonna be like a 10-minute walk

for you to get here.

Please have a seat.

So this cheap breakfast trick is going slightly off the strip to Ellis Island,

Going to their cafe, and before 11:00 you can get steak and eggs. Eggs, and then an

eight ounce sirloin steak, and then potatoes for $6.99. So I just had my

first bite of steak and it is really good! I was kind of expecting lower quality. I was expecting it

to be tough but it's easy to chew. This is a ton of food for $6.99! Yeah, so much food!

I am totally stuffed

after that meal. After about a 30% tip it came to $19 total for the two of us. So

now I'd like to head back to The Strip so we can do a little gambling, maybe I

can get myself a Baileys and coffee or something like that.

All right, let's go!

So whenever we come to Vegas, we always have to come check

out the conservatory at Bellagio. We missed the Christmas display by just

a few days but this is the Chinese New Year one. And they have five different

displays a year so pretty much every time we come it's different.

So this is something I haven't seen before. There's like these water tunnels

that you're actually walking right underneath!

This is really cool! Trippy!

I think this is my favorite Chinese New Year Edition that

I've seen. And we've seen what? 3 at least at this point?

I'm guessing in my lifetime I've seen at least five but I'm not sure. I'm just

always impressed when we come here because it's different types of art

installations, different flowers, and usually they're really exotic looking

flowers. And just lots to see and plenty of

places to take a picture! I mean, it's totally free, how could you not come here? So now

we're gonna go ahead and try to check in at The Cosmopolitan. But after that

We're going to show you our latest tricks for gambling "gambling" without

actually gambling to be able to get free drinks while sitting there playing and

not lose money in the process.

Would you guys like a water right now while you check in? Sure. Sure, that'd be great!

Thank you. I have your Marriott Status on here as well. Okay. What brings us back? Just a vacation or business?

It's his birthday. It's your birthday? What are you, 22?


Two and a third for you. Alright. All set for directions? Know where you're headed? yep

We're all set, thanks. Alright guys, have a good day!

You too.

Here we go! Alright, [Presses the "Hello" button]


Ooo la la!

Well this is fancy!

This is too high for me!


This is awesome! So what can you see here? This is the other Cosmopolitan tower.

That's Aria and

You have Park MGM, Bellagio,

And Caesars Palace. [In an English accent] And we have a lovely view the parking

garage and the tops of these buildings over here! You can see the giant air

conditioners. Yes, they're rather large. [Laughter and end of English Accent] This inside joke that we have - They have

these Japanese soaking tubs I think they're called, but we just do a

different alliteration every time we refer to it like a Taiwanese tickling

tub or any silly thing that we come up with. The more drinks, the better they get! [Laughter]

[Craps machine talking] "Passline win conditions - win with a roll of 10"

Okay, so what is our secret for gambling without actually gambling? Well, it's sitting here at the bubble craps

Machine. This is actually a very complicated game and there are lots of

Bets you can make and tons of rules! It takes the dealers years and years and

years to train (okay, maybe 2 years) to be actual dealers on the table. But there is a way to make it

A little bit more simple and you don't have to know all of the bets you can make to be able to play our

strategy. Alright, so in quite a few of our Vegas

videos, we got lots of comments of people saying "Hey, if you don't want to lose

much money but you want to get free drinks while gambling just play roulette,

and have one bet on red and one on black, and then as long as it doesn't hit green

you're good." So you'll hit green occasionally and then you'll lose some

money then. But even better than that, in fact way way better than that

in terms of the odds and the pace of play for the game, is to play craps. And

one of us bets the passline the other one of us bets that don't pass line. That

makes the odds like four times better than doing the same strategy on roulette

and the game goes a lot slower so you lose far less money!

So essentially you're only going to lose once every 36 rounds.

Between two people, that's not that much money to lose and it's not

Going to happen very often. Every round can maybe take 15 or 20 minutes depending on how many times you roll.

So it's a pretty good strategy to get lots of free drinks without actually losing tons of money!

[Machine Talking] "Push the button! Come on!"

Granted, this strategy has zero chance of winning money. You can't win

anything, you can only lose. But you won't lose very much at all. But we come to

cosmopolitan, they have some of the best drinks on this strip! These would

seriously be like 15 dollars maybe 20 bucks a piece if we had to buy them at a bar.

"Push the button! Nine, it's a nine!"

Okay, so we played bubble craps for about an hour. You got three free drinks, I

got two free drinks, and we tipped a dollar for each one of those. By some miracle we got

out of there unscathed as in... You were up $40, I was down $40, so totally even. Even!

We never hit a 12, hallelujah!! Yeah as long

you don't hit... This is gonna get into Craps lingo, but as long as you

don't hit double six on the come out roll you lose nothing! Did we not tell you guys

tomorrow is Jordan's birthday birthday! Birthday, birthday!

