21 cheap iceland tips in 5 minutes | iceland on a budget

my name is Chelsea and I am a cheap

holiday expert and recently I completed

eight six nights the 600 pound road trip

and that included everything around the

Ring Road of Iceland and preach that

Iceland does not need to be super pricey

so what I'm gonna do right now is muster

up all those sheet tips for you and

trying it through as many as I can in

five minutes if you're new around here

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crack on let's get five minutes on that

timer let's go we're gonna start with

things you should do before you get to

Iceland when booking your flights go to

Google flights to find the cheapest

dates and look here you can toggle

between how many days you want for your

trip the cheapest dates will come up in

green if you want to go away over a

weekend you need to leave the

destination blank then you need to click

on flexible dates then on weekends go

back to the map zoom in on Iceland and

it will show you the cheapest dates

across a weekend once you've found your

dates before you go ahead and pay always

go back to Skyscanner because nine times

out of ten they will show you a cheaper

price and what you find on Google files

if you need a hire car then used a

comparison site I normally use


but I realized it wasn't pulling in

local firms - therefore I found an

Icelandic broker called north bound and

they were consistently cheaper get a

card that lets you spend for free abroad

we use Monza but I can also recommend

Starling bank we swap there's plenty of

choices out there and we never struggled

to pay on cards whilst in Iceland making

meal plan and then a shopping list and

make sure you stick to it

I will put my meal plan in a link down

below for you but a check-in bag I know

it's an initial hits of money but

seriously what you're going spear to

pack into that bag will save you lots of

money in the long run if you're

traveling with someone else you could

share it now that you've got that extra

space go in your kitchen before you

leave and pack a box full of the basics

I'm talking cutlery napkins sachets of

things smaller Tupperware boxes so that

when you cook stuff you can take it out

with you for the day also use mini

cosmetic pots for things like salt

pepper spices

washing-up liquid oil this will save you

so much money

we having to buy them in false take a

thermos fast with you if it's called you

are going to be wanting some hot drinks

to warm you up and they could cost you

four pounds a pop several times a day do

it on to booking accommodation when

deciding on a hotel versus a guesthouse

always go for the guesthouse the hotels

and Iceland are pretty minimalistic

anyway so you're not really going to be

losing that much on style whilst they

may be more basic they have great

facilities including a kitchen make sure

you book a guest house with the kitchen

you will save so much money by being

able to cook your own meals most of them

do you have them that make sure you

check don't forget Airbnb we stayed in

the cutest little cabin in the middle of

nowhere for 75 pounds and nights and it

was awesome there's a lot of guest

houses on Airbnb too but my tip would be

always googled them independently

because you can only get them cheaper

buckin them direct rather than through a

third party

try house whopping we stayed in the most

ridiculous luxury cabin for two nights

thanks to a website called a love home

swap we didn't actually have to swap our

house of anyone it's a bit too

complicated for me to whiz through it

now just go and watch that video and

you'll find out how we managed to stay

for 27 pounds a night each struggling to

find availability for your dates

why not flip your roadtrip on its head

and go the other way around most people

go anti-clockwise but there's nothing

stopping you from doing it clockwise

before we get to the holiday there's one

thing you should do before you get to

Iceland and that is buy alcohol from GT

free Iceland is not part of the EU so

you should get the cheapest price

possible at the airport and it is a hell

of a lot cheaper than trying to buy it

and even track it down in Iceland do not

buy mixes you can still get them at

supermarkets finally moving on to

actually arriving in Iceland when you

collect your car hire make sure you ask

is there part of any loyalty scheme we

realized on our keys that we have this

sticker which meant that we got money

off every single Philip as we got a free

coffee if you are a Costco member and

make sure you take your card because

there is born in Reykjavik just 15

minutes outside and it's just easily the

cheapest place that you are going to get

petrol on the entire island if you don't

have membership don't worry there's

another petrol station just up the road

which is the second

cheapest if your parking at the tourist

attraction lots of people who are just

leaving as their parking ticket may

still be valid you can just take it off

them and put it on your own thing and

remember always pass on your ticket

because then the gods or karma will be

on your side when shopping the cheapest

supermarket is bonus however cronin and

net are also pretty well priced too if

your flight is getting in in the late

afternoon in the evening you will

probably find that you can't find a

bonus open go and shop at NASA or cronin

instead you will save more money by

doing that than going out for dinner and

waiting the next days to go to bonus I

cover all the current prices in bonus

and in net o in my videos which I will

link down below - this is a

controversial one but if you're wanting

to save money do not go to the Blue

Lagoon there are so many of the

geothermal pools that are cheaper or

even free and remember wherever you go

to take your own towel with you because

some of the places charge you for that

and lastly it is possible to go out

drinking your best bets are in Reykjavik

or a Carrera which is the second biggest

city in Iceland they have happy hours

happening across all different bars at

different times in fact in a Carrera you

can go from 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. and the

Bears all under five pounds or less stop

the timer

we did it it's over they are all the

cheap tips you are getting if you have

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