So after those three delightful

drinks, first bathroom, next birthday shenanigans!

Are you taking them in there

with you? No. [Laughter]


Thank you guys for watching our video! Hopefully you're liking it so far! If you

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I want to tell you exactly how you can increase your casino comps a lot without

increasing your gambling budget at all. So how is that done? Let's say you have a

budget of $100 a day and you're like "I'm gonna

spend $25 at Wynn, oh now I'm gonna walk over to Venetian spend $25 there, then

I'm gonna go to Mirage and spend $25 there, and then I'll hop on over to the

Cromwell and spend $25 there." "And then I'll do that again tomorrow, and again

the next day, and then by the end they'll be like 'oh I'm such a good customer!'" Well,

you're not going to get anything doing that. So instead, take your hundred

dollars and spend the entire day playing at Mirage with that hundred

dollars. And of course you always have your player's card in the machine. Then

The next day take your hundred dollars and go to Harrah's, or the Cromwell, or

wherever you want to go and spend the entire hundred dollars there. Then the

next day go to Venetian and spend the entire hundred dollars there. By the end

of your trip you're going to have offers from every one of these hotels. But if

you do it the way where you go twenty five dollars at each property, you're

going to have offers from nobody! And why is that? That's because the casinos take

something called your "Average daily theoretical loss." They're looking at your

play and they're like "Okay, how much can we expect to earn from this guy or

this lady if we invite them to our casino?" If you're someone who spending

$25 a day at a casino they're like "That's not enough to cover a room. We'll

send them a discounted room offer but we can't give them any more than that." But

if you're spending more money - like you concentrate it in one property, you're

Increasing your average daily theoretical or what they call "ADT" maybe

4X. So you're, in their eyes, a four times better customer without

increasing your gambling budget at all. And, to that point, let's say you go to

Cromwell and you spend $100, then you go to Venetian and you spend $100 another day,

and then you go to another hotel and spend another hundred dollars on

gambling another day... Well, then it's your last day and you're like "Oh, I just want

to casino hop today. I'm gonna go to Cromwell and spend $5.00, then I'm gonna go to

Venetian and spend $5.00." If you want to do that, don't put your card in the

machine! You're going to ruin your offers that you're gonna get! So there's some

stuff that you can do on the Strip and get for free like free Slot Play, free food - things like that.

So where are we going first? We are going to Park MGM where it's rumored that you get

like 20 bucks in free slot play but we'll find out when we get there. And I

think it has to be within one week of your birthday for these MGM Resorts.

And to get to Park MGM we're going to walk through the crystal shops at Aria which

smells so good! Like vanilla and happiness. And speaking of happiness,

they even still have a Christmas tree up. Holy! This Christmas tree is gigantic! Do you think

it's real? I don't know, do you?

Look how big this is!

Yeah, it's gotta be! From what...

other planet forest do you get this giant tree from? Okay, upon further reflection

it's probably not real and it has like a very structured interior and it's a little

bit too perfect. Yeah, yeah considering the poles in the middle, the

metal poles in the middle instead of a tree trunk, I'm guessing that it's not real.

It's nice to think it's a real tree though, keep the spirit alive Jordan! [Laughter]

Oh, what a scam!

Maybe there's... Well, I guess I gotta walk. I am in a

Fitbit step challenge and I plan to crush it!

I plan to defeat them all! Mom, Dad, watch out!

This is funny, so Jordan decided to

take the elevator up and I just saw him on the other platform which is not the

one that's running this way. So now he's heading back down the elevator and we

should see him here right about now. [Laughter]

[Laughter] Well, the joke's on me because this tram actually went to Bellagio first which is

the opposite direction that we wanted to go. But now we are back again at the

Shops at Crystal heading towards Aria and MGM where we want to go. This was a

poor decision to take the tram, we would'e been to Park MGM already. [Laughter]

Can't see!

Jordan, do you ever notice that when it's really bright you only ever close

one eye? You have like a favorite eye. Mine's my right eye.

I've never noticed that. I think you will now. It's probably the case though. I think you will now!

Tomorrow's my birthday, I was wondering if you had that Free Play on your birthday here?

Do you have a players card with us? I do. Here you go!

Alright thanks a lot! Happy birthday man! Thanks! So that was super easy, I just

Asked if they do anything for your birthday's and they're like "Yeah, we'll give

you $25 Free Play on your card." And then he said if you go to the

Luxor and Excalibur they'll give you 20 bucks there as well. We're walking

through the whole casino right now because we have to find the luckiest

game and Jordan is on the hunt as the birthday boy knows.

I'm looking for a spinner wheel.

Oh a spinner wheel, my favorite!

I have 25 dollars in free play in the machine but it wants me to put money in

first so just enough to cover the first bet.

All right, we're looking for an instant spin.

Come on, bell! Yes!! Good start, 40.

Alright, lovely, love it! 40 credits not Dollars. So $10.

Does the thing work? Yay! I love the old-fashioned ones like this!

Alright and I can see (how much free play is remaining) So is that 5?

Or is that just 5 because... That's just giving me my money back because of

the Free Play.

I put $5 in ended with $35 so that means I turned my $25 of Free Play into $30 cash. Winner

Winner Chicken Dinner! [Laughter]

Alright, we just need to find the Mlife desk to get that $20 loaded on my

card. Hi! Do you do the birthday Free Play here? We do! Sweet! Then I can come every

day and get it right? I'm just kidding. [Laughter]

Thank you! Okay, I found machines just like at Park MGM and there's four of them in this

Bay so I'm picking the one with the highest progressive jackpot which is

always a smart play since they all have the same odds most likely except for one

has higher jackpot. So let's hope this goes as well last time!

It bet three!

It's not even letting (me bet max).

What the hell? So this time I ended up getting a jacked-up machine

that wouldn't even let me bet max bet so I was able to bet four credits but not

five which was weird. But I turned... My ticket $31.75, I had $5 in the machine

so that means I turned the $20 of Free Play into $26.75

So got lucky again. Last time we made a video like this we did a bunch of stuff

that we get with our diamond status at Caesars. We got a whole bunch of comments

saying "Oh, you can't do this unless your diamond!" Well, we also showed you how to

get diamond for almost nothing. But I assure you, you can do it if you're not

diamond and we've, in this video, we're not going to do anything I don't think

that requires you to be diamond. But I know we're gonna get comments "Oh, well

you just were able to do this because it's your birthday." No, we do this every

single trip, it just happens to be my birthday this trip. And if we weren't doing a

birthday thing, like at Park MGM you would have the Free Play that you would get with

MyVegas for instance. Yeah, and that's what we would have done. So there's more than one way to skin a cat.

This is all just a promo and watch our other videos to find out all these other

tricks because we like really don't pay a whole lot when we

come to Vegas, why do you think we come so often? So we're trying to help you

guys have that same experience. Yeah I don't mean to lecture you. [Laughter]

Seemed like a "I know we're

gonna get comments that say this!" I'm sorry. "You kids get out of my yard!" [Laughter]

You have to switch trams to go back to Luxor.

So it's not very often that someone's gonna tell you to go to Luxor because as

a hotel it's not one of the nicer ones, and as a casino I don't think anything

special either. But on the inside it is still pretty cool to look at the design

of it. Yeah, on the level above we're at right now where you can see the whole pyramid

And the Sphinx that they have out front and everything like that so if you're on

this side, I mean, you might as well pop in. Have you noticed that

there's something about Vegas, it's more fun when you're winning? Yeah, so much more fun!

What a weird phenomenon that is, when you're making money it's like "Wooo!"

You know there's some trips where it's just like win-win-win-win-win and then

there's others where we can't catch a break at all. This one has been like a

mix of: okay, have a nice win, then lose, win, lose. Mostly lose.

But during this, as long as we're

Recording we've been winning. So maybe that's the key - just bring you along and then it's like win!

win! win!

Okay, playing with the house's money so we're gonna do three dollars a spin here. Much

bigger than we normally gamble!

Want me to go? Yeah, do it!

Oh, no! They say "Go big or go home."

We went big and now we're going home. Because we lost.

We turned the twenty dollars into four dollars. But hey, that's four dollars more

than we walked in with.

Hello! Hi.

So if you want an incredible view of the strip you can come to the 107 Sky Lounge

at The Strat and you can pay a bunch of money to go up to the top of The Strat or you

can come here, get basically the same view for free. It is a two-drink minimum

but if you come from four to seven pm, any day of the week, the drinks are half

price. Cheers! Cheers!

So I just asked our waitress about the drink limit and she told us that we only

need to get one drink each to stay here but it's a two drink minimum if you want to

go up. Apparently there's two floors above this that we can access as long as

we each get two drinks. I'm not gonna lie, this is kind of magical and we're just

catching the tail end of sunset and it's still these like beautiful silhouettes of

the mountains with like ombre gradiant sunset colors. So I didn't

realize this, but the restaurant down below is spinning, so if you're

there, I would assume, I don't know, like an hour, two hours maybe because it's

spinning really slowly, you could see an entire 360 view. We ended up getting two

drinks each. So four drinks after tip, it was just over $40. So ten bucks a drink

after tip - pretty reasonable for this view I think. Well right now we just went

up a level to floor 108 you can actually see downtown in addition to the entire

city! The whole thing. The whole city! Like we walk around to the other side and you

can see the whole strip. Now we went up some stairs and we're on level 109

outside - all included in the price of buying couple drinks.

I think they charge some like 20 bucks a person to get up here. Get the drinks. I mean on happy hour, what a deal.

But what a view! And you can feel the breeze, we're outside now. Yeah, you can feel

the breeze it's freezing! It's like 40 degrees right now. But you can see whole strip!

This is so cool! And you can also see people freaking

out. Being shot off this like roller coaster thingy. It like pushes

you off to make you think you're gonna die. They don't let you.

People actually pay to do this. This girl goes "Holy F@#$ don't look the F@#$ down!"

[Laughter] "I'm gonna be sick, I'm gonna be sick!" she says. [Laughter]

Yeah, the crazy thing is, that doesn't scare me.

Neither does the high thing over here or the bungee-jumping, so my ancestors did

not die by height. Oh my gosh! You're looking down as it goes out further!

Oh heck no! So this is so so so so far down on The Strip but I feel like this was

worth it and not the most expensive prices ever.

And we are once again back at

the Wynn. Did I see this coming? I'm not sure. I am so excited for this buffet!

We've now had it three times on this trip and it was our favorite that we've

tried on The Strip, even better than Bacchanal! Yes, and on the dinner buffet I'm

pretty sure the first time we tried it I died and went to buffet heaven. It's the

best buffet that we've ever tried on the entire strip, bar none.

For two? Yes.


We have this dinner buffet on Saturday and since we had a Tower Suites card we

were able to just go right into the Tower Suites line, which there was no

line. And the regular line was huge! We probably would have been waiting for an

hour, so this can be a big deal sometimes but today's a Monday and we didn't need it.

We gotta stuff our face now!

Bye! [Laughter]

I can't say I had a single dish that I wasn't like "Oh my gosh, this is so good!"

How is yours? So good!

Sorry. Sorry to put you on the spot with a full mouth.

So unlike the weekend where they had a hot crab legs and cold crab legs this

time they only have cold. But check this out the Wynn Buffet must have like

proprietary technology or something because all the other buffets don't cut

them like this and they're so much easier to eat like this. They'll just cut

a slit in it so it you can break it at the other buffets typically.

Both nights, so good! And it was unbelievable how every new thing I tried, I was like "This is the best ever!"

The best ever of the version of it that I've ever tried.

The best red curry. The best airline chicken.

And I was loading up on sushi and other Asian food and it was so so good! Normally I avoid

sushi at all costs on a buffet but oh my goodness it was good!

Whoever the head chef is, props to you man or woman!

We didn't know if it was a

rumor or not but The Wynn gave me $10 for my birthday.

I had read online that it had to be within 48 hours of your birthday unlike the MGM

properties that will do it within a week before or a week after. So yeah, 10 bucks

here. Alright.

Come on! Alright!

Oh, we got birds all the way across!


First spin!

All right, so the $10 of free play turned into $15.50 cash. These birthday things

were really good to me today! Yeah! It should be your birthday every day!

And now I'm thinking "Why aren't we coming here for my birthday?"

It's so profitable! [Laughter]

I'm totally stuffed after that buffet but another birthday thing I had was

Grimaldi's pizza. If you go on Grimaldi's website and sign up they'll

send you a free pizza certificate for your birthday month. So I can use it

anytime this month. That was what, in Venitian?

I think it's in Palazzo. Palazzo, yeah. They might have another location

on the strip, I'm not sure. But we were going to do that today but I'm too full

there's no way I'm eating that. No way!

I mean it's interesting that generally

when we come to Vegas we have a really big breakfast and a really big dinner.

We only have two meals. Yeah. Never three.

While we're sitting here for my birthday FreePlay we also got two more free

drinks. Cheers! Cheers! Gin Fizz and you got decaf and Baileys?

Decaf and Bailey's because the only thing better than Bailey's and coffee is Bailey's and decaf coffee

So you're not up all night. So two more dollars for tips.

I think we're going to head back to our Taiwanese Tickling Tub.

Yes, our Mexican Meddling Moat. Mexican Meditation Moat.

Meditation moat, yes!

Okay, so yesterday was totally, totally fun! But

after we took an Uber, unfortunately after about 10 p.m. I turn into a gremlin

Basically I'm a granny and can't really stay up that late. [Laughter] We did stay up until

like midnight I think. But that's only because I took a bath in the Brazilian

BareBooty Bath. Anyway, we took a nice bath. It was very

relaxing, but ultimately we did not spend our whole budget. Like we tried as hard

as we did but we just have so much trouble spending a lot of money in Vegas

because we know all these tricks.

So hopefully this video helped you out to

be able to have so much fun without blowing your budget or maybe even coming

in under budget! Be sure to check out the end screen in just a moment here where

we'll have a playlist of all of our Vegas videos which includes so so many

more money-saving tips and just like how to have a good time while

you're here. Hopefully this video helped you out! Please consider

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[Bell Ringing]

Gong that bell! So you will be the first to be notified the next time we release a new video!

And we'll see you soon!